season 3, episode 7

Written by J. Daniel Sexton

Directed by Clay Borris

Guest Cast:

Ellen............................Krista Bridges

Urs..............................Kristin Lehman

Don Eckhart......................Edward Jaunz

Screed...........................Greg Kramer

Bourbon..........................Normand Bissonnette

Lemieux..........................Steve Behal

Todd Marnecki....................David Nerman

Killoughby...................... Camille James-Adams

McFarlane........................Ralph Small

Mrs. Marnecki....................Adriana Galic

Girl in Whirlpool................Laura Catalano

Inside the Raven, LaCroix gives a short speech before announcing it's amateur strip night. A brunette is stripping onstage. Urs seems upset by this. She has brief flashbacks to her mortal days. Vachon comes up behind Urs, commenting the woman is no amateur. Urs is deeply upset. Vachon notices and tries to talk to her. Urs tells the woman the man she is stripping for will hurt her. Vachon prevents Urs from following her out, reminding Urs the woman is a big girl.

The woman wakes up in her underwear and is uneasy, which is not helped when she finds blood on her lip. She is scared when she sees her date on the floor, a knife sticking out of his chest.

At the crime scene, Ellen tells Tracy and Nick she does not know whose dress that Tracy is holding, or where her clothes are. She does not know Eckhart. She does not remember anything but calling the police. Nick approaches Natalie and learns the victim was stabbed, but there is no blood. Nick is not happy when she shows him the fang marks. Natalie comments the vampire drained the victim and made Ellen forget. Tracy approaches the body after Nick and Natalie leave it. She sees the fang marks and is not happy. The décor tells them Ellen did not got here expecting candlelight, roses and poetry, as it is a testosterone den.

Urs is wandering around outside.

Urs flashes back to her mortal days in 1890 New Orleans. She is singing in a bar or dance hall. Vachon and Screed enjoy her performance. She's attracted to Vachon and gives him her handkerchief as a man jealously watches. After she has finished singing, the jealous guy pulls her away as she talks to another man.

Urs snaps back to the present disturbed by the memory.

Inside the observation room, Nick and Tracy watch as Ellen is disconnected from the lie detector equipment. She was questioned for two hours, does not know Eckhart. Her mother died before she was ten. She was in foster homes and on the street by twelve. Her father hung around long enough to steal all of the money. Nick comments on Tracy no longer believing that Ellen is the killer.

Ellen's lead to the bench by the front desk. While she is waiting, a well-known hockey player, Marnecki, is causing a scene. He was arrested for spousal abuse, but his wife dropped the charges. Reese tells Marnecki to be quiet until his wife picks him up.

Inside Reese's office, Tracy and Nick tells Reese three different psych profiles say suppressed memories. Tracy tells him it is not uncommon. Eckhart nearly killed his fiancée, then moved across the country, where he set up a nasty sex den in Toronto. Ellen was from Vancouver and had been in town a week. Eckhart has been in town a few days longer. Nick suggests Ellen knew Eckhart, and then comments that suppressing one's memory is a defense mechanism. Maybe it was self-defense because a third person was there. Neither Nick nor Tracy can say there was, and it was a vampire. Reese tells them to keep on it.

Inside Natalie's office, she tells Nick that Ellen's fingerprints were found all over the apartment. If it was a frame, it is perfect. Nick comments on the vampire wanting Eckhart, but Ellen was in the way. It does not make sense. Natalie comments she thinks he's wrong about one thing as she surprises him by measuring canine to canine. The killer's measurement was quite a bit smaller. Natalie tells Nick the hungry, clever vampire is a woman.

Urs is still searching the street for something. She is down with the hookers.

Nick's looking around the crime scene again, and finds a coaster from the Raven partially hidden under the rug.

Inside the Raven, Tracy is questioning Vachon about Ellen, vampires and the killer. Vachon is slightly worried to learn the killer was a vampire. Tracy tells Vachon Ellen is not a vampire because she saw Ellen in the daylight. The killer is a vampire, but they do not know if the killer was framing Ellen or protecting her. Vachon honestly does not know if it is a vampire, or if Ellen's life is in danger.

Nick enters and spots Tracy before she can see him, but not by much. He hides behind a pillar as she walks by. He is almost spotted as he peeks around a post to see if she is gone.

Nick approaches LaCroix and Vachon at the bar and returns the coaster. LaCroix comments he does not like Nick's work, but likes the murder scene part. When Nick does not take the bait, LaCroix follows an attractive female who passes by. Vachon tells Nick Tracy's seeing vampires everywhere. Nick learns Eckhart has been at the Raven on and off all week and left with a hot amateur stripper last night, Monica. He does not realize Ellen and Monica are the same person. Vachon's surprised to hear the killer is a female vampire. Vachon is responsible for Urs if she's gone rogue, and is sternly reminded by Nick. Vachon comments that Urs is just as she was when he found her.

Vachon flashes back to 1890 New Orleans. He is attracted to Urs' beauty and spirit. After she finishes her son, a guy angrily, possessively tells her he does not like her looking at other men. Vachon grabs him by the throat and pushes him away, whispering in his ear that he dies if he touches her again. The guy says he understands. Vachon returns to Urs and hears he is a friend who has treated her well. He tells Screed to back off. Screed does. Vachon returns Urs' handkerchief to her and hears he is a true gentleman. He kisses her hand while the guy looks on sadly.

Inside the precinct, Marnecki is surrounded by the press to show a happy reunion with his wife and how loving a couple they are. Nick learns Tracy's taking Ellen home and is staying with her for a few days in the hope that being in familiar surroundings will help jog her memory. Tracy has a duffel bag slung over her shoulder that is almost big enough to hold a body. Nick is not happy when he cannot stay with them. Tracy takes Ellen out the back way. Nick calls and asks someone for their help.

Outside Ellen's apartment, everyone piles out of the Caddy. Nick teases Tracy for having that much stuff for two days. He detects a vampire, but does not realize Urs is lurking in the shadows across the street. He tells Tracy nothing is wrong when asked.

Nick, Tracy and Ellen enter Ellen's apartment. She offers them instant coffee, which Tracy takes her up on. When alone, Nick tells Tracy to stay with Ellen while he looks around. He finds sexy clothes in a suitcase at the bottom of the dresser. He grabs a piece. He enters the kitchen doorway to let Tracy know everything is all right. The very shy Ellen offers them chips, and eats some herself. Nick starts to leave but opens Tracy's duffel bag. Inside are a large cross, garlic and a couple of stakes. Nick is repulsed by the cross.

Outside, Nick tells Vachon to watch over Tracy because a vampire is tailing them. Neither are sure if it's Urs or not. Vachon is more willing to believe it is not. Nick leaves, letting Vachon know he will be back later.

Inside Natalie's office, she examines the piece of clothing Nick borrowed and confirms it is Ellen's. Natalie tells him the item is very risqué. Nick comments that maybe she was afraid that Eckhart would notice her, and so she completely changed her appearance. He closet was full of the risqué clothes. Natalie comments on grandparents getting arrested for porn, so anything's possible. Nick's comment about two different people makes Natalie realize there could be two people in one body.

Tracy is having coffee with Ellen, talking about fathers. Tracy's close to her father. Ellen came home and found her dad was gone, leaving only a note behind with the number for Children's Services on it. Ellen says she wanted to die. Urs ahs overheard the conversation from outside.

Urs flashes back to 1890 New Orleans. Outside the dance hall, the man is holding Urs with a knife to her throat as she says she has never denied him. She is scared. Vachon arrives as the guy pulled back his knife hand before attacking. He grabs the guy, disarms him, vamps out and drains him. Urs is scared. Vachon apologizes, saying he was just protecting her. She comments he and the others with him live to kill. He says they kill to live. He offers to take her away. She says every time she leaves she returns. She figures it is because she makes them happy. She figures out Vachon is a vampire and asks him to help her die.

Inside Ellen's apartment, Ellen learns unlike her, Tracy has never wanted to die.

Inside the morgue, Natalie tells Nick that Monica may have been created by Ellen's mind to handle tough situations. The profiles assume it is an isolated pattern, but it may not be. If there are two personalities, Ellen will not know what Monica did. Nick comments that Tracy's with Ellen and Vachon is outside watching over them. Ellen is not a vampire. Natalie asks if he is sure it is Ellen and not Monica inside with Tracy. Nick splits, worried.

Ellen's changing her clothes and suddenly seems panicked when she sees Tracy innocently looking around the living room. Ellen sees the newspaper headline about Marnecki's release and something changes. She grabs clothing out of the suitcase.

Vachon's in the apartment lobby and sees Urs across the street. He accuses her of killing Eckhart. She denies it, telling him she does not treat death as lightly as he does.

Vachon flashes back to New Orleans. She is urging him to drain her and let her die. Vachon vamps out, sinks his fangs into her neck and drinks. Something about his expression suggests compassion.

Tracy's surprised and a little worried by the seductively dressed Ellen. She learns it's not Ellen, but Monica. Tracy's a bit concerned and confused.

Outside, Urs tells Vachon that Monica is as trapped as she herself is. Urs tells Vachon there was only one way out for her.

She flashes back to waking up in Vachon's arms a vampire.

In the present, she tells Vachon she asked for death and got forever. Ellen becomes another person to escape, but Urs cannot. Vachon tells Urs he could not kill her. Urs tells him she is a product of his desires. She could not stand to live another second, yet she's now immortal.

Tracy asks Monica if she knows Eckhart. Monica admits she knows him. She likes bad boys because she can handle them. She learns Eckhart's dead and says they did not kill him. Tracy comments Ellen was found with the dead body. When Monica wants to leave, Tracy tries to stop her. Suddenly Monica is vamped out and she shoves Tracy across the room. Tracy smashes the coffee table and lays unconscious on the floor.

Vachon hears this and rushes to Tracy's side. Urs senses Monica and she senses the other vampires. She splits. Urs follows her into the air. Vachon bursts into the apartment and sees Tracy's unconscious. Nick arrives moments later and sees Vachon squatted down next to Tracy. He is not happy. Vachon looks at Nick scared. Nick grabs Vachon and angrily demands to know what happened. Vachon explains it all and that he thinks Ellen flew. Nick's surprised and worried. Tracy starts to come around. Nick tells Vachon to leave.

Nick helps Tracy sit up. She has a killer headache. She is holding her head as she tells Nick about her conversation with Monica. She starts to stand and her head swims. She looks a bit nauseous. Nick tells her to stay put until help arrives. She agrees too as she is in no shape to do anything else.

Vachon is waiting for Nick at the bottom of the interior stairs. Nick sternly tells Vachon to make sure nothing else happens to Tracy before the paramedics arrive, and to make sure Tracy does not see him. Nick is off to Marnecki's via flight.

Marnecki and a blonde are making out in his penthouse hot tub. Monica arrives. The blonde is told to call the police. While the blonde is inside, Monica entices Marnecki by partially unfastening her leather top. He's drooling and happily kisses her, not caring her name's Jacqueline. He is thinking about a threesome. They kiss, she vamps out and brutally drains him, pushing his dead body back into the hot tub. The blonde comes out, sees the body with its dead stare, and screams and hides inside the house.

Urs arrives. Jacqueline comments she wondered about Urs. She explains to Urs that Urs dances for the approval of men, no matter how much they hurt her, she still wants their approval. Jacqueline explains Ellen is the born victim. Her abuse leads to Monica's creation. Monica uses men. One of the indiscretions led them to a vampire, which brought them across, and thus she was born. Ellen feels the pain, Monica feels the anger and Jacqueline is the vengeance. She is hurting the other two. Jacqueline realizes this. Nick comes out of the shadows. Ellen returns. She's scared to be with another dead body and says it has to stop. She runs for the penthouse window and crashes through it. Urs prevents Nick from stopping Ellen. Ellen plummets to her death. She says death is Ellen's only way out, and that Ellen is the lucky one. Nick sees Urs needs a hug so he gives her one.

Inside the Raven, Urs tells Vachon her father abandoned the family when she was twelve. She told herself it would not destroy her, but she spent her whole life seeking the approval of men like her father. She and Ellen have so much in common, Monica somehow knew. Urs thought she had forgotten her father, but she had not. She tells Vachon when she met him, all she wanted to do was die. He apologizes for what he did. She tells him he does not need to, it is done. He learns she still wants to die, although she now understands herself better. She walks away.

Inside the loft, Natalie comments Ellen went to pre-trial for the attempted murder of a pimp in Vancouver in 1987, but the charges were dropped for lack of evidence. It is probably why nothing showed up in the background check. Nick wonders how many others she killed. Natalie points out that even though she was a vampire, she functioned as a human. She ate, went out in the sun and had sex. It could be a clue. Nick comments Ellen was not whole. Natalie comments it does not matter. Ellen was so sure mentally that she was human that it worked.

Inside the morgue cooler Ellen's toe tagged foot wiggles.

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