Season 3, Episode 14

Written by Michael Sadowski

Directed by Jon Cassar

Guest Cast:

Alyssa Von Linz............................... Kari Matchett

Spencer..............................................Jack Duffy

Andrea King..................................... Barbara Radecki

Gefford Weintroff............................ Peter Keleghan

Female Cop (Kate Nash).................. Catherine Williams

Davis Ogden..................................... Leon Pownall

Shirelle.............................................. Kim Bourne

Nana Tash......................................... Corinne Conley

Priest................................................. Adam Bramble

Young Tracy...................................... Courtney Greig

Susan................................................ Maia Filar

Jack (Gerard) Scalley........................ Richard Sali

Jimmy (Jordan) Reese....................... Panou Mowling

Inside a dark, old house, Spencer says there is no power because it has to be rewired. The workers took off, probably spooked by ghosts. Weintroff learns Spencer has been the caretaker for almost twenty years. Ms. King is asked where Ogden is, and says she is not sure he got her message. Weintroff orders her to call Ogden again. She goes outside to call. Weintroff heads upstairs. He hears an eerie voice calling his name. He turns around, his eyes widening in horror as he is pushed over the balcony railing and screams. He is impaled on the wrought iron fence below.

Kessel House is now a crime scene with full power. Spencer tells Nick and Tracy it is not the house that is supposed to be haunted, but the people who enter. The house supposedly acts like some sort of spiritual channel, a portal to the afterlife. He has never seen any ghosts, claiming to have a clean conscience. Nick learns Spencer is sure there were only three of them there when Weintroff fell. He points to where he left them when he went to turn on the power. Spencer leaves. Nick and Tracy grin at each other. She asks if he believes in ghosts, suspecting he is not. He tells her he will take the fifth on it.

As Nick and Tracy approach the crying real estate agent, Ms. King tells them that she was on her car telephone when she heard Weintroff scream, fall, and be impaled. Tracy asks if he was alone. King says it was dark, but she thought she saw a silhouette in the window. When she looked again no one was there. She's insists she did not do anything as she is led away. Tracy wanders off. Nick glances upstairs, hearing a ghostly female voice very distinctly calling out his name. He jumps as Natalie comes up behind him and lays her hand on his shoulder. She says it looks pretty cut and dried, the railing broke, he fell and died. She says if she did not know him better, she would think the place scares him. He tells her it does, and not to tell anyone. Nick heads upstairs, passing a female uniformed officer. Natalie's signing the duty roster for the officer and misreads her nametag, commenting her grandmother used to call her Natasha. She sees the officer's confusion and realizes the nametag is Kate Nash, not Natasha, and tells her to never mind. Tracy is exploring elsewhere. She does not see the little girl surrounded by the eerie blue light in the corner behind her. When Tracy shines the light into that corner, it is empty.

Nick is exploring upstairs. All the crime scene lights sputter and die. He breaks the police tape and goes out on the balcony. He sees a young woman in an old fashioned cloak among the cops and spectators below. She looks up at Nick and they recognize each other. Nick runs down to his car, she is gone, and a nearby officer did not see anyone by the Caddy. Tracy approaches Nick, telling him she covered the downstairs but found no trace of anyone. He tells her he had no luck either and suggests they visit the landlord. He gets into the Caddy. Tracy's approaching and sees a little girl sitting in the passenger seat, the same girl she did not see inside, but saw her. By the time Tracy gets to the door, the little girl is gone. Tracy asks Nick if he saw the little girl in the passenger seat. Nick looks at the empty seat and says he did not see anything. He asks if she's okay, hears she is and to forget it.

Inside Ogden's house, Nick and Tracy are being served tea by Shirelle. Ogden tells them the house is most definitely haunted. He says Shirelle can verify it, as she has had encounters there in the dead of night. Tracy asks if they were with ghosts. Ogden tells her ghosts are bodiless people, with the same need for answers as the living. A lot are seeking the justice they never received in life, having no choice but to ask the living for help. He explains Kessel House works in reverse, allowing the dead to come to the living for the closure they require. He has been interested in the paranormal his whole life, and has never seen anything like it before. Nick asks Ogden how well he knew Weintroff, suggesting Ogden knew him well enough not to like him. Ogden tells Nick Weintroff and his partner were interested in the house and adjoining property, asking if Nick is insinuating a motive. Nick says he is not. They think the death was accidental, but now that he has brought it up. Ogden says he and Shirelle were home all night. She doubles as his personal trainer, and was helping him exercise. Nick and Tracy look at Shirelle and Ogden speculatively. He warned Weintroff the house was in a dangerous state and insisted he sign a waver before he allowed him to inspect the property. Nick learns the partner, Gerry Scalley was a most unpleasant man, and toured the property last week. Tracy asks if Weintroff believed that Kessel House was haunted, and hears that Weintroff did not yesterday. Tracy and Nick exchange uneasy glances.

Inside Natalie's office, she is in the cooler dictating her observations on Weintroff's sheet covered body. He's a forty-three year old male Caucasian who's cause of death was massive internal trauma from being impaled, adding there was anomalous bruising noticeable on the upper thorax. An elderly woman watches over Natalie's shoulder, having the same eerie glow as the ghosts Nick and Tracy saw earlier. The elderly woman tells Natasha it is an awful place, getting Natalie's agreement. Natalie suddenly recognizes the voice and turns around astonished to see her grandmother. Nana asks why Natalie did not come to see her in the hospital when she was dying. Natalie closes her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose. When she opens her eyes Nana is gone.

Inside the interview room, Ms. King gives her statement. Nick, Reese and Tracy watch from the observation room. Reese does not believe in ghosts. The guy went over the railing with sufficient force to pull it down, meaning he was pushed. The real estate agent told them she let Weintroff use her car telephone, which is easy enough to verify. Reese was the only one who checked it out, finding no incoming or outgoing calls, ending the alibi Tracy says it's easy enough to verify, even though neither she nor Nick verified it. Spencer left King alone with Weintroff. He believes someone pushed Weintroff and the two prime suspects are going to walk because he does not have anything.

A very nervous and uncertain Natalie enters, telling them she finished the preliminary report. Reese is a bit annoyed as he asks if the victim's death was accidental. Nick asks if she is okay. She says she's okay, but may be a little over caffeinated. Reese tells them he hates when a murder is commented on his watch and the killer gets away with it. They're going to get some sleep then look at the case again, remembering it's a homicide. He leaves. Nick, Natalie and Tracy exchange uncomfortable glances.

Nick returns to Kessel House alone. He is walking through a dark upstairs room when the woman in the old fashioned cloak appears behind him, calls him Nicholas. Nick turns and stares at Alyssa. She reminds him that he said they would be together forever, for she is his wife. She sadly asks him to say that he remembers her, and how she loved him.

Nick flashes back to 1530 Linz, Austria. A priest marries Nicholas de Brabant and Alyssa von Linz.

Inside Kessel House, Alyssa reaches out to Nick, then fades away. Nick rushes towards her but she is gone. Outside, Nick spots a glimmer of metal on the ground near the fence where Weintroff was impaled, and picks up some sort of military insignia.

Inside Tracy's apartment, she is restlessly sleeping, dreaming about herself as a child. She and her friend, Susan, are walking along a railroad track, dragging their sleds behind them. Susan tries to pull her sled off the tracks, but the runner is caught in the tracks. Susan tells Tracy it is stuck. Tracy tells her to hurry up. Susan tries to pull it free with her hand and her arm with sweater sleeve gets stuck. She calls for Tracy to help her. Susan looks up and sees a train coming. She screams hysterically for Tracy to help her. Tracy jolts upright in bed, awakened by her dream, still hearing Susan's voice. She runs to the window. Susan is standing on the street below, dressed as Tracy had last seen her, still holding her sled. She repeatedly calls for Tracy to help her. Tracy backs away from the window, in panic.

Inside the offices belonging to Gefford Weintroff, Nick and Tracy are interviewing his partner, Gerard Scalley. Nick says they are investigating the death as a murder and need to see his records. Scalley's surprised and tells them not to look at him because he was on the red-eye from Vancouver last night when it happened. He goes on about his business, but is trailed through the office by Nick and Tracy. Tracy comments that Scalley does not seem to be too upset over his partner's death. Scalley says he sure is because he has to do twice the work now. Nick learns Weintroff had no friends or enemies. Tracy asks about Kessel House. Scalley says it's a dump and was Weintroff's idea. Weintroff had plans for it but never got around to sharing them. They were not really seeing eye to eye for the last few months. Tracy asks if anything odd happened since he visited Kessel House last weekend. Scalley says other than his partner being killed, there's nothing. He did not see any ghosts because he does not believe in them. Nick tells Scalley to stay in town. Scalley says he has to be in Calgary tomorrow, and is told to change his plans.

Inside the bullpen, Reese examines the military insignia, telling Nick he is not sure which branch it's from, and will have it traced by some military people he knows. Their hunch was right, Weintroff's blood is on it. Reese leaves. Nick looks around and sees Tracy looks exhausted. For two guys who do not get along right now, they sure go back a long way. Weintroff has been sued by almost everyone in Ontario. Tracy suppresses a yawn, telling Nick she did not sleep last night. He asks what's up. She is uncertain as she asks what he would say if she said she saw a ghost at Kessel house. He says it is the little girl in the car. She thought he would laugh. He shakes his head and she continues. She tells him when she was little, she saw a friend killed by a train. She blamed herself. Last night at Kessel House she saw Susan Feldman. She also saw her outside her window at home.

In Natalie's office, she drops a tray of instruments when she is startled by her grandmother. Nana asks Natasha why. Natalie says Nana's just a figment of her imagination and asks her to please not sneak up on her like that. Nana apologizes, calling her Tashka. Natalie says Nana has been dead for years, asking how she can be there. Nana's confused and says she does not know how. She saw Tashka last night and followed her. She wants to know why Tashka never came to see her in the hospital. Unseen, Nick and Tracy enter behind Natalie. Nick asks Natalie who she's talking about, causing her to nearly jump out of her skin as she turns to face them. She frantically looks back to where her grandmother was. It is empty. Tracy's concerned and asks if she is okay. Natalie desperately tells her she could be hysterical, it could be a hypnotic suggestion, or even a hallucinogenic agent, or it could be she has not slept for two days, or she is losing her mind. Tracy tells Natalie she is not crazy, it is happening to her too. Nick reluctantly admits he too saw someone, a woman. He asks if it makes them feel better. He tells them he is not prepared to think a ghost killed Weintroff. Tracy asks Natalie what her grandmother wanted to see her about, and learns she wants to know why Natalie never came to see her when she was dying. She asks if Natalie told her why. Natalie admits she did not tell her the real reason. Tracy tells her that her grandmother will be back.

LaCroix is doing his nightly Nightcrawler monologue. He tells his audience a ghost is a hallucination of some famous regret, nothing more. They come from people's mistakes and their gravest doubts about themselves, not from the grave or other side.

In 1530 Austria again. Nicholas and Alyssa are starting to make love on their wedding night. Alyssa asks Nick if he is happy, calling him her lord. He says he is as happy as he has ever been. She seeks reassurance they will be together forever, and gets it in between passionate kisses. Nick asks if she remembers him promising her they would be together forever. He says he can give her eternal life, as his gift to her. She looks uncertain. She is frightened by his glowing yellow eyes. He asks if she trusts him, hearing she trusts him with her whole heart. He tells her to close her eyes and give herself to him. He bites her.

In the Caddy, Tracy asks Nick what he thinks Susan Feldman wants. Nick tells her he does not know. She should ask Susan. Scalley calls terrified because someone is tailing him and he thinks they have it in for him like they did for Weintroff, and it's a dead someone. Scalley hears a noise and hangs up. Scalley picks up a pistol, turns, and screams for the figure not to hurt him. Nick and Tracy arrive at Scalley's office. Nick tells her something is not right. She is to take the front and check the ID of anyone entering or exiting. He runs around back and flies through Scalley's window. Tracy's in front of the building and sees Susan again. When she turns around. Susan is in the street, holding her sled. While Tracy's back is turned to the door, a silhouetted figure sneaks out the front door and disappears. Tracy blindly follows Susan into the street, startled as a van drives between them. Inside the building, Nick finds Scalley's body.

Inside the precinct, Natalie looks tired and frazzled as she tells them Scalley died of a massive heart attack. It was sudden and swift. Reese tells her Scalley was too young for a massive coronary and asks if she has checked his medical records. She says she did, and there is nothing, no history of heart disease, heart murmur, cholesterol, tachycardia, nothing. She says with what has been happening, she might actually believe someone suggesting he had been scared to death. She leaves. Reese learns Scalley said he was being followed by a dead someone. Reese reminds them the victims had flesh and blood enemies. They are to stop chasing ghosts. He leaves. Nick leans down to Tracy and whispers he wishes the ghosts would stop chasing them. Reese turns back to them, tells them the military insignia is a US Army issue service star, issued about twenty years ago. Nick figures Weintroff grabbed it from his assailant during the struggle. Tracy reads some info from the Who's Who from the Chamber of Commerce listings, asking Nick if he remembers her saying Weintroff and Scalley go aback a long way in business. She informs him they were fraternity brothers in college. Nick says the ghost had it in for both of them and maybe it is calling in an old debt.

Inside Natalie's office, she is seated at her desk dictating. Tests confirm Gerard Scalley died from a coronary thrombosis, with an anomalous contusion over his sternum similar to the one on G. Weintroff's body. She uneasily looks around and turns off her tape recorder, calling out to her grandma and her Nana, trying to see which one she will respond to. When she gets no response, she continues her dictation, stating Weintroff's body shows signs of comodio cortus, a fatal blow to the chest. Cause of the blow is unknown. A ghostly hand reaches for Natalie's shoulder. When Natalie turns around it is already gone. She barely has a chance to relax before the hand touches her shoulder. She jumps to her feet. Her grandmother tells Natasha the morgue is an awful place where she spends too much time. Nana says Nick is a nice boy who likes Natasha, she can tell. Nick seems like a very down-to-earth young fellow. Natalie tells Nana she apologizes for not coming to see her in the hospital. Natalie says she resented her. She asks if Nana remembers taking care of her when she was a little girl. Nana sadly tells her she remembers. She hit Natasha and hurt her. She now realizes that was very wrong and apologizes for hitting and hurting Natasha. Nana asks for Natalie's forgiveness. Natalie tells her she forgives her and apologizes. Nana says she is happy and can rest now. She vanishes before Natalie can learn where she is, other than she is sleeping in a beautiful dream. Natalie calls out for Nana.

Nick enters and asks Natalie what's wrong. She is nearly in tears as she tells him her grandmother was there and when Natalie told her why she never visited her while she was dying, her grandmother apologized. She says she has been waiting her whole life for that. Nick gently suggests she leave for a while. She says she's okay, and has almost finished her write-up. He pulls the evidence bag containing the military insignia from his pocket and asks if she can see if matches a cut or scratch on Weintroff as it has his blood on it. She says she will double-check. He asks if she will be okay if her grandmother returns. Natalie sadly says she will not be back, she does not know how but somehow she just knows it. Her Nana's finished there. They made their peace.

Nick flashes back to Alyssa. She lies on the bed unconscious as Nick bites his wrist, catching the blood in a wineglass. He pours it into her mouth then kisses her, telling her to sleep, calling her his love. Time passes but she does not wake. Nick returns to the bed, kisses her, trying to wake her, telling her it's time to wake up, but there's no response. LaCroix enters, commenting the love nest reeks of death. Nick frantically tells him he brought Alyssa across. LaCroix tells him life is a fire that can be rekindled from the smallest ember, as long as it does not become too cold. He looks at Alyssa and says her fire is dead, but it was his first try. Bringing someone across is a subtle art, which takes practice. LaCroix purposely left out some important lessons. Nick begs LaCroix for help. LaCroix says he can't help, he told Nick not to take too much and leaves.

Inside Kessel House, Nick calls out to Alyssa, asking if she can hear him. There is no response. He tells the empty room he wants her to understand he loved her very much and wanted them to spend forever together. He apologizes for what happened and what did not happen. He turns around and sees Alyssa. She says she knows it was the truth, and still loves him. It is for that reason he should not have returned. He will die tonight. Because of what he has been, he will never be with her.

Inside the bullpen, Tracy tells Reese both guys were beta-kappa-sig twenty-two years ago at McClinton University in Ohio. She gives Reese a list of unsolved homicides in Ohio, telling him it goes back twenty-five years. She points out the one that jumped out at her while gulping down coffee. Lieutenant Jean St. Clair was an army nurse stationed at Wayland Army Base near the university. She was raped and murdered, her body found was found in 1974. Teams questioned students around the area but no one was ever charged. Reese says she is telling him what he does not want to hear that it was a ghost back from the dead for revenge. He reminds her that there are no ghosts. He walks away. She calls after him as she approaches. She suddenly stops, dropping her coffee cup in shock. Part of the squad room is now dark, eerily lit by red and green lights, papers flying everywhere, furniture levitating and spinning. Reese is signing a report for another officer and hears Tracy's mug shatter. He sees her frozen in the middle of the room staring at nothing. He approaches her, asking what's wrong. She asks what he sees on the other side of the room. He tells her he sees cops, asking what she sees. Her startlement comes through as she says she sees Susan. Susan's expression is decidedly malevolent. Tracy asks Susan what she wants, clutches Reese's sleeve asking him what she is going to do.

Inside Kessel House, Nick asks Alyssa's forgiveness and she forgives him. She says she needed to know that he remembered her and what they had. Nick comments it is what they almost had. She says seeing him again has given her great peace and now he must leave. There are souls he killed which he cannot appease, and they will hurt or kill him. Nick asks her to come with him and hears she cannot. She helps him find what he is seeking as she vanishes. He looks around the spot she vanished from and finds a pearl earring. He flashes back to Ogden's house where Shirelle was wearing the matching earring, and she had had encounters at the house.

Inside the bullpen, Reese is concerned about Tracy, tells her he is taking her to the ER. She asks Susan what she wants and Susan starts to leave, telling Tracy she has to go back because they're closing the house and vanishes. Reese asks Tracy what is going on. She heads for the door as Reese asks where she is going. She tells him that she is going to the Kessel House, and to let Nick know where she is. Right after Tracy leaves, a report comes in for her. Reese is given the report on the murdered Army nurse Lt. Jean St. Clair. He immediately notices she is a dead-ringer for Shirelle.

Inside Kessel House, Nick is examining the earring he found when a ghostly blue light suddenly flares across the room, and silhouetted figures begin entering from it. Nick snarls at them turns and finds more behind him. He pushes past them and runs through the hallway, where more come reach out of the wall for him. He fights his way past the gamut of vengeful spirits, finally reaching Ogden's den, where they do not follow him. He slams the door shut and sees Ogden seated in a chair. He immediately realizes Ogden's dead. As he is examining Ogden, Shirelle walks out of the shadows dressed in a uniform and wig to make her look like Jean St. Clair. She stabs Nick, causing him to jerk backwards. She pulls off her wig as she looks at Ogden's corpse. She says Scalley and Weintroff killed her mother. The house was the only place she saw her mother, who told Shirelle to make them pay. She killed Ogden because he lied to her. He said he would protect the house, but wanted to tear it down. She said she could not let it happen because it is the only place she will ever see her mother. She pulls a gun and shoots Nick, who drops to the floor pretending to be out cold, maybe dead.

Outside Kessel House, Tracy is staring at it from the steps. She hears Susan behind her, telling her to come play with her. Susan starts backing up. Tracy's mesmerized and moves towards her. Inside, Nick wakes up and finds himself surrounded by vengeful ghosts from his past. Outside, Tracy is still following Susan. Inside, Nick rashes through a window, landing on the porch. He sees Tracy following Susan into the middle of the street, completely oblivious to an approaching speeding car. Nick rushes to Tracy, grabs her and drags her out of the way barely in time to save her life. She is startled out of her trance.

Shirelle comes out of the house, takes aim at Nick and Tracy. Reese arrives and shouts for Shirelle to freeze, identifying himself. Shirelle turns and fires at Reese, who shoots her. Reese approaches her body, hearing/sensing movement at the front door. He turns and sees a young black man come out, dressed in army fatigues. Reese orders him to freeze and drop his weapon. The solider grins at Reese and holds up his hands in surrender, telling Little Joe to watch where he is pointing his gun. Reese calls him Jordan, in a way that sounds like he has not talked to or seen him in a long time. Jordan Reese, grins, salutes and enters the house, multiple bullet wounds, still leaking blood are visible on his back. He vanishes just as Nick and Tracy approach. Nick asks Reese if he saw something, and hears Reese did not.

Later, at the loft, Natalie asks if the case is closed. Nick sneaks up behind her and says boo, causing her to squeak and jump. He asks if she means his ghost. She reminds him he never really said who his ghost was. He says it is someone he loved and lost a long time ago, someone who needed to be remembered. Natalie asks what will become of the house. Nick tells her the city will probably do what Weintroff and his partner intended to do, tear it down and put up an apartment complex. Nick asks Natalie what she makes of all they saw. She says what they thought they saw. She says she does not know and is bothered by the fact that their ghosts told them things they subconsciously wanted to hear. Nick asks if it was their own desires, or their need for closure. She says she is not going to go on record saying she saw a ghost, but if asked if s he had some sort of religious experience, she believes she would have to take the fifth.

Reese is in his office, staring at a photo of Jordan in a military dress uniform.

Tracy is walking down the stretch of railroad tracks where Susan Feldman died. She lays a red rose on the track, then walks on.

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