Forever Knight season 3, episode 11

Written by Phil Bedard and Larry LaLonde

Directed by Clay Borris

Guest cast

MacIssac............................... Frank Pellegrino

Melanie Sawchuck....................... Cheryl Swarts

Barnes................................. Sean Roberge

Eric Sawchuck.......................... George Buza

Ario................................... Eduardo Gomez

Sancho................................. Mario Romano

Dr. Max Vanderwal...................... David Hemblen

Michael................................ Patrick Gallagher

Inquisitor............................. Peter Messaline

Jailer................................. Vincent Marino

Paula.................................. Johanna Black

Eva.................................... Thea Andrews

A band is playing Caribbean type music with only drummers and a cymbal. A crowd watches, dancing to the festive beat. Nearby, a uniformed officer, MacIssac, sees a woman unconscious in her car and checks on her. There is a large silver cross hanging around her neck. She wakes, mumbles something in Latin, then her head lulls back against the headrest, as the drumming becomes more intense. MacIssac calls in the unconscious woman. She wakes, presses on the accelerator, hits MacIssac and flees, leaving him alive, but unconscious on the pavement a short distance away. She drives like a bat out of hell, passing the drummers. She is terrified, sobbing, repeating she wants to be released three times. Her car crashes through the barricade of the unfinished overpass and drives off the end of it, exploding as it hits the pavement below front bumper first. The music ends and the crowd applauds and cheers the band.

The police and an ambulance are at the scene of the hit and run. Reese asks Nick and Tracy if they should not be working on the Slater homicide, but hears there may be more to the hit and run than it seems. MacIssac is in the back of the ambulance, having suffered a broken arm and a concussion. Tracy informs them of the car that went off the expressway shortly after MacIssac called it in, the plates match. Nick says the autopsy will tell them if it is the car's owner, Melanie Sawchuck. They approach the ambulance and MacIssac. The paramedics tell them they will not get much out of MacIssac. Nick whammies him and gets the details of what happened. He has to press a little to get the Latin words. MacIssac passes out and is taken away by the paramedics. Reese tells them to work on this case until they get something on the Slater one.

Inside Natalie's office, she uncovers the blackened hand right before Nick and Tracy enter. Tracy immediately notices the stench and is handed a jar of wintergreen gel and told to put some under her nose. Tracy does so and it helps. Natalie tells them burn victims are her worst nightmare. Nick asks how she's doing and hears it is her second jar of the gel. The dental records confirmed it is Melanie Sawchuck. Tracy looks a bit sick and disgusted as she asks if Natalie had to go into Melanie's mouth. Natalie tells them she is about to start the external exam, but does not think they want to watch. They agree. Records say the next of kin is her only living relative, a brother, Eric Sawchuck. She hands Nick the telephone number. He and Tracy leave. Natalie quickly covers the severely burned hand.

Nick and Tracy park in front of an adult club and approach a pony tailed, chubby guy handing out brochures in front of the club. As they approach and identify themselves, he tells them he's not interfering with the patrons and quotes the bible about changing one's wicked ways. Nick learns he's Eric Sawchuck and informs him of his sister's death. Both Nick and Tracy are surprised at how calmly and unemotionally he takes the news and asks what happened. Nick tells him she drove her car off the expressway, hearing that God and the Devil reside in everyone, and you never know which will prevail. Nick looks at Tracy with a is he for real expression. Eric quotes from the bible again about sorrow and grief, which Nick tells Tracy is paraphrased. They learn he doesn't know who would want to hurt her, he's sorry she's dead, hopes God can help her, and can't offer any further help. Nick and Tracy get back into the Caddy, Tracy thinking Eric knows something. Nick thinks it could be a suicide.

Inside Natalie's office, she's finished the autopsy and tells them she found lamb's blood in Melanie's stomach, but nothing else so she must have drank it. She asks why someone would drink it.

Nick flashes back to 1578 Spain, during the Spanish Inquisition. Nick and LaCroix are thrown into in a dungeon cell. The bottom of the doorframe is painted with the blood of a lamb and of Christ. Two other people, Sancho and Ario, are already in the cell, chained to the walls. Nick and LaCroix were taken while they slept. They were accused of being in league with the devil. LaCroix's hand is singed by the sunlight. Ario tells them thousands have been jailed without proof. LaCroix comments that by using God and the Devil slaughter can be done without the need for accountability. Nick angrily and bitterly, asks if there is a God then why has not he shown himself. Sancho tells him there is both evil and good in Nick, and he will need it to survive the exorcism. They will all face it, where they will be forced to drink lamb's blood and be burned.

Tracy's voice snaps Nick out of his flashback. She and Natalie look at him a little concerned, Natalie especially. Nick hesitantly tells them they should learn more about Melanie. Tracy asks why, hearing it never hurts to be certain. Natalie has that he knows more than he's saying and that he'd better be careful look on her face, along with a hint of annoyance. Nick and Tracy leave.

Nick and Tracy enter Melanie Sawchuck's apartment and see a large cross on the wall. Tracy asks Nick why he quotes from the bible, hearing it is important to know what the other side is up to. They find blood on the window, which means someone could've been thrown through it. Tracy touches a book on the nightstand and is shocked as if it had an electrical current. She immediately jerks her fingers away. She feels a cold breeze suddenly blow by, chilling her. She asks if Nick felt it. Nick picks up the book, turns it over and sees it is about exorcisms. She notices he seems uneasy and inquires. He tells her they found lamb's blood in Melanie's stomach, the exorcism book beside her bed. In Medieval times, certain Christian denominations used lamb's blood in exorcisms.

Inside the precinct interview room, Nick is questioning Eric, while Reese and Tracy watch from the observation room. Reese does not buy the exorcism thing, commenting the cold draft Tracy felt was from the broken window and the October chill. Eric remains silent until Nick reminds him that he is a spiritual man and would not want to lie. He will feel better once he has told the truth. Eric tells Nick his sister was sick, tormented, and no doctors could help her. He had tried physicians and psychiatrists. He knew it was her soul that was sick. Evil was consuming her goodness. The Devil is very real.

Nick flashes back to the 1578 Spanish dungeon. Sancho's crime is that he refused to give up his valuable land to the church. LaCroix comments in the Inquisitor's eyes that is the greatest heresy one can commit. Ario was marked by the beast. The Inquisitors enter and drag Ario away as he tells them in Latin he is darkness and light and they have no power over him. He calls out Belial and Beelzebub's names. They tell Sancho he's next. Nick and LaCroix exchange looks then head for Sancho.

In the present, Nick snaps out of his flashback as Eric is telling him Satan takes hold of people. He sends his angels out to seek the weak, those that no longer have the Lord's light in them. Nick is disturbed by what he is hearing, as if he knows it is all true. Eric explains that Satan promises strength, power and eternity through seduction. That is what happened to Melanie, and the only way to deal with it is to drive Satan out. She was sent to an exorcist. Nick has to work to get the doctor's name, Max Vanderwal, an ex-priest. Eric is ashamed. Melanie drove off the expressway to free herself from Satan's hold. If she did not the darkness would continue until it consumed the whole world. Tracy's concerned and disturbed by this while Reese is disgusted.

As Nick, Reese and Tracy walk through the precinct, Reese asks Nick if he believes any of it, hearing Nick will not really know until he talks with Vanderwal. Tracy asks if he believes the Devil exists. Nick says maybe it is enough that a lot of people do. Reese comments that one just has to look around and see the signs. If the Devil did make her do it, he would like to see the Devil prosecuted, and to confirm Sawchuck's story. If Vanderwal has a good alibi then it is just a crazy lady's suicide.

Nick and Tracy approach Vanderwal's front door, knock and identify themselves when he answers. He tells them it is not a good time, but does not protest when Nick enters. He shows them to another room, where Nick is not really bothered by the large cross on the wall. Vanderwal is an excommunicated priest because he still follows the old ways, including using lamb's blood in exorcisms. The practice is now considered sacrilegious, but he finds it very effective when Satan has a particularly strong grip on a person. He goes where ever evil is. Vanderwal tells Nick and Tracy Melanie was there for a session last night, which did not go well. The demon inside was very powerful and he wanted to make a few more attempts, believing he would succeed, but she went home. He tells them he is sorry she is dead. Tracy cannot believe he is suggesting the Devil killed Melanie. He tells her it is her suggestion. He learns she went off an unfinished section of the highway. None of them are really sure it was a suicide. No one fully understands why people commit suicide. They may never know if it was a suicide. Vanderwal tells Nick he does not know what it is like being tormented by evil. Vanderwal knows they are interested in the closed door and offers to show them.

Inside the room, they find Michael strapped to a table, religious items all over the walls. Michael's possessed by a strong evil, and is in the middle of his fourth session. The psychiatrists thought it was depression, but he instantly knew it wasn't. Tracy inquires if Michael is possessed. Vanderwal leans over and talks to Michael, but a strange voice tells him Michael is not there. The demon goes by many names and tells Vanderwal to pick one to call him. Vanderwal exorcises the demon as the detectives watch. The demon flees Michael and hits Nick so hard he staggers backwards. Nick's vampirism is revealed for a second. Vanderwal pronounces Michael clean.

In the Caddy, Tracy tells Nick she it was very elaborate smoke and mirrors. Nick asks what she's talking about. She tells him she's recently had her eyes open to some pretty weird things, things she didn't realize really existed, and still can't believe she really saw a demon being exorcised, calling Vanderwal a dangerous charlatan.

Nick sees a man in black and white standing in the middle of the street and swerves to avoid hitting him. Tracy does not see him and asks what's up. Nick says it's nothing, then admits he swerved to miss a cat. They hear gunshots and head for them. Upon arriving at the convenience store, they get out, guns ready. A man with a shotgun flees the store holding a rifle and takes a girl hostage. Nick orders the man to put down his gun and release the girl. Barnes threatens the life of his hostage. Nick whammies Barnes into letting the girl go. He orders Tracy to take the girl inside and make sure things are under control inside. Tracy needs a repeat before she goes inside with the girl. Nick's voice becomes very dark and menacing as he orders Barnes to put his gun down. Barnes is terrified by the sight of a vamped out Nick, asking what he is, telling Nick to stay away. Tracy comes out just in time to hear Barnes apologize to God, ask for forgiveness and blow his brains out. She is shocked and it shows.

Inside the bullpen, Reese informs them Barnes was wanted for homicide and rape, has already done time for armed robbery. IA will not be a problem. Tracy comments that Barnes looked like he was going to put the gun down before he shot himself. Reese tells them Barnes tried to kill himself twice while in prison, saying voices told him to. The important thing is Nick saved the woman's life. Reese asks if it is freezing, hearing he does not look well. Tracy complains that they still have not found the bad smell, knowing it cannot be healthy. They think it is a ruptured sewer pipe somewhere in the building. He had to send five guys home tonight. Nick is seated at his desk shaking. Tracy asks if he is okay. The maintenance man is electrocuted, and falls off his ladder. Reese orders someone to call the paramedics. Nick starts shaking uncontrollably.

Nick staggers into the loft and to his fridge. He grabs a bottle of blood and starts to drink it, as there is serious paranormal activity at the loft. The piano wires are torn from the piano, his bottle falls to the floor and smashes. He hears a beckoning whistle and ducks just in time to avoid one that smashes into the door.

Nick flashes back to the Spanish Inquisition. Nick asks Sancho who he is praying for, hearing it is his wife and son. LaCroix sarcastically comments he is praying to the same God that is allowing his incineration. Sancho tells LaCroix that one does not question their god, hearing the question must be answered, once asked. Sancho tells them that God is in everyone, even those like LaCroix who serve the Devil. LaCroix angrily tells Sancho he serves no one. Sancho says that leaves LaCroix without a purpose, which LaCroix does not dispute, adding he does not deceive himself. Sancho's scared, asking if they are not the Devil's angels as they cannot walk in sunlight and are repelled by crosses and lamb's blood. LaCroix taunts Nick to explain it. Just then, the Inquisitors enter to claim Sancho, who tells them he's not a demon, pleading with them not to burn him. They tell him if he is innocent, he will be welcomed into God's kingdom. Nick vamps out and tells the Inquisitors to release Sancho. LaCroix comments it is such crass showmanship. Nick tells the Inquisitors he is the demon they are looking for. Sancho refused to join them due to faith twisting his mind. The Inquisitors free Sancho. The Inquisitor sends his guards for fire and oil, as he repels Nick and LaCroix with a silver cross, chanting in Latin.

In the present, Nick staggers out of his loft.

Inside the bullpen, Reese learns Nick's not answering his telephone and may be asleep. Reese comments he has never seen anyone that pale and leaves.

Nick enters the Raven and staggers towards the bar, vamping out but quickly regains his composure when someone walks up behind him. Eva asks Nick if he would like to join her. He kisses her, which she takes as a yes. They continue to kiss as they make their way to the back room, groping each other as well. They do not bother to watch where they are going. Nick vamps out and starts choking her. Eva turns out to be a vampire. LaCroix enters, sees them, and comments on how nice it is to see Nick there, and like that. Nick angrily tells LaCroix to get out. Eva frees herself and runs for the door, stopped by LaCroix who warns her not to say a word about what happened to anyone. She bolts. LaCroix comments that Nick has finally come to his senses. Nick begs for help because he cannot control himself, hearing it is good, but a little discretion would be nice. Nick tells him he witnessed an exorcism and thinks the demon is in him. LaCroix tells him that is ridiculous, it's just his true nature surfacing. There is no such thing as demons and devils. Nick asks him to take him to Vanderwal's because he is an exorcist. LaCroix firmly refuses to and is grabbed by the throat by Nick, who tells him if he does not, he'll destroy him. LaCroix removes Nick's hand, commenting he does not take kindly to coercion. Nick desperately begs LaCroix to help.

Inside Vanderwal's exorcism room, Nick is strapped to the table while LaCroix keeps his distance. Vanderwal tells him that the devil does not go away, it seeks a conflicted soul to reside in, as it is the inner turmoil that opens the door. LaCroix does not believe any of it. Vanderwal tells him God and the devil reside in him and the question is which one is in control. LaCroix impatiently asks if Vanderwal is going to perform the exorcism. Vanderwal starts chanting in Latin and hears that strange voice again, telling Vanderwal he is the son of Belial as he pushes Vanderwal away. Vanderwal explains the demon inside Nick is very powerful and he needs LaCroix's help. LaCroix is embarrassed when he says he cannot help. Vanderwal asks if LaCroix is the one responsible for the inner turmoil that allowed the Devil to enter. LaCroix brought him because he felt compelled to. Vanderwal says Nick trusts him, and that may be what saves him. Demon Nick tells them Nick is already lost, that Nick and LaCroix are weak. He vamps out startling and scaring Vanderwal. LaCroix angrily tells the demon Nick is his creation, his son, and he will not lose him. LaCroix confirms he is what Nick is. Vanderwal now understands why LaCroix refused to believe in the Devil, because then he had to believe in God as well, even though he sees both of them in Nick. LaCroix gives a small startled bounce when Vanderwal bumps into him holding a cross. Demon Nick starts thrashing about, stopping only when LaCroix firmly tells him to stop. Demon Nick tells LaCroix he has no power over him and evilly laughs.

Natalie enters the loft, not sure if Nick's there, calling out to him.

At Vanderwal's, they learn the demon tells them de Brabant has been many people, all killers, yet he's restrained by some sickening mortal conscience, and wants to kill again. He and LaCroix will make a fine pair because Nick has great potential.

In the bullpen, Tracy is talking to Natalie over the telephone. She hears Tracy tell her that Nick is okay, and probably just stopped by the drug store on the way home. Natalie partially agrees, asking when Nick got sick. Tracy says she does not know, but he started acting strange after they left Vanderwal's. Natalie asks for the highlights.

At Vanderwal's, he starts the exorcism, repeating almost the same Latin words that the Inquisitor said. Nick gasps in pain as Vanderwal speaks, urgently whispering he has revived the vampire's taste for death, having driven all the goodness out, and will stay with Nick forever. The demon lunges and is grabbed and held down by LaCroix. Vanderwal commands Nick to struggle against the demon. LaCroix urges Nick to fight. LaCroix is not happy to hear Demon Nick tell him he is already one of them, knowing it is the truth. He is evil. LaCroix is desperate to save his son, telling Nick to fight, that there is goodness in him, and God in him.

The scene quickly flashes between Vanderwal and the Inquisitor as they tell the sinners there can be no forgiveness without bloodshed. Vanderwal orders the demon to release Nick. The Inquisitor calls sinners the sons of Belial. As Vanderwal is ordering the demon out, Nick struggles against LaCroix, but LaCroix does not budge. Finally, Demon Nick is able to shove LaCroix into the wall as he breaks free. Natalie enters calling out Nick's name. He grabs her and is about to bite her. She gasps in surprise, yet calming tells him not to. He struggles with himself and crashes into the table. Natalie is held back by Vanderwal when she tries to approach. Nick struggles with the demon and finally wins.

In 1578 Spain, Sancho knocks the Inquisitor to the ground.

In the present, Vanderwal comments Nick's back. Natalie's stunned, asking what happened. Vanderwal explains that for the Devil to be driven out, one must believe God has not abandoned heir soul. As torn as Nick is by good and evil, he does have faith.

In 1578, LaCroix warily leaves the cell, ready to kill Sancho if it is a trap. Sancho tells them he was saved because of them. He does not understand, but their actions show there is God within them. LaCroix sternly states his actions suited his needs, nothing more, and storms out. Nick thanks Sancho as he leaves, with Sancho behind him.

At Vanderwal's he tells LaCroix that his acceptance helped save Nick. LaCroix says he did what was necessary and whammies Vanderwal to forget they were ever there.

Natalie enters the loft as Nick is drinking from the wine bottle. She tells him she wanted to check on him, and hopes he booked off. He says he did and turns down her offer to stay, telling her he's fine. She tells him that it is over, he beat the Devil. He tells her she cannot imagine what it is like. She says everyone has their own demons. He tells her they are nothing like what he faced. He turns to her, his eyes vampire yellow, spooking her as he puts his hands on her cheek. She tells him not to, hearing it is okay. She does not need to be afraid. He turns from her, telling her he thinks it set him and their work back a bit, but doesn't know how much. It has been a long time since he has had such a strong need for human blood as he takes a drink.

Inside the Raven, LaCroix is doing his nightly monologue, talking about reigns in palaces and courts, in luxurious cities, along with injury and outrage. How when the night falls the sons of Belial walk the streets, fly with insolence and wine. It is a lost paradise.

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