Season 3, Episode 19

Written by Michael Sadowski

Directed by Nicholas J. Gray

Guest stars:

Jordan Manning..................... Ron White

Talk show host....................... Marilyn Denis

Gypsy.................................... Steve Michalchuk

Hitler...................................... Duff MacDonald

Uniformed Cop...................... Francisca Zentilli

Big George............................. Robbie Rox

Lt. Miller ............................... Paul Miller

Nurse..................................... Rena Polley

A guy arrives at a wooded spot in his car. He pulls a wrapped bundle from the trunk and tosses it to the ground. He drags it to a tree, feet sticking out of the bottom of the bundle. He cuts the strap, releasing the bundle, then wraps a rope around the neck. He strings the victim up; firing two shotgun blasts somewhere in the victim's upper body. Once satisfied he leaves.

A talk show host reads from a book how someone was transformed the first time they killed, changing their destiny, steering them down a dark road. They would be forever seen as a killer. She tells her audience it is the start of Killing Mind, one of the most controversial books of their time, written by her guest Jordan Manning. He wrote the book while incarcerated for the crime of manslaughter. She asks if he wrote it for his buddies on the cell block and asks where he got the idea for a fictional account of a serial killer at work. Jordan tells her he like all writers get their characters from inside themselves.

Reese watches the interview from the color TV on his desk as he does his paperwork. Manning talks about Evil, God, Satan, how they are in every one. Evil is ordinary and shows up in the most unlikely places. Given the right circumstances even the sanest person can commit the most heinous crime. Reese tells Manning to speak for himself as he shuts the TV off on his way out.

Inside Natalie's office, Nick, Natalie, Reese and Tracy are all gathered around the mostly sheet covered body of Jane Doe #355. Natalie is the only unmasked one, as the smell is horrific. She tells them some hunters found the victim hanging in a tree in Arelia and the OPP sent her there because they are the closest facility that can handle such decomposed bodies. She has been hanging in the tree about three or four weeks. They could not get fingerprints because of the advanced decomposition. They will not be able to compare dental records because of the extensive damage to her face. Nick realizes it is from shotgun blasts at point blank range. Natalie tells them it is a black female most likely between twenty and thirty. Tracy's the most affected by the body while Natalie and Reese are the least affected. Nick's in the middle. Tracy looks a bit sick and gets permission to leave. Natalie admits she does not know if the shotgun blasts killed her or if she was strangled first. She found ligature marks on the victim's neck. Nick comments it's overkill. Reese tells him it was not overkill, but desecration, and knows who the killer is.

Inside the precinct, Reese tells Nick and Tracy Jordan Manning did it. Manning's a sick, brutal serial killer long before he became the fiction critics darling. Reese is surprised and disgusted Tracy read Manning's book, hearing she skimmed it curious to see what it was about. Reese explains that Manning is the single most racist, vile person that he has ever met in all his years on the force. They have never encountered evil like Manning's.

Nick flashes back to the European Frontier somewhere around 1918-1919. He and LaCroix are on a train. LaCroix is grumbling about the accommodations, as they seem to be going coach class. Nick tells him it was the only seats available in a hurry. LaCroix whammies a heavily coughing gypsy to get lost. A Corporal thanks them. He tells them only decent solders should be allowed in the car, not gypsies. He notices Nick and LaCroix's refinement.

Inside the bullpen, Reese tells Nick and Tracy about a string of unsolved cases across the continent going back twenty years. All black women chosen for their anonymity. All murdered and lynched in some way, as it's Manning's signature. Manning hates black women. Nick is surprised Manning was never charged. Reese explains the last victim told the police Manning kept hanging around and bugging the girls. She was a regular on his beat. Manning killed her, probably after finding out she squealed on him to protect herself and her friends. Reese says Manning did seven years at Milford for an unrelated charge involving a bar fight. Tracy is not happy to learn she is assigned to work with Dr. Lambert on the victim's ID, even if it takes all year. She protests, telling him she is collating missing persons reports. Reese tells her Nick will handle it and she is to start working with Natalie immediately. Tracy reluctantly leaves. Reese tells Nick he knows he is pushing her, but she has to get over her squeamishness. Nick asks how he is so sure Manning did it. Reese tells him he was 95% sure before Manning told him he did it and walks away. Nick looks at the last victim's picture, as she was the only one ever identified.

Inside Natalie's office, she and Tracy are dressed for the autopsy. Natalie tells her it is too intense she can leave. Tracy admits Reese will not let her leave until they have an ID. Natalie tells her the internship will broaden her horizons. She offers Tracy drugs to keep the nausea down. She praises Tracy for turning them down, hearing she cannot overcome her squeamishness by cheating. Natalie asks if Tracy's ready to start as she pulls down the sheet. Tracy looks anywhere else. Natalie explains they are looking for anything out of the ordinary as she hands Tracy a pair of magnifying goggles. Natalie assigns Tracy to the lower half of the body, while she starts at the upper half. Natalie describes the injuries in medical details to her tape recorder, then in plain English, commenting that not one facial structure remains intact. Tracy comments on how awful it is, causing Natalie to stop recorder, a little annoyed. Tracy comments on dying and no one cares. Natalie tells her they care and are going to do something about it as they go back to their examinations.

Inside a bookstore, Jordan Manning is enjoying his book signing, as are those waiting in line and those with signed books. Reese watches from across the store. Nick approaches Reese and hears his rant on brutal serial killers as celebrities because of it being the start of the end of Western Civilization. Nick asks if Manning confessed to Reese and hears he did not, but told him he did. Manning notices Reese glaring at him and sends over a signed copy. Reese checks out the autograph, making a nasty comment about it. Nick reads the quote in the Italian it's written in, then translates it to English, telling Reese it's a quote from Dante's Inferno, this way to join the chosen people. It is what is written on the gates of Hell. Reese tells Nick that is how Manning told him. After the signing, Reese approaches Manning and shoves him against the wall by his throat. Manning tells the crowd Reese is allowed to do it because he is a cop. Nick gets Reese to release manning. Manning calls Reese a Lieutenant, then realizes his Aryan partner called him Captain. Manning congratulates Reese, commenting that Affirmative Action works. Reese tells Manning they are going downtown to talk, and is turned down by Manning because Reese was rude to him, and does not have a warrant. When they are alone, Nick angrily asks Reese what the hell is the matter with him.

Inside Natalie's office, she's checking on Tracy, and hears she is okay. Tracy brightens as she's examining the hand and pulls a tiny clump of fibers and matted blood from under a fingernail. She shows it to Natalie, who tells her to bag it and keep working. Natalie shows Tracy the needle puncture marks she found. She shoots down Tracy's junkie theory because there is no scaring, the punctures are too neat, the marks are in a weird place and they are too neat. Tracy asks if it could be Insulin. Natalie tells her there is only one way to find out and asks if she is ready because they are going in. Tracy looks up, asking the sky why me.

Inside the precinct, Nick tells Reese he showed his hand and should have followed his own advice to stay cool. Reese tells Nick he cannot help it. Manning gets under his skin. Nick realizes Reese busted Manning after the bar fight. A female officer brings Reese a delivery of flowers. Nick removes the card while Reese removes Manning's itinerary and a note telling Reese that is probably what he's looking for. Nick tells Reese the card says the flowers are for his wife. Reese tells Nick Manning sent over his itinerary for the last six months. Reese tosses the flowers sarcastically commenting on it being funny. Nick does not get it and hears they are cotton flowers. Nick tosses the card.

Inside Natalie's office, she comments the internal organs look good, probably due to the freezing temperatures. Tracy looks on a little less squeamishly. Natalie says there does not seem to be any sign of disease, recent surgery and is cutting a sample of pancreas to test for Diabetes.

In the bullpen, Reese drops a thick stack of folders on the table in front of Nick. He tells him to go through every one of the unsolved cases and see if he can match it to something, only the killer would know. He says to compare it with the book, since his actions are all couched in fiction to give him deniability. Reese tells Nick Manning is rubbing their noses in it, laughing because they cannot find the evidence to put him away for murder. Reese explains he could have taken Manning out the night of the bar fight. Manning shoved a guy through the window who broke his neck in the fall and died right there. Reese identified himself and told Manning to freeze, but Manning came out holding a .38, probably to finish the job. If he would read it wrong he could have killed Manning, but he hesitated and Manning put down the gun. He tells Nick that he does not know what it is like to live knowing that you could have changed history.

Nick flashes back to the train. Nick is walking along the aisle to get outside. Once outside he drinks out of the flask in his pocket. Inside, LaCroix and the Corporal are finding they share the same views. The Corporal sketches LaCroix as he tells him his country should be free, not ruled by outsiders who will get rich off the spoils of the War of 1918. He gives LaCroix the sketch when finished, and thanks him for the opportunity to practice. LaCroix thanks him for the picture, folds it and tucks it into his pocket. The Corporal offers LaCroix a brochure, telling him he thinks LaCroix might be interested in joining. LaCroix tells him he has his own affiliations and they are apolitical in nature, thanking him for the brochure. He is above such things. The Corporal tells LaCroix he exemplifies all that is wrong with his country. LaCroix asks how he would fix it, hearing the Corporal is consumed by his obsession to fix the world. LaCroix's no longer amused and almost looks scared. Nick is still outside drinking from his flask.

In the bullpen, Nick is going through the huge pile of files, telling Reese he is getting nowhere. Each person could be their Jane Doe. Reese tells Nick he is surprised how many people go missing and no one notices. Nick comments on the sheet full of info on their Jane Doe who has not even gone missing yet. He put out a bulletin with the little info they have and Interpol now has it. Reese learns they are nowhere near a composite because Natalie is going to have to guess on many of the skeletal features. Guesswork cannot really be trusted to tell you what someone else looks like. Nick reminds Reese every life leaves a mark on the world. Reese comments every soul touches another one for better or worse. Manning thinks the woman are disposable because they are black and on the streets. Manning's wrong and Reese is going to get him. He sees Nick's look and corrects himself to say they are going to get Manning. He leaves. Nick looks at the front and back book covers.

Inside an abandoned warehouse, Manning and another crook stage a vicious beating. Manning pays a crook he has served with, as they laugh at the liberal parole boards. The crook asks Manning if he is sure before brutally beating the crap out of him via kicking and punching. He tells Manning it was a pleasure working for him as he leaves. Manning lays on the floor laughing.

Inside the bullpen, Nick tells IA they are making a mistake. Reese approaches and asks what's going on. He is handed a picture of Manning's battered face after the bruises have developed. The IA detective tells Reese Manning is filing charges against him for assault and battery. He had better retain counsel. The review board meets in two days. There is a restraining order against him.

Inside Natalie's lab, she and Tracy are sitting on the floor leaning against the base of the autopsy table. Natalie is working on paperwork while Tracy still looks green and has an oxygen mask over her face. Tracy apologizes for passing out. Natalie tells her it is okay. She has seen twenty-year veterans drop in their tracks in the middle of post-morts. Just as Tracy thinks she's okay and no longer needs the mask, Natalie cheerfully tells her the first time she cut into a corpse, she was sick for three days. Tracy's eyes roll back in her head as she leans back and puts the mask back in place. A few moments later, she tells Natalie she does not know how she can do it every night. Natalie tells Tracy not to be too hard on herself because she did better than she thinks he did. The fibers she found were strands of human hair, completely different from the victim's and the preliminary toxicology reports show no traces of illicit drug use or Insulin to control Diabetes. She has already told the precinct of their finds. Tracy comments the needle mark positions show they were self-inflicted, causing Natalie to tell her she is already sounding like a seasoned pro. Tracy asks if they could be vaccinations, which are needed for travel to different countries, asking who vaccinates themselves. Natalie tells her a doctor does. Natalie puts the mask back over Tracy's face, telling her to take another hit, as it seems to be helping.

Inside the Captain's office, Reese explains to Nick Manning wanted him sidelined because he was onto him. Nick asks why he did not tell his supervisor his suspicions. Reese reminds Nick he was a black vice cop spouting a story about a genocidal rapist. He talked to everyone who would listen, but could not give his story away. Nick is told to watch Manning to prevent more victims or Manning fleeing. Reese says if he did it, there would not be pieces left big enough to photograph. Reese gives Nick the picture of a battered Manning as he leaves.

Nick is listening to the Nightcrawler tell him it is poetry time as he reads from Manning's book, enjoying it.

There is another flashback to the train. The Corporal picks up a little girl's fallen toy and returns it to her as he leaves. LaCroix tells Nick there is something special in the Corporal and he is considering adding him to their group. LaCroix can tell Nick does not like the Corporal, hearing there is much anger, resentment, darkness and other things inside him. LaCroix calls them hatred. He tells Nick the Corporal does not know about the evil within yet, and it might make for an interesting time. Nick tells him not to amplify it, to kill him and be done with it.

In the present, LaCroix continues reading from the book, his expression one of disgust and repulsion. He closes the book and finishes his monologue.

Nick parks across the street from Manning's hotel. When Manning leaves, Nick follows him from above. Manning returns to the same building that he had had the crap kicked out of him at. He is carrying something small and round as he enters. Nick is shocked to see Reese arrive. Nick pays even closer attention to the happenings now. Manning is waiting for Reese, telling him he is pleased he came. Reese insists on seeing Manning's hands, which are in his pockets. Manning tells him if he wanted Reese dead, he would have been dead long ago.

Nick listens to the conversation as he creeps up on the building. Manning tells Reese he is the beginning of the end, asking Reese if he reads the bible. Revelations talks about the End Time, wars, and judgment. Reese tells Manning he is insane and trying to start a race war. Reese grabs Manning by his shirt and presses his gun to Manning's temple, as Manning has been pressed to his knees. Nick hopes he does not have to intervene. Manning tells Reese to go ahead, scared he will. It will look great on the eleven o'clock news. An out of control black cops killed a white man in an act of police brutality. Reese tells Manning he is going to make his worst dream come true by placing him in prison with some of the largest brothers, and tell them what Manning's all about. He releases Manning, slugging him hard in the face. Reese leaves. Nick tells Reese he saw and heard it all. Reese comments Nick now knows what Manning is really all about. Reese pulls an evidence bag from his pocket and gets Nick to help him as Reese carefully puts the hair sample he took from Manning into the bag. He tells Nick he's going to get it analyzed and wants Nick not to lose Manning, no matter what.

Tracy is at the hospital getting her biggest break, learning Jane Doe's real name and what she looks like. A nurse at the hospital tells Tracy, the victim was going to Kenya to open a clinic in a remote area. The nurse is worried by Tracy's questions. Tracy learns most of the victim's family lives in Kenya.

In the bullpen, Tracy informs them the victim is Miriam Nyanda, 27, a doctor who just finished her residency in the University of Toronto Hospital a few weeks ago. While in residency she participated in a prison study lasting over a year, with Jordan Manning as one of her patients. Miriam was the type of person who talked to and shared her life with everyone. Reese comments she shared it with the prisoners, which is how Jordan met her and carefully planned her murder, after stalking her first. Natalie arrives and tells Reese Manning's hair sample matches the one found in the victim's hand. Reese has Manning. Everyone is pleased and it shows. Reese tells Tracy to call Nick and have him detain Manning until they arrive with a warrant.

Nick arrives at the hotel, parks and enters. Inside, Manning's just checked out and heads for the front door. He sees Nick, hears the sirens and freezes. Reese and Tracy rush in. Nick holds her back, telling her they will worry about containment. He allows Reese to hunt Manning on his own, knowing Reese has to do it in order to put the case behind him.

There is a long, winding chase through the hotel, including several staff areas. Near the end of the case, Nick shows up in strategic hallways and doorways to herd Manning back towards Reese. At the end of the chase, Manning is boxed in by the three detectives. Reese arrests Manning and learns he knew Miriam was a doctor and was going to help people. Reese realizes Manning's taunting is all a part of his sick terrorism in his race war. Reese leads Manning off in handcuffs.

Upstairs there is a press briefing where Reese tells reporters Manning will be charged with the murder of Dr. Miriam Nyanda. Several old cases will be reopened due to items found among Manning's personal effects. He tells them it is the end of a long personal nightmare, and the city will sleep better with Manning in custody.

In a holding cell, Manning bites the end of his finger leaving a bloody message to Reese telling him there is no justice. Manning makes a rope out of his shirt and hangs himself in the cell, using the bars.

Inside the Raven, LaCroix and Nick are at the bar. Nick asks him why he did not go through with his plan to bring the Corporal across. LaCroix admits he intended to but something happened at the end and he did not go through with it.

LaCroix flashes back to the train. He enters a compartment where he feels the most intense hatred he's ever felt and is intimidated by it. The Corporal tells LaCroix he will be finished cleaning up in a few moments, and offers LaCroix the compartment when he's finished. LaCroix tells him he realized the picture is unfinished because it is unsigned. He hands it to the man, who signs it and hands it back. The Corporal has finished shaving and looks like a younger Hitler, mustache and all.

In the Raven, LaCroix tells Nick he was right. The man's evil did not need amplifying. LaCroix pulls out the picture and looks at the signature. It is Hitler's. He sticks a corner into a candle and watches it burn, then drops it into an ashtray. He comments he wonders how the world would have changed had he brought Hitler across. Nick looks horrified by the thought.

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