Season 3, Episode 16

Written by Phil Bedard and Larry LaLonde

Directed by Geraint Wyn Davies

Guest stars:

Janette Ducharme/de Brabant.......... Deborah Duchene

Mario Larouche....................... Jean-Pierre Bergeron

Nancy................................ Soo Garay

Griffin.............................. Katia De Pena

Patrick McDonagh..................... Galen Wyn Davies

Peggy Bolger......................... Lucy Peacock

Officer Peter Schull................. David Blacker

Robert McDonagh...................... David Keeley

Roy Martin........................... Carlo Rota

Inside a motel room, a man is enjoying the cartoons while his girlfriend takes a shower. He hears a knock on the door, answers it, asking what the person wants. A female voice says she wants him and shoots him twice with a silenced gun. She rifles through the room, finds a manila envelope and takes the contents, along with a watch. After she leaves, the girlfriend, Nancy, comes out of the shower. It takes her a few moments to realize he is dead. She screams, backing away horrified.

The room is now a crime scene. Nick and Tracy are questioning Nancy, who tells them she and Mario were both lonely so she came back with him. He is from Montreal. The woman Nancy saw through the window was not in the bar, and she had never seen her before. Natalie approaches after Nancy goes to get dressed, and tells Nick and Tracy it was a small caliber which means Mario knew his shooter or didn't have time to duck. Nick looks out the window.

LaCroix is doing a monologue about the coldness and bleakness of winter. One's heart will not melt, sparing them the grief, sorrow and messiness of life.

Janette is in the driver's seat of a car hearing the Nightcrawler talk about how the coolness of winter soothes the tattered heart.

She flashes back to somewhere between 1995-1996 at the Raven. She offers LaCroix a glass of her finest, which she was saving for a special occasion. She's a little sad as she tells him she's had a few good years there as the club's been her home and allowed her to shelter and mother strays. She pushes the paperwork to him, stunning him, as he has no idea what's going on. He is further stunned to learn she is giving him the club and it shows. He does not like to be surprised, as he likes to know everything going on. He asks why.

A boy's voice snaps Janette out of her flashback, asking if she is okay, sounding a bit concerned. She faces him, telling him she is fine. Patrick's about ten and asks when they can go home. She asks how he would like to spend a few days with Aunt Peggy. He seems to like the idea. He is tired of sitting in the car, as they have been there all day. She gets nervous when Nick's car passes by without stopping. She pulls away.

Inside the precinct, Nancy is working with a sketch artist while Nick and Tracy watch through the blinds. Reese enters and informs them Mario Larouche is a Montreal Arson Inspector who has booked off, and probably on vacation. Nick does not buy the guy coming to town and checking into a cheap motel. Nick cannot believe his eyes as he sees the finished sketch as its Janette.

Nick flashes back to the night he was brought across. He is hungrily drinking from LaCroix's wrist while Janette looks on worried and aroused at the same time.

Reese tells them to send the sketch to Montreal Arson right away and leaves. Nick stares through the window looking angsty, slightly worried and confused.

Inside the Raven, Nick approaches LaCroix and shows him the picture, believing it's Janette. LaCroix tells him there is no way Janette could have been in town this long without him sensing her. He reminds Nick he too would have felt her presence. Mortal children hide in their parents closets while vampires vanish when they run away. LaCroix says Janette would not shoot an arson investigator. Nick comments his belief it is her picture is more than a hunch. LaCroix tells him Janette did what she had to do. Nick says nothing's simple.

LaCroix flashes back to the night Janette gave him the Raven. She explains that it is her time. Being around Nick has made her doubt herself. LaCroix is not happy to hear this. She likes what she is and does not want to be drawn to mortals as he is, so she needs to get away and reconfirm her identity. He agrees, stroking the side of her face. She tells him she does not want Nick to know where she is because he already has enough doubt in his life. She asks LaCroix to make sure there is always a place where strays like them can find shelter. He looks away disturbed and upset, as if she would hit too close to home.

In the present, LaCroix looks less happy than before. Nick asks why she left and LaCroix says he never asked. Nick leaves. LaCroix immediately turns away from the bar, commenting she's out there lost like a child in the carnival crowd as he tries to shield himself from unpleasant thoughts and memories. He wonders if she is looking for her parent or enjoying her freedom.

Janette is driving down a street alone, searching for something.

LaCroix comments while freedom may be enjoyed, it is over too quickly and then forgotten and you are alone. He seems to be feeling alone, deserted.

Janette has stopped at a traffic light when another car pulls up beside her and opens fire. She quickly ducks out of the way.

Nick is distracted as he enters the loft, lights the fireplace and shuts the blinds, thinking about the night he came across. He is drinking from LaCroix's wrist until he yanks it away. Janette welcomes him back. He does not see a woman dressed in a jeans jacket and sweater standing behind him, until she says hello. Nick turns around and is shocked to see Janette standing there. He cannot believe it. He is happier to see her than she is to see him. He mentions the shooting and she admits to killing Larouche, and what a difficult position she put Nick in, but she has to find some information before the person who shot at her tonight finds it. He is still staring at her stunned. She tells him to either arrest her or help her.

Inside the bullpen, Reese asks if Nick is in yet, learning he is not. Tracy tells him about the picture the twenty-third posted of a car found shot up and abandoned by the convention center. It had Quebec plates and was registered to Robert McDonagh. McDonagh was an arson investigator who was shot and killed in Montreal two weeks ago. They have no leads at the moment. When she is not sure if it is related to their Jane Doe, he tells her to keep investigating.

Inside the loft, Janette comes downstairs and learns Nick did not sleep. She is very relieved to learn he will help her. He books off for the night. He asks if she never intended to see him again, and leave without an explanation, hearing it is for the best, which he disagrees with. She says she left because of him and his quest for mortality. A vampire must have a cold heart and cannot allow loss to infect them as they are always around death. LaCroix knew it and agreed. After 800 years, he could no longer live without his humanity. It's long time to live with a cold heart. He tells her he would have helped her, hearing she was used to her immortality, and knew all the suffering his quest has caused him. She went to Montreal because it was like Paris, but not so far away and fell into the very dilemma she was trying to avoid. He asks what she means but only hears they must go.

Inside the Caddy, she shows him the key and tells him it is for a Civic Center locker containing $50,000 and the directions for the next fire Larouche was to set. Nick asks where the money is from, and learns it was from a Toronto real estate broker who had Larouche sent, then cover a bunch of arson fires in Montreal. Nick comments, a bit confused, she left to confirm the vampire within and got involved in that mess.

Reese approaches Tracy, having just learned Nick called in sick and informs Tracy as she's about to leave. She tells him Robert has a friend in Oxbridge and hears she should follow up on it. She heads out to do so.

In the Caddy, Nick comments he is just supposed to go where she says. She realizes she needs to tell him more and explains that Larouche framed a friend of hers for the cover up, and then killed him. He comments that the information in the locker will clear her friend, and doing this is quite the humanitarian thing to do. She tells him he has taken injustice into his hands before. Both are a little cranky. He tells her he gets it.

Inside the house of Robert's sister, Tracy is talking with Mrs. Bolger. Tracy tells her they found Robert's car abandoned and learns his girlfriend. Janette de Brabant was probably the one driving it. She and Robert's son Patrick are in town to visit her brother and are staying with her for a few days. Tracy pulls out the sketch and Bolger identifies the woman as Janette, asking if anything's wrong. Tracy explains she is looking for Janette to ask her a few questions. Bolger tells them Patrick might know where she is, and asks if Tracy wants her to wake him. When Tracy tells her that would be helpful, Bolger leaves to wake Patrick.

Inside the Caddy, Nick learns Janette loved Robert more than he can imagine. His son, Patrick, does not understand why his father was killed. She will not allow Patrick to grow up believing his father is a criminal. Patrick's mother died five years ago. Nick is shocked to learn she is now Patrick's mother and legal guardian.

Inside the Bolger house, Patrick learns Janette's okay, but Tracy does not sound totally convincing. Patrick tells them she went to visit her brother Nicholas, but does not know if his last name is de Brabant. When he mentions having a picture of her brother, Tracy asks if she can see it. While Patrick is gone, Bolger learns that Janette is a material witness in a murder. Bolger is stunned, asking if she thinks Janette's the killer. Before Tracy can enter, Patrick returns with a black and white picture of Janette and her brother. Even though the brother is only seen in profile, Tracy's shocked, concerned and confused to discover it's her partner.

As Nick and Janette enter the Civic Center, he asks how she and Robert met. She flashes back to the event as she tells Nick she was living in one of the buildings that Larouche had torched, and was rescued by Robert. He was a fire fighter. She could not comprehend his heroic feat of risking his mortal life to save her immortal one. She was the sixth victim he had saved from the fire. She was envious of his courage and mortality, which made her realize Nick's quest was right. Nick tells her it is strange to hear that coming from her. She found it strange to find the truth she was running in Nick, in Robert. They were together from that night on. He had been injured and was transferred to the Arson squad, where all the trouble with Larouche started. Nick is confused, asking how they could be together, and if she told Robert what she was.

Janette flashes back to her time with Robert and Patrick, as a family. She has her arms around Patrick as she tells him a story about Napoleon. She is acting very much like a mother. Robert enters, worried about something, sits down by them, and listens to her story. Shortly after she finishes, she sends Patrick to bed. He reluctantly says goodnight, hugs and kisses both of them and heads off to bed.

Janette sits across the couch from Robert. He comments on her story, causing her to ask what if it is true. They both grow serious as they talk about her deep dark secretive past. She points out the fact that she stays out of the sunlight, does not eat or drink. He notices they have never had sex. He wants to know where it's going and is shocked when she puts his hand on her chest and there is no heartbeat. He's further stunned and alarmed when he finds no pulse. She tells him she would never hurt him, and if he loves her, he has to listen. She's older than and has seen more things than he can imagine. She ducks her head and when she looks at him her eyes are vampire yellow, but her fangs are not showing.

Nick asks her how Robert took it, hearing it was a long night, but love conquers all. He learns Robert said he knew all about the cover up and wanted in.

She flashes back to overhearing Robert and Larouche talking about how Larouche gets $50,000 per building, it speeds up development, and he saved them twelve million last year. Robert tells Larouche he does not want to kill people. She could not believe it, especially when Larouche says some squatters are caught but the fire fighters always get them out. She growls as she remembers the fire. She flashes back to being rescued by Robert. She hears Mario telling Robert he can retire in a few years. Robert says he will think about it and get back to him.

In the present, Janette tells Nick Robert had no intentions of going through with it, but wanted confirmation of the cover up. He underestimated Larouche's ruthlessness. Nick says it is a common mistake. They are inside the Civic Center, heading for the locker. Before long, Nick realizes they are not alone. Those following them are waiting for Nick and Janette to open the locker. Nick tells Janette they will come back for the locker's contents later. They start running and several shots are fired. Janette goes down, a red spot on her shoulder from where she was hit. Nick is shocked by this and her admission she is mortal. A female officer orders them to freeze as she quickly approaches. Nick takes hold of Janette and takes to the sky, eluding the officer and many questions he did not want to try to answer.

Inside Natalie's lab, she is working as Nick enters. She tells him he missed some of her best work, as the body is removed from the room. Nick tells Natalie he needs a favor, which concerns hers because they are never simple things like borrowing her car. She learns he needs that too. She is shocked when he pulls Janette into the room, explaining she has been shot. Natalie is shocked when Janette grimaces as she touches the wound, and sees Janette is warm. She is further shocked to see Janette has a normal pulse, hearing she's mortal. Janette looks worried. Natalie cannot believe Janette's achieved what she and Nick have been working on for the last six years. She cannot believe a vampire she knows made it back.

At the Civic Center, the female officer identifies the woman in the picture as the one the guys were trying to kill her and the blonde with her. She tells Reese that the blonde guy quickly hustled the woman out after she was shot. Tracy says they have all the hospitals covered. Reese comments it is beginning to sound more complicated than they think it is. Tracy agrees. She starts to tell Reese something, but changes her mind.

Inside Natalie's office, she is not happy with the situation, telling them she has nothing against vampires regaining mortality, angrily asking how she's going to explain it. She is rather cranky as she bandages Janette's shoulder, commenting on sewing up a confessed killer and forgetting to file the paperwork. Her mood does not improve as Nick tells her to take it easy, telling him she would like to. Janette apologizes for getting them both involved. Natalie asks how and is surprised to learn Janette fell in love, getting Natalie's total attention, and offering hope. Janette says she almost seemed to know it was possible from the first time she drank Robert's blood as they made love. Natalie looks at Nick, her expression almost asking if he would consider it.

Janette flashes back to making love with Robert for the first time. They finish the physical aspect. He looks at her and offers his neck. She vamps out and sinks her fangs into his neck. She drinks from him for a couple of moments before she pulls back, still vamped out. She seems at peace as she lays her head on his chest.

In the present, Nick asks what made her stop. She says Robert's blood was inside her. It is like nothing a mortal could ever know. Natalie seems a little embarrassed by the conversation as she listens. Janette says blood calms the hunger, but there was something else in the blood that calmed her heart and felt warm. Each time they made love she needed to take less and less blood. Natalie's shocked, looking up at Nick, wondering why he has not suggested it. Janette says she does not know why it worked, maybe they were meant to be together. Natalie is still trying to take it all in, and tells them that cannot be all there is to it, slightly sarcastic and angry. Janette's tone becomes sadder as she tells them there was a price to be paid.

Janette flashes back to Robert's being killed by a sniper on a nearby roof. He makes her promise to look after Patrick. She franticly tells him not to die because she can save him. She tries to vamp out but cannot. She lets out a heart-shattering yell of denial as she looks at the sky.

In the morgue, Janette tells them she does not know if it was the lovemaking or Robert's blood that changed her. When she could not bring him across 800 years of repressed emotion was released. She thought she was going to die, and could feel the vampire dying, but the killer lingered. It disappeared completely once she killed Larouche. She tells them she is willing to confess and take her punishment. Nick asks about Patrick and hears he has an Aunt and Uncle how truly love him, just as she does. Natalie's telephone rings. She answers it and learns they are about to have visitors. She informs Nick and Janette. She tosses Nick a large pill bottle telling Janette to take one every four hours. Natalie's quite frustrated, angry about several other things, including Janette's being mortal, how she accomplished it, Nick never telling her it was possible, or being willing to try. Janette calls Aunt Peggy to make sure everything is all right.

In the bullpen, Tracy is staring at the picture of Nick and Janette, angrily wondering what is going on.

The phone rings at Aunt Peggy's but all's not well as a silenced gun is set on the table as a man answers the phone. The scene cuts back and forth between the morgue and Peggy's house. Janette learns Patrick and Peggy have been taken hostage and will be exchanged for the key. Nick takes the telephone and listens in, hearing the message repeated. Nick is nowhere near as worried as Janette is.

Nick and Janette head for Peggy's house in Natalie's car, as he reassures her they will do it her way. She comments they will kill anyone just because they want to and are used to doing it.

Inside Peggy's house, one bad guy is watching out the window while the other rigs the house to be the next arson fire. Peggy and Patrick are tied to chairs. She is more worried and scared than he is.

Inside the morgue hallway, Tracy approaches Natalie telling her she thinks Nick is involved with the female suspect in the shooting. Natalie asks what makes her think that and is shown a photocopy of Patrick's photo of Janette and her brother. Tracy tells her Patrick said it's Janette's brother, Nicholas. Natalie's a little worried and tries to cover it up as she says it looks a little like Nick, but he does not have any family, so it cannot be him. Tracy suspects Natalie knows more than she's saying and is frustrated by this. Natalie tells Tracy she knows Nick and he always tries to do the right thing. She leaves. Tracy knows Natalie is right and is torn between telling Reese and letting Nick work it out for himself, not happy he ran off without word.

Nick and Janette approach Peggy's front door, and are told to come in by one of the arsonists.

Inside, they see Peggy and Patrick tied up. Both Nick and Janette refuse to hand over the key until the hostages are freed. The arsonists refuse to do so until they have the key. One arsonist puts away his gun, and Nick pulls out the key. Once he hears the hostages will be untied once the bad guys get the key, Nick tosses it onto the table. The head bad guy orders the hostages cut loose. One bad guy looks like he's about to untie a hostage until Janette tries to attack and is shot. Patrick is scared. Nick and Janette are fired at until they both drop to the floor. One arsonist tosses the trigger to the other, who presses it, causing the vodka bottle to explode into a fireball, which quickly spreads. Nick rushes to Janette's side and sees she is seriously injured and in great pain. She tells him to take care of Patrick. Nick quickly unties Peggy and Patrick, convincing Patrick to get his aunt to safety, even though he wants to go to his mom and calls out to her. When she nods for him to go, he does. The fire's closing in on them as Nick tells Janette he can save her by bringing her across. She tells him no, repeatedly. He desperately does not want to lose her. Nick holds her head as she passes out, dying. Most of the room is enveloped in fire as Nick vamps out, letting out a heart-shattering roar of anguish.

Inside the morgue freezer, Natalie tells someone she studied Janette and learned a combination of the huge dose of beta-blockers and Norephrine caused by the huge trauma caused her to become mortal. She cheerfully tells him they are doing the right thing and has proof, because she is pregnant. Nick rushes in and they happily embrace, then kiss.

Reese's voice comes over a speaker distracting them, asking them where the hell Nick is as there has been a double murder at the Civic Center, and he's to get there ASAP. It turns out it was all a strange dream. He is bothered by it.

Inside the Civic Center, Tracy asks Nick if he is okay, hearing he is and thanks her for covering for him. She says she hopes she did the right thing, not wanting it to come back and bite her on the butt later. He too hopes he did the right thing. She tells Nick they found the information in the locker showing Larouche was into some pretty dirty stuff with a very prominent Toronto builder. Natalie approaches asking if everything has been smoothed over. He tells her he believes so. Patrick will be okay with his aunt and uncle. She says she hopes so because he has been through a lot. Nick fills her in on what happened with Janette and Robert, explaining he can't take that sort of risk with her life, showing just how much he cares for her by putting her safety over his shot at mortality. She says she understands and is okay with it, her tone matching her words. She keeps repeating that there were extraordinary circumstances. She learns he's okay, and says it's good because his day just got off to a bad start. She unzips one of the body bags to reveal the fang marks on the victim's neck, and angrily glares at him before leaving. He zips the bag up, sensing someone around.

The sun's rising as LaCroix comments that it's strange how things turned out, looking at the picture of Janette Leonardo painted as it's back at the loft. He says Leonardo could not capture all of her beauty. Through hellish trauma, she achieved what Nick has tried to and lost her one in a billion happenstance thanks to him. He says he does not know whether to laugh or cry. Nick comments Janette must've left the painting there today. LaCroix comments that Nick has not told him everything, as it seems he lost a daughter and regained a son. LaCroix leaves.

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