Season 3, Episode 8

Written by Michael Sadowski

Directed by Terry Steyn

Guest stars:

Christopher Scheer............. Alan C. Peterson

Ingrid Maar.................... Ellen Dubin

Manny.......................... Dwight Bacque

Suspect 1...................... Ken Smith

Suspect 2...................... Randy Butcher

Heather........................ Mary Joe Eustace

Liselle........................ Polly Shannon

Urs............................ Kristin Lehman

Jeffrey........................ Douglas Miller

Sedrick........................ Doug O'Keefe

Bateman (cop).................. Brian Kaulback

Someone in surgical gear disrobes a dead woman, then draws dotted lines around her wrists and neck, caressing her body as he does so. He picks up a device resembling a cast saw, but this one will cut through flesh and bone, and turns it on.

He is down near a bridge as the sun is rising or setting. He pulls her out of his van, mostly wrapped in black plastic, only her feet and lower legs show. His package is securely tied as he hefts over the railing and lets go. He hurries away.

Nick is chasing a suspect, who soon runs right into Nick. Nick grabs the perp's gun and twists the perp's arm behind his back. Tracy is pursuing the other perp, who is hiding as his shots hit too close. He momentarily stops. She fires, hitting him twice, dropping him in his tracks. She slowly, carefully approaches him, lowering her weapon slightly, upon seeing he's unconscious. She just stares at him, not noticing Nick's silent arrival behind her. Nick reaches out to touch her back, softly saying her name. She briefly turns to him, then back to the body. He asks if she is okay. She tells him she killed the guy.

The alley is now a crime scene. Tracy's in the Caddy totally spaced out. Nick is concerned about her, telling her he does not think IA will have a problem with it. He gets her attention and tells her they are done. She nods and is lost in thought again. Nick is taking her home as she is reassuring him she's fine. She is far too quiet. He reminds her she will be on desk duty for a few days. She says she knows, turning down his offer to come inside with her. Just as she is starting to open up, they are called to another crime scene, a body in the water. Tracy tells him she needs the distraction, and her apartment is out of the way. Nick tells the dispatcher they are on their way. They continue in silence.

At the crime scene, Natalie tells Nick and Tracy to brace themselves. A tug boat captain found her. Divers brought up her body twenty minutes ago. Natalie and Nick squat down next to the body, while Tracy keeps her distance. Natalie pulls back the tarp revealing the victim did not drown, she had her head and hands cut off. Tracy covers her mouth looking like she's about to puke. Nick looks at her concerned, asking if she is okay. Tracy shakes her head and walks way. Natalie comments she will never forgot those feelings, remembering when she was new to corpses. Natalie's surprised and impressed to learn Tracy was in a gunfight and won. Tracy looks even more grief stricken. Nick heads for Tracy. She asks who could do something like that, while avoiding looking at the body. Nick leads her away, telling her he will get a unit to take her home.

Inside Natalie's office, Nick tells her he's heard about victim's heads and hands being cut off in Central America and Haiti to hide their identity. He suggests it could be mob related. She disagrees, telling him there was no shattering or splintering of the Ulna, Radii, or vertebrae, showing it was done with the precision of a surgeon, but could be anyone from a surgeon to a butcher. They just need the skills. She asks if Tracy is going to be okay. Nick says it will take time. Natalie says the victim had been in the water no more than forty-eight hours, and confirms there was no rape. It could have been sexually motivated. She found some scarring on the victim's lower back, indicating recent minor surgery. She says she will x-ray it to see what was corrected, and try to track it.

Inside the bullpen, Reese tells Tracy it is only three days off. He does not make the rules. She reminds him it is at his discretion. Reese tells her he could tie her to her desk or send her home, and has made his decision. It is a cooling off period, not a suspension. She says she killed someone in the line of duty, it was self-defense and she can handle it. Tracy's frustrated and asks if the problem is she is a rookie or a woman. Reese enters his office as Nick softly tells her it is just three days. She looks at the ground, then at Nick who says he is there if she wants to talk. Tracy leaves, not at all happy with the situation.

Inside Reese's office, he asks Nick if they can get a quick ID on the woman. Nick says Natalie's working on it while he is looking through missing person reports. Reese recognizes the pictures on the paper Nick hands him, informing him it is The Mortician, Christopher Scheer. He was caught about ten years ago storing body parts and bodies in his apartment. He is at Oakville. Reese asks Nick what makes him think the psycho will talk to him. Nick gets a small grin on his face, causing Reese to remind him Scheer is doing time into the afterlife. Nick suggests Scheer might want something else. Natalie enters and excitedly tells them there was only one case that matched the victim's description. Deena Ellis, 26, underwent surgery for disc alignment five weeks ago at Scarborough Grace. Nick realizes the name sounds familiar and checks the missing person's list. Deena's name is on it, reported missing by her employer four days ago.

Outside Reese's office, Tracy is eavesdropping on Reese while helping an officer. She hears the victim worked for the Palomar Agency, an escort service and walks away.

Inside, Natalie tells them there are no injuries outside of the amputations, which she believes, happened after death. A full toxicology panel is running. Nick says he will contact the employer. Reese will try to get Nick into the insane asylum. Natalie asks where Tracy is, looking between the two men, as they say nothing. Nick leaves. Natalie is a little confused by the silence.

In the bullpen, Tracy is looking at a missing person's list as Natalie tells her maybe the time off will do her some good. Tracy says she does not need special consideration. The guys do not think she has the stomach for the job. Natalie tells her she knows Nick well enough to know he does not feel that way. She tells Tracy it is never easy for an officer to have to kill. Tracy says she appreciates her concern, but has to prove she can hack it. It is part of her job. Natalie offers to listen, but Tracy says she does not need to talk about it. Tracy leaves. Natalie softly comments she might need to, her tone and expression suggesting her personal experience contradicts Tracy.

In the locker room, Tracy is overcome by flashbacks of the shooting as she picks up her gun. She leans against the next locker and looks around before the tears start. She lets go of the gun and covers her face as she cries, overwhelmed with more flashbacks.

Inside the Palomar Agency, Nick looks at a black and white shot of Deena Ellis. Ingrid asks Nick if they are sure it is Deena. Nick tells her they're as sure as they can be until some test results come back and they recover certain evidence. Nick asks for a copy of the client list, addresses and telephone numbers for all employees. Ingrid tells him everything he needs is in the master file on her desk, but the killer's not in there. He tells her he will let her know when there is a positive ID. He asks to be informed of any additions.

It is daylight. Ingrid tells a blonde woman seated across the desk that she likes her look and her resume. Another woman enters. Ingrid introduces their new employee, Tracy from Vancouver. However, in reality, it is Tracy Vetter. Ingrid says that Tracy is from the Blackburn agency. The other woman subtly checks out Tracy and she passes. Ingrid says they are always looking for fresh faces, as it is how they stay in business, and welcomes Tracy.

Inside the asylum, a guard tells Nick it is not a good idea to get Scheer worked up. No one goes inside the cell. Nick turns over his weapon. The guard escorts Nick to Scheer's cell, warning Nick Scheer likes to get inside people's head. Guards have quit because they did not want to be around Scheer. They believe Scheer's psychic and can see into their souls. Nick's escort says he thinks the guy is spooky, yet full of it. Nick says Scheer has to like him, as he's Scheer's first visitor in months.

At Scheer's cell, Scheer comments on Nick being another journalist and there is no interview unless he enters the cell. Nick says he is not a journalist. The guard tells Scheer knows he cannot allow it. Nick whammies the guard into letting him in the cell, and not checking on them. The guard leaves. Scheer says the guard isn't usually so agreeable Nick comments he's in no danger from Scheer, who agrees Nick's safe. Scheer is delighted by the company and tells Nick he is there for insight. Nick remains all business.

Someone's watching Ingrid's office via telescope and sees Tracy searching Ingrid's desk. As soon as Tracy hears someone approaching, she takes a seat across the room. Ingrid enters and tells Tracy her date's a fabulous, handsome, and very rich, eligible guy. Tracy is uneasy when she learns they are meeting at the Raven, as it is near his workplace. He needs a date for the Commerce Awards. Tracy mutters about being a trophy girl louder than she thought she had and has to quickly cover her goof.

Outside the agency, Tracy walks down the street, unaware she's still being watched as she gets into her car and drives off.

Inside the asylum, Nick shows Scheer the photos, revolted by Scheer's admiration. Scheer says the guy is really sick and will kill again. The pictures are taken away when he asks to keep them. Nick asks why, hearing the cops who hunted him like an animal now crawl to him for insight into twisted criminal minds. Scheer says Rosebud would enjoy the irony, not happy with his slip. He reluctantly admits Rosebud is his Internet friend. Scheer comments it is hard to find minds as unique as his. Nick does not get to pick his brain for free. Nick says they will trade. Scheer laughs. Nick faces Scheer who is surprised Nick has no fear of him. Nick asks why should he fear him. Scheer comments Nick is a killer just like him. One does not fear what one recognizes. Nick tells Scheer he is nothing like him. Scheer comments Nick's seen death in all it's glory, many times, has been drawn to it, compelled, shocked, frightened and thrilled by it. Nick is disturbed. Scheer is disgustedly comments they gave Nick a badge. Scheer wants his computer privileges back. His turned off computer has no modem and no telephone. He has to hand over his messages on disk to be screened and censored by the Warden. Nick says he will talk to the Warden, but he has to hold up his end. Scheer answers the why part, asking Nick if he's ever had something so precious he couldn't let go. Something he felt compelled to protect because it was so rare. Nick understands.

Nick flashes back to 1448 France. Nick watches Liselle, a young, blonde woman, inside her house. LaCroix enters. She runs to him, kissing him on the lips. He returns the kiss, then kisses her neck. He looks at the window, showing Nick he knows. Nick leaves.

Inside the asylum cell, Scheer tells Nick he protects and preserves while Nick protects and serves. He says he is an artist, a preservationist. Nick disgustedly says he is a taxidermist, and did experiments on human beings. Scheer tells Nick there is a copycat.

Inside the Raven, Urs sees Tracy enters and tells Vachon. He looks around a bit and sees Tracy talking with her date, seeming to enjoy herself. When Tracy's date kisses her cheek, Urs teases Vachon that Tracy was not there to see him after all. Vachon watches them leave a little confused why Tracy would be meeting her date there.

Tracy and her date walk down the street arm in arm. Vachon exits the club and approaches. He's pure gentleman as he takes her hand and kisses it, telling her how uncharacteristically beautiful she is tonight. Vachon tries to talk to Tracy alone, but she refuses to go. The two men get into a verbal sparring match. Vachon soon whammies her date into getting lost. Her date gets in the limo and drives off, to get lost. Vachon learns from a cranky Tracy that she was working undercover and he blew it. He tries to apologize, but it only makes her crankier. She asks why everyone thinks they have to take care of her. She reminds him she is a cop and can take care of herself. He sees her looking down at her purse and asks if she is okay. She says she is and walks off. He starts to go after her but quickly changes his mind.

Tracy approaches her car, and sees she has a rear flat tire. She kicks it, grumbling about how she should have taken the three days off, but had to stay busy instead as she pulls the tire iron from the trunk and tries to loosen the lug nuts. A stranger approaches. She is quickly wary as she pulls loose the wrench and picks up her purse. She turns down his help, stating she is a police officer. He lightly teases her he's safe, and would really like to help. She reluctantly agrees to let him. He takes off his jacket, pleased when she agrees to hold it. He grabs her arm, drapes his jacket over her arm and jabs a hypodermic into her palm, starling her. He removes his jacket, telling her he has her. Her knees buckle. He catches her, telling her she is beautiful.

Nick arrives at the asylum, and thanks to a whammy is locked in Scheer's cell. Nick tells Scheer the Warden, will return his computer privileges when his help leads to an arrest. Scheer tells Nick he is after is a collector who likes to acquire things, own and control them. He has financial resources, is always searching for new victims, new challenges, moving between cities and maybe countries. He tries to fight his sickness for a while, but gives in, then gets nervous and moves to the next city, the next victim. He needs things of various types, things that can be tracked. He tells Nick to know what to look for, and that the person he seeks needs a place that gives him the privacy he needs to indulge himself. He misses those days, as they were so sensual. How it is quite delightful to pick one that has been right under your nose. The guy watches and waits, as there's pleasure in the anticipation.

Nick flashes back to 1448 as he and LaCroix study the prize. LaCroix tells his son he is sweetening her blood with all the things vampires can't partake of. They must take time to prepare, to perfect the victim for the taking as it adds considerably to the pleasure. Nick tells him it is a waste, a tragedy. LaCroix coldly says Nick has never used those words before, but they have nothing to do with LaCroix or his business.

In the asylum, Scheer comments that Nick seems to enjoy it as much as Scheer does. Nick turns away in disgust. Scheer happily comments he was right about them being kindred souls. Nick's head whips around as he says they are not, horror among other emotions show on his face. He knows Scheer is both right and wrong. Both have killed, but for very different reasons.

In the Caddy, Nick hears LaCroix's monologue about how no two people are alike, especially their desires. Some cherish what others abhor. What's poison to one is a precious treasure to another. Even those with the most prizes die. Nick is depressed.

Nick flashes back to 1448. He's wakes the woman, telling her she must get as far away as she can as he pulls her to her feet. He says LaCroix has dark designs on her and she deserves better. She says she is touched by his concern, but it is misplaced. She is hopelessly infatuated with LaCroix. Nick looks sad as she seduces him. Nick tries to resist. Their lips meet in a tender kiss, she pulls away, telling him she likes it. They kiss again as the passion quickly intensifies. Nick kisses her neck. LaCroix enters not happy to see Nick kissing his prize. Nick sinks his fangs into her neck and drains her. LaCroix's disappointed in his son, yet not too surprised. An angry LaCroix almost instantly pins Nick to the wall by his throat, several inches off the floor. Nick apologizes, telling LaCroix he does not know what happened. LaCroix wipes a tiny amount of blood off the corner of Nick's mouth and savors it. She was as exquisite as he had hoped for.

Nick is snapped out of the flashback as Vachon lands in the back seat, asking what's with Tracy. Nick tells him she was given time off due to being forced to kill a drug dealer. It is rough on a cop no matter what anyone says. Vachon's a bit concerned, hears she's okay, but will not talk to Nick. Nick learns about the events at the Raven. She will not be talking to Vachon either. Nick starts the car, sensing trouble and asks Vachon if he is coming along, an amused look on his face. Vachon says he should stay out of it and takes to the sky. Nick pulls out into the street.

Nick's back at the station at his desk on the telephone to Tracy's cell phone.

Tracy's unconscious on the floor, her ankles tied together. Her wrists are tied together behind her back. Her cell phone is ringing. The stranger is stroking her hair with the fingers of a severed female hand. He has emptied her purse. She comes around and once she can somewhat focus, she sees the stranger bring the hand up to his mouth, placing the index finger over his lips, shushing her as she whimpers, trying to speak. She's scared and uses the stone wall to sit up. He apologizes for making her feeling hung over and introduces himself as Ephram Sedrick. Tracy pulls back as far as she can, her mind still muddled by the drug. Her fear clearly shows along with her eyes begging not to be hurt.

Inside the bullpen, Reese is not happy when Nick tells him he think Tracy is undercover at the escort service. Reese asks Nick about it, learning she never talked to him about it. Reese knows Tracy probably will not want to talk to him after the three days are up. Research found escort services figured in every case. In Portland, Chicago and Detroit all the women turned up like Deena Ellis. If Tracy is undercover, she is playing with fire. Nick tells him she might not have been able to call for backup. Reese reminds him that is exactly when you call for help. Reese is about to put out an APB for Tracy when he learns Nick already did it. Reese calms himself down, asking if one of Scheer's Internet buddies could be the copycat killer. Nick says it is doubtful as one's in Arizona, one's in London and one's in Toronto, named Rosebud. They are trying to get a positive ID on Rosebud. Nick's read Scheer's emails and it does not look like he's enticing anyone to follow in his footsteps. Reese asks about the escort service and hears they are mostly out-of-towners. They are being checked out. He does not expect to find anything because Ingrid thoroughly screens all her clients.

Natalie enters, telling them the toxicology report says Deena Ellis died from a lethal does of Thiobarbital, the fastest acting barbiturate available, but isn't easy for the average person to obtain. The discussion of Tracy shows up she believes she's suspended, and has to prove herself. Nick thinks Natalie encouraged Tracy. An officer tells them traffic just found Tracy's car abandoned on John and Richmond with a flat tire. She left in the middle of changing it. Nick, Natalie and Reese look at each other, worried about Tracy, and what kind of trouble she got herself into.

At Tracy's car, officers are watching it and the immediate area. Reese tells Nick to resend the APB highest priority. Forensics is called to dust for prints. Nick will check out Tracy's place because she might be avoiding the telephone, or could be at her parents. Reese reluctantly says he will inform her parents, grumbling he always gets the dirtiest jobs.

The killer is holding Tracy's weapon, telling her she is too pretty to have such a nasty gun. He pockets the clip, and sets the gun on the floor. He picks up her badge and police ID, happy she is named Tracy because his collection is missing a Tracy and a homicide detective. Tracy is using the rough stone wall to cut through the cords binding her wrists. He notices and tells her not to because he does not want her to get any cuts or bruises on her beautiful skin. Her revulsion shows. He tells her not to scream because no one will hear her and it will give him a headache, for which he will have to kill her. He lets her know it is almost surgery time. He leaves. Tracy's eyes are a little more focused.

Inside Tracy's apartment, Nick is searching for any clues as he listens to her messages. The first one is her mother saying the father got all the dates and times wrong, and that she needs to call so he can straighten it out. Nick does not find anything on her desk or in her appointment book. The second message is from Ingrid, telling Tracy to call soon as she has something really good for her. Nick leaves in a hurry.

Inside Ingrid's office, she tells Nick she got there as fast as she could. Nick angrily asks why she did not tell him Tracy was added to the roster. Tracy's a cop, his partner and is missing. Ingrid feels the weight of all the news. Nick asks if Deena or any of the other girls were ever stalked or threatened, learning they were not. Nick is looking out the window as Scheer's words about the delight in taking one who's been under his nose the whole time, scanning the windows across from Ingrid's with his vampire senses. Nick bolts from the office when he sees a telescope in one of the windows.

Nick enters the room he saw from Ingrid's office and looks around. He sees the telescope and fliers for the real estate division of Sedrick Brokerage, which brings to mind Scheer's words about the killer having resources and moving from city to city. Nick examines the two rows of listings on a wall looking for one that would allow the killer privacy to indulge himself Nick sees an estate that has been sold. He and rushes out.

Inside the estate's basement, Tracy's struggling to bring her knees and feet as close to her chest as she can while working her handcuffed wrists down over them, and works on the cord binding her ankles, but can't free them. She works the rope down over her stocking covered feet and off. She moves to her gun, not yet standing, finding it on top of a wooden trunk. She prays that he did not find the one in the chamber as she slowly pulls back the slide revealing one there and slowly lets it slip back into place. She stands.

Nick's on top of the building and takes to the sky.

Tracy is a little unsteady. Her vision is a little out of focus. She approaches the wooden door and slams into it twice without results, then kicks it hard. It opens. She enters the operating room ready to fire as she sweeps the room. She is startled as she comes face to face with a severed head in a jar staring back at her in fear. The entire shelving unit contains glass jars with either a hand or severed head. Tracy is scared and on edge, as well as still a bit groggy from the drug. She hears a voice call out to her for help but she cannot see well enough to figure out where it's coming from. She keeps her gun pointed in front of her. She spots a hand with red nail polish and heads for it.

Nick is flying over the city trying to find the estate he saw in the picture.

Tracy walks around the corner and sees the hand drop to the floor. She is smacked in the face with the door, as it is shoved open. Her gun falls just out of reach. The killer flips her onto her back. She lashes out at him and he pulls back. She quickly rolls over and is a hair short of her gun. She's flipped over again and sat on, her arms being held. She is terrified, tries to fight back, but cannot because of his grip, and he is sitting on her.

Nick hears Tracy's cries during the battle and zeroes in on her location. Tracy struggles with her attacker as Nick pulls the killer off her, vamped out. He tosses the guy across the room into the electrical panel causing sparks to fly and the guy to shake as he is being fried. Nick watches. Tracy stretches, still handcuffed, grabbing her gun, aiming it at the person in front of her as she rolls onto her back. Nick's features are normal as he faces her, telling her not to shoot. The killer gets up and is about to sink a cleaver into Nick's back or skull when Tracy aims and fires in one fluid motion, hitting the killer in the heart. Nick squats in front of Tracy, taking her face in his hands. Moments later he takes her in his arms. She starts crying as it all catches up with her. He is relieved she is mostly okay.

Outside the estate, several cop cars block access while a stretcher is removing the killer's bagged body. A news crew captures it all from the edge of the street.

Inside the crime scene, Natalie tells Nick she sedated Tracy for the trip to the hospital. Tracy fought her, but she convinced her. Natalie jots down a couple of notes, telling Nick he saved her life. Nick tells her Tracy saved his, so they are turning out to be a good partnership, pleased by it. She has definitely proved she can handle the job, maybe even more than anyone else. Natalie says Tracy really had a rough night. He hopes it is the worst one she ever has. Natalie gives him a folded paper that came in for him, telling him she thought it might be important. Nick looks at it and a small grin appears. He tells her it is a list of Scheer's Internet circle, including the identity of Rosebud. Natalie's curious and asks if it is anyone important. Nick tells her no, and leads her out.

LaCroix's voice tells his friend he is glad he is back as he types out his chat room message on his notebook computer. He says Scheer's adventure was quite entertaining and caused quite a stir among their group. It would have been a tragedy had he not returned. LaCroix's Rosebud with an owl for a graphic. Scheer is the mortician with a caduceus as a symbol. Everyone's glad he's back. He thanks them and says he is back to stay.

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