Season 3, Episode 18

Written by Gary Stephen Rieck

Directed by Geraint Wyn Davies

Guest stars:

Joey........................................ Rob Stefaniuk

Henry Ellis............................. Todd William Schroeder

Miles Filbourn........................ Jim Mezon

Nitro....................................... Layton Morrison

Police Woman........................ Selina Martin

Tank Williams........................ B.J. McQueen

The Shark............................... Tony Nappo

Andre...................................... Hayden Christensen

Eddie Phelps........................... Bob King

Johnny Harris......................... Kevin Rushton

Woman in Bar......................... Lina Giornofelice

A teenager, Joey sees Henry inject himself before returning to his weightlifting workout. They talk after the work out.

Inside the wrestling ring, two wrestlers, Nitro and BullDozer, are working on a promo. Joey watches from ringside. Each wrestler looks like they will win, but Nitro wins. Henry is lying on the mat in too much pain to get up, but does not want Joey to see this so he sends him to the locker room for towels.

Joey hears noises inside the locker room and enters. He sees BullDozer, calls out to him, but there is no response. The wrestler is busy breaking Nitro's neck as Nitro fights back. A dead Nitro has dropped to the bench. Joey's scared, tells Nitro to stop playing around and leaves.

Natalie tells Nick the victim's third cervical vertebrae was broken. There are contusions to the face from where someone tried to separate his head from his body. Natalie thinks she might be able to get some prints off the victim's face. The victim is Carl Hilbert, a.k.a. Nitro. They know it requires strength and know how to kill someone that way. It narrows down the suspect list.

Henry tells the officers, Nick and Tracy that he has to find Joey because he saw the murder and took off. Joey lost his parents in a car accident a few years ago, so he is Joey's guardian. Joey helps around the place. Nitro was hard on Joey about his disability, but most of it went over Joey's head.

Natalie gets into her car and is both scared and shocked when Joey pops up in the back seat. She bolts from her car and summons the cops. They order Joey out at gunpoint and shove him into the car. Natalie hears him rambling about not riding with strangers and tells the cops to hold off, realizing he is slow. She introduces herself and learns he's Joey Martin. They go to find Henry, her arm around his shoulder.

Inside, Joey names all the wrestlers until the get to BullDozer, and becomes nervous. Nick and Henry arrive. Joey tells them he saw a bad thing, and once reassured it is okay to tell, he tells them he saw BullDozer wrestling with Nitro. Henry is scared because Joey just nailed him for something he did not do.

Inside the interrogation room, Henry says Nitro was dead when he entered the locker room. Joey sometimes gets confused. Henry admits he probably overreacted to something nasty Nitro said about Joey because he was hyped up for the promos. He went to see the trainer before going to the locker room because he felt a twinge in his back. He asks what is going to happen to Joey. He is Joey's only family. Nick says Henry has to stay there while they check out a few things.

Inside Reese's office, he asks Nick if Joey could be mistaken due to his problems. Natalie tells them a right-handed person broke Nitro's neck at the third cervical vertebrae. Not only is Henry Ellis right handed, but she found his hand print on Nitro's face. She found yellow spandex fibers under Nitro's nails, which matches BullDozer's costume. Tracy informs them the trainer swears he was not anywhere near the wrestling place. Reese says to book Henry on suspicion of murder and call Juvie Hall. Natalie explains Joey will be eaten alive by the other kids there. Joey will run away and might not be so lucky about whose car he gets into. Nick reminds them Joey is their only witness. Reese suggests protective custody. When no one volunteers to take Joey, Natalie does. Reese asks if she knows what she's getting into, making it joint custody with Nick, shocking Nick.

Nick flashes back to 1247 France. Fleur's funeral is over. LaCroix comments that she did not have to die, and will enjoy reminding Nick about that. Nick says it is not what she wanted. LaCroix then reminds Nick that it is not what he wanted. She asked for it. Nick says he did not want her to be as cold as LaCroix. LaCroix asks how is her death better. Nick says he received a letter from her when she knew she was dying, and asked to take care of her son, Andre. LaCroix tells Nick he is kidding if he thinks he can play house and live happily ever after. He can play out the charade if he must, and leaves Nick alone.

Natalie's voice snaps Nick back to the present as she tells them Joey is going to have enough trouble. Tracy says he may remember more if he does not feel pressured. Nick gives in; telling them it is against his better judgment. Reese tells them to set up a backup arrangement with Juvie, just in case. Nick and Natalie leave Reese's office.

In the bullpen, Natalie cheerfully asks his place or hers. He comments that she should go on ahead to his place and he will see them alter. Natalie approaches Joey.

Nick is looking around the crime scene. He spots a rubber glove wearing, wrestler sized, janitor before he could start cleaning. Nick gives him the night off. Nick finds a BullDozer costume stuffed inside a locker, and looks in the direction the janitor went.

Inside the loft, Joey is cooking soup. Natalie realizes that Joey does not know Henry and BullDozer is the same person. Nick enters. Natalie fills him in on things. He asks her not to make him eat soup. He shows her BullDozer's costume, hearing it is one size fits all yellow Lycra. Nick asks if BullDozer said anything to him during the fight. Joey gets upset saying he was really scared. Nick's attempt to whammy Joey does not work. Nick soothingly tells Joey it is okay, when he's very upset and cannot remember.

Later, Joey is asleep on the couch. Nick comments Joey's never going to remember any more, which means his uncle's in prison and he's in a state hospital. He wishes Joey's brain was normal. Natalie tells Nick it was, until the high fever and spinal meningitis he had at age three damaged it. She suggests Nick give Joey a little help. Nick refuses. Natalie says she did not mean bring him across, just give him a tiny bit. Nick says he cannot because he does not know what will happen. It might only be temporary and is not fair to Joey. Natalie reminds Nick that putting Joey's uncle into prison is not fair either. Nick says the investigation is not over yet. Joey wakes up scared. Natalie tells him it is okay and to go back to sleep. Nick heads for his bedroom. Joey asks when Henry's coming home and hears soon. She heads for the fridge, takes out the test tube of Nick's blood, contemplates it a moment before putting it back, torn between helping Joey and not being sure it's the right thing to do.

At sunset inside the loft, Joey's scared, telling Natalie drugs are very bad as he sees her holding the partially filled needle. Henry told him so. Natalie tells him Henry's right, but this is medicine and it will help. He does not like needles, and knows it will hurt. She says it will for a minute and tells him to be brave. He says he is. She prepares his arm and injects him, telling him his wrestling buddies would be proud of him.

Inside the wrestling ring, the boss gives a speech about how Nitro and his explosive performances will be missed. A wrestler rags on Nitro, interrupting the speech. Shark attacks him. They fight. The referee cannot break it up and talks about the upcoming grudge match. The boss/referee is happy when it is ready for postproduction as they are under a time crunch to get it finished in time to replace the Nitro promos.

The janitor approaches the boss and asks for something, hearing the boss does not have time now due to police business. The boss approaches Nick and Tracy.

Inside the boss's office, the boss tells Nick about all the money Henry Ellis cost him and he hopes the guy rots in jail. It takes years to create a star like Nitro or Shark, and Shark's not quite there yet. Henry was never going to make it to the big time and was there to be beaten by Nitro or Shark. Nick asks if frustration was why he snapped, they learn Ellis has been a pain in the butt to work with lately, was moody and picked fights with everyone. The kid is the only reason he has not fired Henry. Nitro was about to bring Henry up on charges before the Wrestling Federation, but he does not know why.

Inside the loft, Natalie is having trouble getting the computer to send a report to her office via the modem. Joey is watching wrestling, but goes to help. He comments that wrestling is stupid. Natalie nervously watches as he works, afraid he will loose the files, telling him it is not a toy. She asks how he's doing and hears he is doing fine. He is not stuttering nearly as much as he did earlier. He tinkers with the machine tells her to try again. She does, it works. She hugs him, confusing him.

Inside the precinct, Henry's interrogated again about what they learned from the boss. Henry tells him it is a personality conflict. They think there is more to it than that, because Nitro went through the trouble of scheduling the meeting with the governing board. Tracy asks what it takes to be thrown out of the IWA and gets no answer. Nick learns it is not gambling or cheating, but drugs. Nick realizes he should have seen it sooner, Henry shows all the classic symptoms of a steroid user. When Henry is faced with admitting it or taking a drug test, he admits it, telling her he is not proud of it. He started years ago when things were not going well and he needed the extra help. He did not expect to be using them so long. Joey does not know. When Joey first came to live with him, he did not care about anything much, then one day he saw BullDozer and that became his hero. They have no idea what it is like to be put on a pedestal.

Nick flashes back to 1247 France. Andre is doing his schoolwork while Nick watches over him, telling him he is doing a very good job. Andre inquires why Nick never eats with him and learns Nick eats after he goes to bed. Andre gets the door when he hears a knock. Once LaCroix has permission to enter, he does so. Nick reluctantly introduces them. LaCroix comments he knew Andre's mother well. Andre says his mother never talked about him and is cut off by Nick and sent to bed. Andre gives Nick a hug and kiss before leaving. LaCroix comments on the boy's similarities to his mother. Nick tells LaCroix that Andre has her personality and fire as well. LaCroix comments it looks like a very loving situation, asking what Andre would think if he learned the truth. Nick says he is planning to tell Andre the truth. It matters who he is, not what he is. LaCroix says he hopes so. Nick realizes his master is up to not good, and asks what he means.

Inside the interrogation room, Nick tells Henry steroids will not get him off a murder rap. Henry tells him it will if he has an alibi. Henry explains he was making a buy at the north stairwell of the arena from the trainer. The same guy who said he did not see him last night. Henry comments the trainer was late, catching the detective's attention. Henry is not too surprised or too happy too learn they cannot keep the steroid thing quiet.

Nick enters the loft and sees Joey typing on the computer and hesitantly approaches, learning from Joey he is doing a data search on the Internet using the university library. Natalie's surprised to hear he needs a password, commenting she thought he was in a chat room. Natalie's surprised to see Nick as she comes out of the downstairs bathroom. She sees his disappointed how could you look and tells him she could not stand by and watch. He asks how much she gave Joey and learns it was no more than two cc's. She tells Nick she helps Joey, he remembers something to free his uncle, who is released and then everything goes back to normal. Nick asks if it includes Joey.

Joey has a small temper outburst when he cannot access something on the computer. Nick intervenes before the computer is smashed. Nick grabs Joey's arm after he smashes a glass, telling him it is okay. Joey tells Nick to let him go, that he is all right. Nick asks Joey if he understands what's going on. Joey explains Natalie gave him a shot, which made him smarter. Joey seems as if he might be starting to regress. Nick grabs Natalie's arm and pulls her across the room. She says Joey is just edgy, which is understandable. Nick comments she did not consider the side effects before injecting him.

Inside a precinct interview room, Joey tells them exactly what happened the night Nitro was killed. He realizes Henry and BullDozer is the same person. He tells them that BullDozer was not wearing a robe, but Henry was, because he put it on him. BullDozer was wearing funny gloves, not leather ones. BullDozer would not talk to him, but Henry would have, making him realize it was not Henry in the locker room. Joey is disturbed when he remembers Henry injecting himself with steroids. Nick asks if Joey's okay. Joey crankily tells them that is all he can remember. Reese says if they can get some collaborating evidence on the steroids, they can release Henry tonight. Reese reminds them they are now without a suspect. Tracy comments Joey seems like a different kid. Nick glares at Natalie, and she glares right back at him.

Inside the morgue, Natalie opens the cooler door, asking Joey if he's sure he wants to go in there, hearing it's stupid to come to the morgue and not see a couple of stiffs. She points out Nitro when asked. Joey pulls the sheet off Nitro's face, commenting it's stupid to use drugs to build muscles. Henry does it. Natalie is a little concerned.

Inside the north stairwell of the arena, Nick stops the trainer as he is leaving, having completed his drug deal.

Inside the boss's office, Nick is on the telephone with Reese telling him they got the drug dealer and Henry's alibi is strong. Reese tells Nick to search the place for a suspect. Nick says he will and hangs up.

Inside Natalie's office, Joey is frustrated because he cannot get the computer to do what he wants. She's watching from across the room. She turns him down when he requests another shot. Henry enters, sees Joey's upset and hears Joey rant about Henry getting shots for his muscles, but he cannot have one for his brain, and wants to know why she will not give him one. Natalie realizes she's been caught and is a little scared. Henry tells Joey to be quiet and they will sort it all out. Joey tells Henry he is not stupid and not to treat him like he is. Henry is shocked and it shows. Henry asks what is going on and Natalie wisely stays silent. Joey knocks an insistent Henry to the floor and runs out. Natalie's alarmed by Joey's reactions and calls after him.

Joey enters the loft, Natalie's medical bag in hand, pulls the test tube from the fridge and studies it.

Inside the arena, Nick and Tracy are searching the lockers. They learn that the janitor, Johnny, does a little bit of everything, including costume fixing. Johnny tried to be a wrestler and washed out, but keeps bugging the boss for another shot. Nick sees the yellow cleaning gloves sticking out of Johnny's back pocket. Johnny bolts. Nick tells Tracy to call it in and takes off after Johnny. Nick chases him down the stairs and a corridor then loses track momentarily, picking up the trail by listening.

Inside the loft, Joey looks in the wooden mirror, hates what he sees and smashes the mirror with something he picks up.

Inside the arena, Johnny thinks he's lost Nick and backs up into Nick. There is a short wrestling match with neither winning, until Nick hears Tracy and the rest of the backup arriving. Backup arrives and sees a partially conscious Johnny seated on the floor.

Inside Natalie's office, Natalie tells Nick over the telephone she is worried because Joey took off with her bag and thinks he is at the loft. Henry is devastated by Joey's words.

In the arena, Nick tells Tracy Natalie's having a little problem Joey and needs her to finish up there. She nods and Nick leaves. Johnny's lead away in handcuffs.

In the loft, Joey's looking around and finds a Raven matchbook.

Nick is flying home as fast as he can.

Nick, Natalie, and Henry enter the loft. Nick sees the stuff from the medical bag on the table and hurries to the fridge, where he discovers the test tube is gone. Joey is gone.

Inside the Raven, Joey is sitting at the bar looking around the busy club. A cute, young woman approaches and they shyly smile at each other. Joey becomes delusional and he sees everyone laughing at him. He screams in terror and smashes a bottle against the counter, breaking it. He grabs the woman and threatens to cut her throat with the bottle. She screams terrified. He uses her as a shield.

Inside the observation room, Reese and Tracy look at Johnny, who made a full confession. He is just a frustrated wrestler who thought taking out some of the competition would help him get a job.

Inside the bullpen, Nick, Natalie and Henry talk about the pills they gave Joey. Natalie explains they had to calm Joey's thought process to get Henry out of prison. Nick says they did not realize it would have side effects, it is their fault and they are sorry. Henry is not happy because Joey knows what he did and he will never again be Joey's hero. He asks if they know how much that hurts and walks away from them. Nick's expression shows he knows exactly how Henry is feeling

Nick flashes back to his time raising Andre. He's in the basement feeding off a dark haired woman, then lets her rest as she's all he has to help him through the day. He tells a blonde he has thought of nothing but her as he feeds off her. Andre steps onto the landing at the top of the stairs. Nick finishes and is startled by another heartbeat, looks up and scares Andre because he is vamped out. Andre's shocked and runs out the door quite upset. Nick calls out Andre's name as LaCroix enters; telling Nick Andre now knows everything. Nick says he would have told Andre. LaCroix asks if Nick would have told him everything, gloating as he leaves. Nick is devastated.

Inside the bullpen, Nick tells Henry that there is an APB out on Joey. Reese approaches and tells them something nasty is going down at the Raven. The description sounds like Joey.

Inside the Raven, Joey is still delusional, and still has his hostage. She says no one is laughing. Everyone is deadly serious and quite concerned. Joey tells them he does not want to hurt her, but if they do not stop laughing, he will. LaCroix comes out and watches even more interested when Nick, Natalie and Henry rush in and to Joey. Joey asks if she has come to see if her experiment is working. She tells him she will take him home. LaCroix is even more curious and intrigued, moving closer to the action, but still out of view. Joey asks why he would want to leave and miss all the fun. She apologizes; admitting the medicine has a dangerous, violent side effect. Joey brings the bottle closer to the girl's neck. Natalie tells him not to make the girl pay for her mistake. He seems upset and unable to hurt the girl. Nick says they are sorry and to let the girl go. Joey tells the crowd all he ever wanted was to be like them, but they never see that. Joey lets her go and she runs past Nick. Joey is mad at Natalie, asking if she knew it would not last. She tells him she honestly did not know. She did it to give him a chance. He tells her that after all these years he finally knows what it is like, and will not remember it by morning. Natalie's guilt, sorrow, and fear for Joey shows. Henry's worried about his nephew and tells Joey he is sorry, he did it all to make Joey happy, but now knows it was a mistake.

Nick flashes back to Andre seeing him, terrified and running.

At the Raven, Henry pleads for a chance to make it up to Joey, that he needs him. Joey is what keeps Henry going. Joey angrily says he believed in him and thanks Natalie for the insight. Joey's expression changes right before he slashes his wrist with the bottle, crying out in pain. Nick rushes to Joey's side, but is too late. Natalie cradles Joey's head and gently rocks him, trying to sooth him as Nick yells for someone to call an ambulance. LaCroix leaves because the show's over and no one died. Nick sees LaCroix and wonders if there will be trouble later. Henry looks worried.

Inside the arena, Nick and Natalie enter and head for the ring. Nick points out Henry and Joey setting up chairs, telling her he talked the boss in to giving Henry Johnny's job. Natalie asks if she did the right thing, hearing Nick ask if Henry and Johnny are happier now than three days ago. Natalie sees the two men playfully kidding each other as they set up the chairs and asks what they remember. Nick tells her they only remember what is important. Nick repeats his question if they are happier now. She's not sure, but is relieved when he tells her they are.

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