Season 3, Episode 17

Written by Alison Bingeman

Directed by Alan Simmonds

Guest Cast:

Laura Stone...................... Diane Cary

Battered Woman................... Denise Norman

Julie Henderson.................. Lindsey Connell

Gloria Henderson................. Louisa Martin

Barbara Vetter................... Sharry Flett

Reporter......................... James Rankin

Wei.............................. Simon Sinn

Mai-Loong........................ Charmaine D. Lau

Jack Henderson................... Hardee T. Lineham

ER Doctor........................ Peggy Coffey

Female Uniform Cop............... Shari Hollett

Derrick Schmidt.................. David Crean

Male Uniform Cop................. Calvin Green

Inside a domestic abuse shelter, Laura is treating a battered woman's injuries. She tells her that she can stay as long as she needs shelter, but she must not have any contact with whoever is abusing her for a minimum of the next three weeks. No calls or visits as it is a cooling off period. Laura leaves and leans against the wall looking exhausted. Inside, the woman curls up on the bed and cries.

Laura's startled by a scream coming from a room down the hallway and runs to it. The doors locked. She frantically searches for the right key as she worriedly calls out Julie's name, telling her to open the door. She finally gets the door unlocked and finds a woman's body on the floor, having been stabbed several times. A teen huddles in the corner hysterical. Laura approaches the teen who latches onto Laura, telling her her father was there and killed her mother. Laura pulls Julie to her feet and leads her out of the room, an arm around her shoulders. Julie never releases her grip on Laura's arm.

Inside Tracy's apartment, she is just about ready for work when her doorbell rings. She answers it and is surprised to see her mother there. Barbara tells her daughter she wanted to surprise her. Barbara tells Tracy she could not find a room anywhere in town, learning it is because of the film festival. She hugs her daughter, flinching when she feels the holstered semi-automatic weapon. She gives Tracy a light, uncomfortable hug. Tracy crosses her arms, trying to hide the gun as Barbara says she has business in town. Tracy says she hates to run but she has to work. She tells mom she is welcome to stay and if she is there on Saturday, they can do something together. Her mom says she would like that. Tracy gets a telephone call. Barbara seems disappointed and hurt as she hears Tracy's side of the conversation. Tracy hangs up and tells Barbara to make herself at home. Her mother tells her baby it is good to see her again and lightly hugs her. She tells Tracy to be careful. Tracy says she will and leaves.

TV news reporters are outside the shelter. A male reporter says the safe house can no longer be called that after the brutal homicide there tonight. Nick tells the reporters the show is over. The location of the safe house was confidential until the reporters showed up. They say they have a right to be there. Nick whammies them into leaving.

Inside Julie's room, Natalie is examining the body while Reese examines the broken window. There is more glass outside than inside the room. Natalie tells Nick she stopped counting the stab wounds at twenty, from a sharp knife. Tracy tells Reese there is no sign of the weapon. Reese learns the APB on Jack Henderson went out, top priority. It will be on every law enforcement fax machine in the Western Hemisphere. She hands him a copy. He tells her to check the hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, as Henderson might be hurt and looking for help. Nick is disgusted that Henderson had three priors for spousal abuse, got a fine, community service and counseling for punishments.

Outside the room, Nick and Tracy interview Laura Stone. She tells Nick she appreciates his keeping the cameras at bay. Women's lives depend on the anonymity of the place. Nick says he hopes he did enough. Tracy tells she is going to take Julie down to the ER to be checked out before they go downtown for her statement. Nick tells Laura she should be there for Julie. Laura tells Nick he must see abuse and domestic violence all the time. Nick's expression and voice are grim as he tells her you never get used to it.

Nick flashes back to 1850 San Francisco's Chinatown. LaCroix and Nick are at a cockfight. LaCroix comments it is a shame one of the beautiful birds has to die and hopes it is not the one he bet on. Nick sees a Chinese man beating his concubine. LaCroix tells him she is property and her master can do whatever he wants. Nick approaches as the man is slapping her hard. Nick slaps him really hard and threatens to kill him if he hurts her again. He runs off, afraid of Nick, giving her a vengeful look. LaCroix watches amused. Nick tells the woman she can come with him if she has no where else to stay. She runs off to her master, saying he will beat her if she is late. Nick cannot understand how she runs back to her tormenter. LaCroix says she know she is nothing without him.

Inside the interview room, Julie tells Tracy she tried to get her mom to leave her dad for almost as long as she could talk. One of her earliest memories is her dad beating her mom unconscious. Tracy compassionately says she wants to hear the whole story. She tells Tracy he followed her mother, who was supposed to drop off some clothes and stuff because she did not have much when she left. She had to get out of there because he was coming after her again. Tracy is disturbed. Julie says he was going to rape her. Tracy shows empathy shows for Julie, and disgust for the father.

Inside the observation room, Laura tells Nick and Reese that as long as Henderson is out there, Julie's in danger. Nick says they could put Julie in protective custody until he is caught. Reese comments if Henderson is the one they are looking for. Laura asks if he's has seen Henderson's record, telling her he did, but they have a long way to go before they can make a case against him. She knows the laws in that area as well as anyone. Laura tells them she has something to show them, and sees their questioning looks.

Laura, Nick and Reese enter the interview room where Laura tells Julie to show them, if they want the cops to understand. Laura tells them that Julie was fourteen when her father repeatedly raped her, threatening to kill her if she ever told anyone. Julie told. Gloria confronted her husband, and was beaten so badly that the women had to take a cab to the hospital. Julie is upset by all the painful memories being dragged up, tears in her eyes. She unbuttons the top two buttons and lets her sweater fall down exposing the back of her shoulder, which is a mass of scar tissue. Tracy winces and looks away sick, totally revolted a father could do that to their child. Laura tells them those were Julie's punishment for telling the truth and seeking help. Julie rebuttons her sweater. Laura hands Nick Julie's hospital file. Tracy cannot look at them. Nick is completely repulsed as he reads the file. Reese is disturbed. Laura says Gloria and Julie were so terrified of Jack they lied about how they were injured. Laura reminds them Julie saw her father kill her mother. Nick and Reese let her know they cannot arrest him without evidence.

Inside the bullpen, Tracy talks to her dad, letting him know Barbara's staying with her, but does not know why. She does not know anything about her mom suing her father and asks where else is her mom supposed to go. She tells him she won't be around mom much, but will try to keep a lid on it when she is, asking her dad if it's okay.

Reese is going over Julie's videotaped statement because something about it does not seem quite right. She says her father followed her mother and must have come up the fire escape. He was like a madman. He went after her mother and pulled out a knife. Tracy asks if she tried to stop him. She did. Reese replays it. Nick enters a little confused by the Captain's watching the tape. Reese tells Nick he wants to keep Julie. The father's story is still out there. He is not letting Julie go until he has to. Nick says Jack Henderson was there at some point because they found his fingerprints. The DNA is not done yet. They have samples and stains consistent with his type. Reese asks if any is mixed with the victim's blood, hearing none is so far.

Nick heads for his desk hearing Tracy still arguing with her father over her mother's drinking. The divorce and settlement is her business and mom is not happy about it either. Her father tells her he loves her and she says she loves him. She tells him she's being careful and hangs up. Nick asks if she has a headache, seeing her massaging her temples. She miserably tells him it is a family thing. Reese tells them they just got a tip from a clinic in Parkdale, which thinks Henderson is there being stitched up by a doctor.

In the Caddy, Tracy checks and rechecks her gun. Nick teases her that it is loaded asking if she is expecting trouble. She says he is lucky he does not have a family, even if it is a drag around the holidays. She says family is not all it is made out to be. Nick sympathetically asks if she has problems. Tracy says it is her parents. Sometimes she does not know if she is supposed to be their daughter or their referee. Nick looks concerned.

Inside the interview room, Julie is asleep at the table. Laura enters and gently lays her hand on Julie's, waking her. Julie asks why cannot she go home, hearing she is safe there. Laura says she will stay as long as she can, reassuring the teen, they will catch her father, and he will not get away with it. He will get what he deserves. She looks in Reese's direction, even if he is on the other side of the one-way glass. Reese watches them, still troubled.

Inside the clinic, the doctor is stitching up a long bloody cut running down the entire length of the underside of Henderson's forearm. She asks how he was cut, looking at him a little nervously. Henderson says he was fixing up around the house. Two doctors on the other side of the window nervously examine something. Their expressions show Henderson is definitely the suspect. The doctor puts a bandage on the cut and leaves saying she needs more bandages. He is suspicious seeing there are plenty on the tray.

Nick takes the front while Tracy takes the side. Inside the clinic, Nick meets the doctor bandaging Henderson. She ushers several patients away from the area for their own safety. Nick goes through the doorway, gun lowered for a quick response and finds the bed and room empty. Tracy is walking down the alley behind the building, gun drawn. The side door busts open and Henderson runs out, pushing Tracy down. He runs but does not get far as she grabs his ankle tripping him. He falls face down and is straddled by Tracy, seated on his butt, her gun to the back of his head as she identifies herself. She orders him not to move. He lifts his head and chest as far as he can, causing her to pull back on the hammer. She angrily tells him to give her a reason, calling him a son of a bitch. Nick runs up to her and puts his hand on her arm, trying to calm her down, telling her to take it easy. It is done. She does not respond. Nick wonders if she will shoot the suspect. He calls her name, and shakes her arm lightly. She gets off the suspect, lowers her weapon and backs up. Nick straddles Henderson and cuffs him. Nick walks over to Tracy and says it is okay, putting his hand on her arm for reassurance. She is not happy.

A police car pulls away, its lights flashing, Henderson in the back seat. Tracy finishes her interview of the doctor, who goes back inside. Nick approaches, showing Tracy a clear evidence bag full of papers, different sizes and colors. They are straight from Henderson's pockets. There are maps of Collingwood and Muskota, cottage country, and very fugitive-friendly places. Nick says Henderson seemed to be holed up at the Sunderland Hotel and called in a warrant. Lab boys were sent to search his hotel room. Tracy says it is too much to hope he left the weapon there. Nick says he probably ditched it where it could not be found. He teases her that mud works for her. She grins. Tracy tells Nick she will go home and clean up after they skewer Henderson at the precinct. Nick tells Tracy she really wants Henderson. She says she knows they are not supposed to get emotionally involved, but she is having a hard time with this case. He tells her he knows.

Inside the precinct, Reese approaches Julie and Laura, letting them know her father's been arrested. Julie jumps up in relief, asking if she can leave. Reese tells her he would like to go over her statement again. Julie's disappointed and tells him whatever it takes. Reese has Julie start from the beginning, her mom and dad were fighting, asking if they were living together today. She tells him not really. He moved to Collingwood a few months ago and came back for some stuff. Reese asks Julie if she was living with her mom. She was. Things started up again after her father came back and she had to get out. She went to Laura's needing somewhere to stay. Reese does not believe her story.

Inside an interview room, Henderson tells Nick and Tracy Julie is lying. Nick angrily leans down and asks Henderson to tell them how he killed his wife. Henderson says he did not. Tracy asks where the knife is and is told to ask Julie. Nick's confused, tells him he finds it hard to believe he is saying Julie killed her mother. Henderson explains Gloria brought him over to make peace with Julie. She wanted reconciliation. Tracy looks at Nick a little confused, not quite believing the story. Nick gives her the same slightly confused look.

Nick flashes back to 1850 Chinatown and kneels down beside the lifeless concubine. She is bleeding from her mouth. Nick's concerned and disturbed by her death.

In the interrogation room, Nick angrily asks if his wife wanted to reconcile with the man who had beaten her within an inch of her life, and might kill her next time. Henderson says he is not the same guy. He does not drink anymore and did things to his family he is honestly ashamed of. He got help and changed. They learn Henderson has a place in Collingwood. He ran because Julie was coming after him and would have killed him too had he not dove through the window. There is a flashback to he and Gloria entering, Gloria first. Julie comes at them with a large knife and stabs her mother. Henderson dives out the window head first, shattering it. Henderson looks Nick squarely in the eyes and tells him Julie wanted no part in any reconciliation. He ran from the hospital because he was afraid no one would listen to his side of the story because of his record. Julie was mad at her mother for suggesting they could be a family. Nick retrieves a bagged knife from the officer, learning it was found in Henderson's hotel room. They are testing the blood found everywhere. Nick shows the knife to Henderson, asking if it looks familiar. Henderson denies it until he learns where they got it. Henderson reluctantly admits it is his. He used it to cut his clothes off when he was bleeding to death. Tracy glares at Henderson. He asks why cannot they consider he might be telling the truth. Nick's furious and it shows as he darkly whispers he's has not been honest with them.

Tracy comes home to change. She enters her dimly lit apartment and sees her mom drinking brandy. She asks what happened, calling Tracy honey. Tracy tells her mom she got into it with a suspect. She tells mom she thought she stopped drinking. Barbara says she drinks on special occasions. Tracy asking what is so special, is it because it's Wednesday. Tracy asks if her mom knows how much trouble her drinking caused her dad. Barbara grabs her daughter's arm, telling Tracy she knows it was not because her drinking, but who her father wound up in bed with. Tracy pulls free telling her mom she does not want to hear it. Her mom tells her how much it hurts, all those nights she spent wondering if her peace officer husband was going to make it home alive. Tracy washes the dirt off as her mom says she deserves a drink for putting up with him and his brothers. Tracy asks about herself, telling her mom she will never win that old argument. She wanted to be a cop or she would not be one. Tracy is upset by the rehash, and it shows. Her mom says she never considered anything else. She wanted something better for her daughter, and did not want to worry about her as well. She is sick from worrying. Tracy coldly counters that mom's drinking only made her sicker. Barbra coldly tells Tracy to wait until she is as lonely as mom is, and harshly says she is heading that way. Tracy slaps her mother hard. Her mom's surprised, but not surprised. Tracy's immediately horrified. She cannot believe she hit her mother. Barbara tells Tracy she likes to think of herself as her own person, but she is not, and never will be. She is what her father made her, a cop. She never had a choice. Barbara says she is sorry she came to visit but had no where else to go. Tracy is still stunned she hit her mother.

Inside Natalie's lab, she tells Nick the knife from Henderson's hotel room is not the murder weapon. There was no trace of Gloria's blood on it. She pulled the tip of the murder weapon out of Gloria's sternum. The force of the blow shattered the ribcage, embedding the tip in the bone. The two knives were a similar metal, but could be from a matching set. She says she is seeing more and more cases like it and it's really starting to get to her. Nick says it is an old story that does not seem to want to end.

Nick flashes back to 180 Chinatown. Nick tells LaCroix it is not right and someone should do something. LaCroix reminds Nick he had his chance and did nothing. Nick says maybe he should help her, and hears not to be a fool. Nick leaves. Nick hears a woman's scream and runs towards it, finding Mei-Loong on the floor with her throat slit, blood running out of the corner of her mouth. Nick tells her he is sorry, stopping as he realizes she's dead. Nick vamps out and takes off. LaCroix's followed Nick and after he has gone, he sinks his fangs into Mei-Loong's neck.

Inside the bullpen, several night shift officers watch the news, Nick included. There's another broadcast from outside the safe house as the reporters doesn't realize they're responsible for it no longer being a safe house. They comment on the suspect in custody being the victim's husband, who has a history of spousal abuse. Reese is not happy to learn from Schmidt the forensics boys started the search before the warrant was rubber-stamped, and prematurely seized stuff. The Crown is uptight over it, as they have lost cases on the same precedent twice. All the evidence found in Henderson's room is inadmissible. Henderson will walk unless they find the murder weapon and get a full confession, maybe a videotape of the murder. Schmidt tells them the eyewitness and blood from the scene is circumstantial nothing, without the murder weapon. The witness is prejudiced and suspect because of a history of drug abuse and emotional problems. Nick says Julie has been sexually abused. They all know Henderson did it. Laura approaches, inquires and learns Henderson will get away with it. There is no evidence of his wife's blood on him, his clothes or in his room. Natalie's one hundred percent sure the knife found is not the one that killed Gloria. An officer tells them about another attack at the safe house. Laura runs out of there.

Inside the house, an injured woman is being loaded onto a stretcher. Tracy asks how it happened as the place is supposed to be covered by uniforms. They figure her husband saw the news report, stalked her and got her on her way home from the corner store. There is an APB out on the husband. Laura's frustration shows as she rants she has to get everyone out and find new places for them as it's no longer a safe house. Henderson opened up all the trouble and now they can't make a case against him. She asks how they can sleep at night and rationalize their incompetence as she leaves.

Inside the precinct, Reese releases Henderson on his own recognizance, against his better judgment. Henderson learns his car's been impounded for evidence and will be released whenever the papers are done, he tells them to keep it because it is a rental. Henderson signs for his things. Reese asks if Henderson will stay in touch. Henderson gives him his address and telephone number, telling Reese he can have him tailed if he wants. Reese says he may do it himself. Henderson says he is sorry for what happened to his ex-wife. Nick and Tracy enter a few minutes later. Nick says he wants to go back to the shelter and see if he can find anything to nail Henderson before he leaves town. Reese tells Tracy to come with him as they go over Julie's story one more time before releasing her. Tracy says Laura's looking for some temporary shelter and will take Julie until it blows over. Reese says it is good. Tracy's about to follow Reese when she sees her mother and asks if she can join him. Reese nods and leaves. Tracy approaches her mom.

Inside the old shelter, Laura walks down a hallway, until she reaches the corner and totally breaks down into tears. She pulls herself together and uses her cell phone.

In the interview room, Julie's awoken from her nap as she's told Reese would like to speak to her before she's released and she has a call on line three. Julie tells Laura they are letting her soon. Laura is a little upset as she tells Julie she cannot pick her up, so they are to give Julie a ride to Laura's apartment. Laura says she has something important to do. They had to her father go because they screwed up the evidence. She needs to know where her father was staying in town.

Inside the old shelter, Laura opens her door and heads straight for her desk. She pulls open a drawer and pulls out a stack of photos.. Some have a younger her with an infant. Others show her older, bloody, battered. She crumples up the final picture and reaches into her drawer again, pulling out the semi-automatic and box of ammunition. She pulls out four bullets and starts loading the empty clip.

Inside the precinct, Tracy tells her mom to go back to her place because she is not going to find a place to stay. Barbara turns her down, saying she is going home. She is sorry she got her involved. She did not mean to. She thought she could sneak into town, do her thing with the lawyers and get out. She did really want to see Tracy, and could not resist. Tracy tells her mom she really wants her to stay; she wants to work it out. Her mom says they will, in time. Tracy apologizes for hitting her, telling her she does not know why. She is still disturbed by it. Barbara chuckles, telling Tracy it only hurt her pride. It takes a lot more than that to killer her. Tracy looks at the table troubled.

Inside the interview room, Julie is waiting to be released. Reese goes into more detail about the clothing her mother was supposed to bring, what kind of a bag it was in, how her father got into the room with Laura's good security. Julie says he smashed through the window in an insane rage. She remembers her father stabbing her mother. Reese says forensics was all over the room and found no clothing bag. They found her father's fingerprints on the outside of the door to her room, and determined the window was broken from the inside out. Julie nervously looks around, refusing to look at Reese.

Nick enters Laura's office, sees a bullet on the floor and realizes what she is doing.

Laura's parked across the street and sees Henderson comes out of the hotel.

LaCroix comments the wind carries a lonely woman's cry for justice from beyond the grave. Nick flashes back to the Chinese woman who died in his arms as he listens to the Nightcrawler. LaCroix asks what is sweeter than exacting justice from those who hurt them, and what is more perfect than a swiftly moving law.

As LaCroix finishes, Laura fires off two shots. Henderson falls to the ground. Laura approaches, sees him trying to get up, and fires off two more shots. He is dead. A police car arrives. Laura quietly sets her gun down, and is taken into custody.

Nick flashes back to 1850 Chinatown. He tracks Wei into an abandoned warehouse and drains him. In the present, It takes a repeat from the dispatcher to catch Nick's attention. She reports a 10-57 in progress outside the Sunderland Hotel; repeating shots have been fired. A unit is en route. She asks Nick to respond. Nick seems a little groggy, as if he does not want to go or should not as if he did not deserve help.

Inside the interview room, Julie is giving them a full confession. She does not know why her parents stayed together so long. She hated her mother for it, for keeping her at home, for trying to keep the family together. Natalie watches from the observation room. Nick enters. Julie brushes away some tears as she tells them her mother brought her father over that night because he wanted to apologize. She did not want to hear it. She remembers coming at her mother with the large knife but does not know what happened. She stutters that she snapped. She remembers stabbing her mother. Tracy remembers slapping her mother. Nick and Natalie seem a little disturbed, but have some sympathy for Julie. Julie says she was angry with her mother for betraying her. She does not know how many times she stabbed her mother. Tracy looks a little sick. Julie says she wanted to kill her father too. Nick starts to walk away and Natalie watches, he stops a few feet away, looking like it is his fault. Tracy asks Julie what she did with the knife. Julie sits against the wall of her room, the knife in her hands as it sinks in and terrifies her. Natalie silently walks up to Nick and puts her hand on his shoulder. He gives her a pained expression. Tracy asks Julie where the knife is. Julie remembers dropping it down a ventilation grill at the bottom of the wall right next to her, but does she tell them?

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