Season 3, Episode 10

Written by Gary Stephen Rieck

Directed by Nicholas J. Gray

Guest stars:

Dr. Turner......................... Melanie Nicholls-King

Paramedic.......................... Demo Cates

Nurse #1........................... Allegra Fulton

Nurse #2........................... Alice Poon

Nurse #3........................... Anais Granofskiy

Russian Soldier.................... Dimitri Frid

Detective Maurer................... Michael Ricupero

Detective Dunnesback............... Don Dickinson

Policewoman........................ Heather Hodgenson

Leon Sharp......................... Domenic Cuzzocrea

Paramedics rush a patient with a gunshot wound to the head into the ER while doing CPR and bagging the critical patient. There is no pulse and the patient has been down for sixteen minutes. The patient is shocked at 300, before another epi is given and compressions continue without improvement. After nineteen minutes, Dr. Turner makes one of the hardest decisions a doctor can make and pronounces Metro Police Detective Nicholas Knight dead at 12:36 am. She tells the nurses to notify the ME. Nick's lying on the trauma bed in a hard plastic cervical collar with a bandage wrapped a round his head, the left side bloody.

In the waiting area, Dr. Turner tells an entering Reese and a devastated Tracy that she tried everything but Nick did not make it. Reese sits down next to Tracy and rubs her back, consoling the crying detective. He tells her it is not her fault. The fault lies with the person who shot Nick.

Tracy flashes back to the shooting as she tells Reese about it, seeing a large, dark, somewhat empty place. A gun is aimed at her and a shot is fired at almost the same time she is knocked to the ground. She sees Nick face down as she starts to get up. When she rolls Nick over she sees the thick coating of blood covering almost half his face, coming from the top of his head. More shots are fired, keeping Tracy pinned to the floor. Reese learns it was too dark for her to get a good look at the perp.

Natalie rushes into the waiting area frantic and asks about Nick, her medical bag in her hand. Reese breaks the bad news to her. Her determination shows as she repeats her question.

Natalie enters the ER trauma room and sees Nick. A nurse is startled when Nick takes a long deep breath, the first one on his own for over half an hour, if not longer. The nurse leaves to get help, at Natalie's suggestion. Natalie sticks a large needle into Nick's stomach and squishes a unit of blood into him as fast as she can, hoping she is not caught. She comments she does not know how they will get out of this one. She barely gets the bag covered before Dr. Turner enters and tells the nurse it is just a reaction to the drugs in his system. Before Turner can check Nick's vitals, Natalie hands her a clipboard, telling Turner she just took the vitals. Nick's condition is stabilizing. Nick is called a miracle by Turner. Natalie comments it is not as bad as it looks. Turner tells her to look, and as she does, she sees that it is just a large, nasty scrape on his temple, rather than the nasty wound from earlier. Turner is stunned. Natalie uses the distraction to grab the blood bag and barely hides it before a nurse enters. Turner orders immediate x-rays.

In the waiting area, a calmer Tracy is annoyed with herself because she cannot remember. Reese tells her to take it easy. She is not the first, nor will she be the last whose partner gets shot. Tracy responds it is what she was trained for. Natalie enters with good news, telling them the traumatic injuries sent Nick into a temporary cardiac arrest, which is not uncommon for injuries like his. He's in a coma, but will live.

Dr. Turner's checking out Nick's x-rays and sees shrapnel halfway into Nick's brain, commenting he should be dead. LaCroix is a doctor who tells her x-rays can be flawed. He whammies her into believing the new x-rays are the original ones, and Nick's injuries were not as bad as they first seemed. Nick will wake up, and be released. The bullet bounced off his incredibly thick skull, leaving no damage behind. LaCroix contemplates her neck as a snack, but leaves her unharmed. He releases the whammy once he sees it took.

Out in the waiting area, Dr. Turner repeats the information LaCroix gave her. Natalie recognizes the look of a whammied person delivering their post hypnotic suggestion information. Natalie catches sight of LaCroix off to the side and is a little surprised, and not sure if his help is a good or bad thing. The doctor leaves as soon as she is finished. Reese and Tracy are quite relieved. He says he is going back to the precinct to spread the good news. Tracy says she wants to stay. Tracy asks Natalie if they can see Nick, and hears Natalie thinks she can arrange it.

Nick's unconscious in bed, monitors tracking normal vital signs with their beeps. There is a gauze bandage around his head, and a nasal cannula providing him with oxygen. LaCroix pulls the IV out of Nick's hand, commenting it was probably important as he tells Nick he always pays his debt. He is holding a scalpel.

LaCroix flashes back to the Crimean War in 1853. A dying Russian soldier thinks LaCroix is death and stakes LaCroix in the chest as he drains the soldier.

In the hospital LaCroix slits his and Nick's wrists and presses them together, commenting Quid Pro Quo. Moments later Nick grows closer to consciousness.

Natalie is shown to Nick's bed by a nurse. Natalie's pleased to see him in a good mood and awake, and explains she had to do some fast thinking. He wants to know why his head hurts and learns he was shot in the head. He scares and worries her when he does not know who she is. An amnesiac vampire is not a good thing.

In the hallway, Dr. Turner tells Reese and Natalie about Nick's Retrograde Amnesia. He will probably come out of it, but no one knows when. No other signs of dysfunction have been found so he will be okay. Reese tells her Nick's the only one who can ID the shooter, so they need to jog his memory. Natalie suggests taking him home, letting the familiar surroundings help. She reminds them she is a doctor and Nick has no family or friends.

The three of them enter Nick's room. Natalie is shocked to see Nick eating chicken noodle soup and it shows. She quickly realizes she overreacted and calms down. The nasal cannula is gone and the bandage only covers the wound. When Nick learns Reese is a cop, he asks if he is in trouble. Natalie informs him Rees is his boss. Nick learns someone tried to kill him and his partner at the parade warehouse last night, and his partner is female, not male. Nick remembers Tracy, a carousel horse and the brightness of a gunshot, bolt of lightning in his head, and then burning pain before everything went black. Turner tells Nick she is releasing him into Dr. Lambert's care, if he has no problem with it. Nick does not as she seems nice. Reese gives Nick his badge, telling him to get his strength back, but take it easy.

Inside an interrogation room, Tracy's being grilled by two detectives and looks totally worn out. She cannot take much more. Reese watches over her. She tells them everything is hazy. One of Nick's informants called in a tip about the unsolved Ripper case, learning everyone has a theory about that case.

Tracy flashes back to the warehouse as she tells them what happened. She tells them everything seemed normal, but they sensed something was wrong as soon as they entered. They split up because of the dark. She thought she was just spooking herself. There was a gunshot and she did not see the shooter, only a flash of light. She's upset and frustrated. Reese tries to get her a short break. The detectives show them a bagged bullet they found, explaining it's a Teflon coated cop killer. It goes through Kevlar like it was tissue. Tracy has a massive headache. She's a little sickened and repulsed as well.

Natalie opens the lift door, revealing the interior of the loft. Nick thinks it is a bit dark, hearing he likes it that way. Natalie takes off her coat and tosses it over a chair as Nick picks up a stack of pictures and looks through them. She asks if he remembers when it was taken. He learns it was from his birthday last year, when they went out to dinner to celebrate. She sees he is a little upset over his lack of memory. She puts away the items from her cloth shopping bags. When she asks if he knows which birthday, he guesses somewhere between thirty and thirty-five. She tells him he is so far off, with a small laugh. He starts playing Moonlight Sonata and she wonders if it could be a sign of progress. He remembers playing while a hard of hearing friend wrote down the notes. Natalie cannot believe he knew Beethoven, yet she is not that surprised. She tells him she has to go out for a while because if she lets things stack up it gets nasty. She takes the bottle of blood out of the fridge and hides it in her bag when he is not looking. She tosses him an apple, as he comments on her being a doctor, hearing she is actually a pathologist. She tells him to keep eating, pleased he found the hospital food dreadful, and is hungry. She tells him an apple a day will keep the doctor away, pleased when he asks why he would want to stay away. However, sad that it took amnesia to get him to admit his feelings. She forces herself to leave. Nick takes a big bite of the apple as he checks out his home.

Nick looks in a drawer in the table behind the couch and finds his gun, clip and ammunition. He picks up the gun and clip, and shoves the clip in like he's done a million times before, yet he's looking at it like he's never seen it before. He senses someone behind him, spins around, aiming at LaCroix, who asks if it is any way to treat his savior. Nick recognizes him as the doctor from the hospital and asks how he got in. LaCroix says he has an open invitation. Nick relaxes. LaCroix tells Nick he is more than just the doctor, as he holds a wine bottle from the Raven. LaCroix asks if the sensations Nick's feeling right now don't show him he's more than he thinks, and shows the special relation between them. Nick is not really buying it and it shows, as does his dislike of LaCroix. Nick is not sure what to believe. LaCroix tells Nick he is his oldest friend and they have been through a lot together.

There is a flashback to the Crimea in 1853, but who is it is, is uncertain. LaCroix is laying on a sofa in a devastated home hiding from the sun. He looks deathly pale, in pain and so weak he can barely move. He begs Nick to remove the stake or he will die. Nick enjoys having the upper hand for the first time ever and makes LaCroix promise to let him go, and tell him how he was staked. LaCroix tells the story and promises to let Nick go. He reminds Nick their relationship has not always been difficult and Nick stayed because he wanted to, he just did not realize it. Nick does not believe a word of it and it shows. He may want to kill LaCroix, but he is not as cold and heartless as his master. He pulls the stake out, causing LaCroix intense agony.

In the loft, Nick asks why LaCroix will not tell Nick about himself. LaCroix tells Nick he's extraordinary and a killer. Nick looks at the gun in his hand and puts it down. LaCroix tells Nick to go outside and rediscover himself. Before LaCroix can shape Nick any further Natalie arrives with groceries. She's not happy to see him, but thanks him for his help in the hospital. LaCroix comments they made a good team and it was fun. Nick is confused because two people who say they are friends cannot stand each other. Natalie tells LaCroix he should leave Nick alone. LaCroix gives in far too easily and too pleasantly. He asks her if she will inform Nick of his special nature, then realizes she will use it to accomplish the impossible, redeem Nick. Nick's even more confused and a little hurt. Natalie suggests LaCroix leave, by the door. He wishes her luck and does as requested.

Once Natalie is alone with Nick, she tells him he does not have to believe a word LaCroix told him. He looks like a confused, lost little boy. He asks what LaCroix meant about him being a killer, a bit afraid of the answer. She tells him he is a cop and he's has to kill people occasionally. It helps ease his fear a little. He asks about his special nature, afraid he has some illness or disability he does not know about. Natalie says he does not have to believe a word LaCroix said, because he is not Nick's friend. He cannot help Nick like she can. He is again frustrated, confused and a little angry, wanting to know if there is something wrong with him. She tells him it is not a good time to discuss it because it is late and they need their sleep. He has to trust her. She starts unzipping her overnight bag and makes him promise he will not leave the apartment, no matter what. He asks why he would want to leave. She says they have been working on a change for a long time and the accident seems to be allowing it to happen. He follows her as she moves tot he fireplace, telling him it feels like they're really getting somewhere, but they have to take it slowly. He asks if they have a relationship, a hopeful light in his eyes. She sadly, reluctantly tells him they are only friends.

He caresses the side of her face and tells her he knew there was something special between them from the first time he saw her in the hospital. They longingly gaze into each other's eyes before he slowly leans in and cuts her off with a tender kiss. They kiss again and the heat level in the room shoots up considerably. She tells him she is not sure they should, at least not now. He kisses her again. No more words are spoken. She does not want to spoil the mood with hey, you're a vampire. She wants them both to have one blissful moment before they return to their stress filled lives.

Natalie and Nick are upstairs in his bed. His red robe hangs open as he sits behind her gazing at her bare body, sweeps her hair off her shoulders and passionately kisses her neck. In ecstasy, she whispers for him to bring her across. Nick's fangs drop and his eyes glow as he kisses her neck before sinking his fangs in. In the black background, LaCroix watches, as if he is using his connection with Nick to influence him in a way Nick is not and will not become aware of, as he tries to bring the vampire to the surface.

Nick wakes up very startled and scared by his dream. LaCroix has apparently had an effect on Nick because he comes downstairs fully dressed, grabs his gun, holsters it, and leaves, seeing Natalie asleep on the couch in her bathrobe. LaCroix's comment about Nick rediscovering himself runs through his head. LaCroix seems to be able to get through Nick's barriers because of the amnesia and can make Nick follow his orders.

Nick is driving through the city as he is listening to the Nightcrawler talking about soothing their confusion. Nick's head hurts as if he's remembering bits and pieces of things, or is trying to and cannot.

Inside LaCroix's booth, he comments the show's dedicated to long lost friends, who are trying to find their way back. He angrily comments that one must never forget what they are or whom they came from. LaCroix is not happy he has temporarily lost control over Nick. It seems that without Nick to control and torment, he is lost.

There is another flashback to the Crimea. Nick slices his wrist and holds it above LaCroix's mouth. LaCroix grabs it and desperately sucks on it until Nick yanks it away.

In the present, LaCroix commands Nick will come back to him, he MUST come back as it is his destiny. One cannot change their destiny, unless they are LaCroix and the current one does not suit him. Nick turns off the radio.

Inside the precinct briefing room, Tracy is still being questioned while Reese watches over her. Tracy tries to pick out the shooter from the computerized mug shots, but cannot. Tracy's frustration shows as she tells them she does not know if it is because she cannot remember or because she didn't get a good look at him. Reese comments it happens a lot when a partner is shot, she needs time and rest. The other two detectives reluctantly agree. They learn Nick will not be able to provide anything for a long time. The two detectives leave. Reese sees Tracy's frustration and tells her to give it a break, to let it come to her, when she apologizes for not being more helpful.

Nick parks and enters the parade warehouse, breaking the crime scene tape. As he looks around the dark place, he gets small flashes of the incident, among them the shooting. He feels the pain as if it just happened seconds ago. The images happen so fast that they make him dizzy with their speed and numbers. A female officer approaches and asks what he is doing there. Nick tells her he's a cop and slowly pulls his badge. She is surprised to learn he is the officer that was shot. He suddenly hears her heartbeat calling to him as he sees the blood pulsing through the vein on her neck. He quickly turns around as he vamps out, the vampire back in full force. There is a small, intense growl. He momentarily weakens causing her to ask if he's okay. He assures her he is and he will see himself out. She leaves him alone, a little surprised by all she learned. Nick takes one last look around before opening the exit door. He steps outside and quickly retreats from the morning sun, smoking. He is scared, confused and in pain.

At the loft, Natalie wakes and sees the sun coming through the window. She calls out Nick's name, concerned when she sees the sun. She instantly reaches for the remote and shuts the blinds. She is almost instantly off the couch, concerned because there is no sound from Nick. The lift door slams open and Nick stumbles in, falling to his knees, shying away from the sun where the one blind has not yet fully closed. He is still slightly smoking and burned. She squats down by him as the blind closes. She tries to help him uncover himself and her hands are pushed away. He angrily asks if she knew that would happen to him. She is upset as she reminds him she told him not to go outside. He says she did not tell him why, asking how it could be so bad. They are both standing as he grabs her wrists, angrily ordering her to tell him what's going on. His face and hands are burned. She is deeply saddened and depressed, her heart shattering as she realizes the vampire is fully reasserting itself. She is near tears as she ass why he went out. He angrily tells her he sensed the shooter before he fired and asking how that is possible. She is devastated, as she is forced to tell him the truth. Her emotions come through in her voice as she tells him they were so close, if only he had stayed inside she might never have to tell him the truth.

Nick has another flashback to his shooting and hears the shooter tell him Merry Christmas before shooting him as something glitters.

He tells Natalie he saw the killer's face and has to go help. She grabs his arms, telling him he cannot go out until sunset. When he asks why, she says there is no easy way to tell him he is a vampire, having a little trouble getting that part out. His expression is hard to decipher as he hears the news. He is quite surprised. She is concerned about him, especially now that he knows.

Inside Tracy's apartment, she is reading a magazine, having finished eating. She is still in her clothes from the other day. Her telephone rings and she answers it, hearing a strange voice comment on the shooting, Nick's head being all messed up. She is disgusted. The caller refuses to identify himself, telling her a friend of his has a score to settle with her. She doesn't realize it's the crook who's mug shot she couldn't stop looking at. He tells her Jimmy Malloch wants to talk to her, alone, at the cement plant at the lakefront. She writes down the location, hangs up and takes off.

Inside the loft, Natalie and Nick are talking. She is now dressed. His burns are almost all healed, surprising him quite a bit. She tells him his incredibly fast healing is why his head wound didn't kill him, and it was a lot worse than anyone admitted it was. He asks how long he has been a vampire and learns it has been 767 years. He is surprised both by how many centuries and how easily she said it. He asks if it is what makes her so sad, learning it is what keeps them apart, outside of last night. She tells him she was optimistic then and thought they had possibly won. Her tone grows sadder as she tells him they cannot have the relationship they want, as it will not work as things are. He's concerned and confused, as well as a little overwhelmed. She says she is sorry, and should have told him.

He stands and starts across the kitchen before he doubles over in pain. She helps him back to his chair and immediately pours him a glass from the bottle LaCroix left. Nick swallows the contents in one gulp. Natalie worried watches for a few moments as the blood works, telling him he normally drinks cow's blood, and stopped drinking human blood a long time ago. He looks at his empty glass with a shocked I drank WHAT look on his face. She tells him she could explain it all, but it will not make much sense until he gets his memory back. He takes the bottle with a dark look as he sips from it, as if he remembered what he was doing. She realizes he seems to be enjoying it a little too much. She comments he does not want to be a vampire. He looks at her slightly confused. She looks at the bottle in his hand and he puts it down.

The shooter is in his apartment getting ready for his showdown. After he fixes his weapons, he tilts the mirror so only his gold tooth shows.

Inside the precinct, Nick is in the same interview room as Tracy was in the night before. Nick flips through the computerized mug shot book stopping at the last picture, telling Reese that's the guy, remembering the gold tooth's reflection. It is Leon Sharp, a.k.a. Leon Malloch. Captain Richard Vetter shot and killed Leon's brother Jimmy almost fifteen years ago in a drug bust- the same Captain that is now Commissioner Vetter, and Tracy's father. They realize they were set up and Tracy was the target and still is. Reese sends Nick to Tracy's place and will have backup meet him there. Nick hurries out.

Tracy arrives at the cement plant, gets out and yells that she is there. A moment later a gunshot shatters the driver's side window. Tracy ducks unaware that the shooter has a semi-automatic rifle with a scope on it, and is standing on top of a very large holding tank. She moves, yet is still in the line of fire. He tells her he is glad she made it, calling her Detective Vetter.

Nick's about to unlock his car when something inside Nick tells him to fly. Nick takes to the sky and flies over the city.

Nick enters Tracy's apartment calling out her name. He walks over to the telephone and sees the note. He quickly leaves, taking to the air again.

Back at the cement plant, Leon fires several shots at Tracy, forcing her to move elsewhere. She fires some cover shots as she runs to new cover. He barely misses her as he shoots at the open target. She hides behind some explosive barrels and asks why he wants to shoot a cop. Leon tells her about his brother, how the cops came in and didn't give him a chance to surrender. He tells her Captain Vetter murdered his brother. Tracy knows she has to get away from the barrels and fires at Leon, hitting close enough to distract him as she runs for new cover. Leon's shot turns the barrels into a fireball. Nick lands, vamps out, and growls. Leon tries to escape but losses his footing and falls, screaming. There is a thud as Leon hits the ground. Nick calms himself down and checks the fiery destruction below for Tracy. He is relieved when he sees she is okay.

LaCroix comments all's well that ends well, sounding depressed and bitter, commenting that when you have a friend in the Nightcrawler, you do not need enemies.

Inside the loft, Nick is playing depressing music on the piano as Natalie's zipping her overnight bag, commenting it is back to business as usual. He approaches and hears her tell him she knows he is probably 100% but it might be a good idea if he stayed home a while. He tells her there is somewhere he must go first. She has a good idea he is going to see LaCroix. She says she cannot fill in all the blanks. She starts to leave when he takes hold of her arm. Her face shows some sadness. He tells her he is right. She seems a little more sad and disappointed afterwards. He tells her it's a lot to take in at once and to bear with him and kisses her forehead. It seems to hurt her a little because she knows they can never be close as long as he is a vampire and she's mortal. She gives him a small grin, which he returns. She leaves and he looks sad and depressed.

Nick enters the Raven and approaches LaCroix at the bar. LaCroix seems a bit depressed as well, but tells Nick he is glad he is well. He asks what brings Nick there and is surprised to hear Nick comment LaCroix can fill in some of the holes and tell him who he is. LaCroix is curious but not interested until Nick says all of who he is. LaCroix is a little surprised when Nick agrees to stay the day, as it is a long story, having been told he has Eternity. Nick looks sad and depressed, wondering if it is such a good idea after all.

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