Season 3, Episode 20

Written by Gillian Horvath

Directed by Nigel Bennett

Guest stars:

Frank............................... Maurice Dean Wint

Lisa Kadlec...................... Brooke Johnson

Francesca......................... Maria Syrgiannis

Faubert............................. Todd Dulmage

Gordon Fuller.................. Hamish McEwan

Man #1............................. Chris Cound

. In the present day, the person lays an unconscious male across a restaurant table. In 1755, Francesca finds a man she likes. In the present the person slits the man's throat and drains the blood into a cup. In 1755 Francesca sinks her fangs into her dinner and drains him. In the present, the person kisses the victim, leaving behind a lipstick print. In 1755, Francesca savors her dinner, even after she is finished.

A man dreams he's Francesca. Francesca and a blonde man are making love. The blonde's a crusader turned away from the light and is younger the man seeing all of this and describing it to his therapist. The man tells his therapist he has died a hundred times as the blonde and Francesca are in the middle of their vampire climax. The therapist awakens him when it becomes too intense. He does not remember anything from the hypnosis. When he asks his therapist about it, she will not tell him anything other than they are making progress. The idea is to use past life regression to help understand his current fears, not to find out who he was in a past life. He ushers him to the door when he continues to question her, reminding him it is still experimental therapy and will take several more sessions.

As soon as the guy is gone, the therapist replays the part of the tape where he talks about dying a hundred times. She's both scared and hooked on it.

The restaurant is now a crime scene. Nick tells Natalie and Tracy the victim was Dan Chase, and he was a poet. He was last seen walking down Queen Street. Natalie tells them the victim died instantly from a knife wound through the heart and the throat was probably slit afterwards. She looks around the blood commenting there is minimal blood, which means the body was drained, and the blood taken by the killer. Tracy is uneasy, asking if it was some sort of a cult. Natalie tells them the lip print is as good as a fingerprint, if they can find a match for the distinct calling card.

Nick flashes back to the Cote duRhone in Avignon, France in 1755. LaCroix introduces him to his vampiric sibling Francesca. LaCroix finds it amusing Nicholas is going by the last name Chevalier. LaCroix explains they had to flee quickly from their last place, hearing he is welcome at any of his daughter's homes. Francesca and Nick are captivated by each other. Nick realizes he probably has to kill upon hearing Francesca's known for her rare vintages and has a special treat for dinner, asking if they like music. He is not happy.

In the present, Tracy asks if either of them had a déjà vu feeling, commenting on the place seeming familiar, as if she had been there before. She does not like the case because it is creeping her out. Natalie informs them there is no sign of sexual abuse, meaning the woman is substituting killing for sex and probably gets off on it. They are probably looking for woman with a highly repressed sexuality.

Frank's expression is cold as he picks up an axe off a hearth and puts it away where it belongs, on the piece of artwork in an old fashioned looking room.

Inside Natalie's office, she tells Nick he is very quiet. Nick learns the victim ate pate, steak, caviar and a fine Merlot less than two hours before death, as if someone was trying to fatten him up for the kill. The lipstick print contained some of the victim's blood, but there were no fang marks. Nick says there will not be any because sudden death sweetens the blood, but stops the circulation. Since the heart is not pumping and bringing the blood to the neck, the victim must be drained. Natalie gets confirmation it is a vampire, and he has seen other killings like that before. She is uneasy knowing this vampire impales through the heart rather than the more traditional fangs in the neck variety.

Nick flashes back to 1755 and Francesca's home. Nick, LaCroix and her listen to beautiful music made by several musicians. Francesca comments that Faubert is best of the group. Nick comments Faubert is the best he has ever heard. When the musicians finish, they are dismissed for the night. Nick asks how she arranged for them to come to her house, hearing she promised the woefully under rewarded musicians the use of her house and grounds. Nick learns he does not have to sing for his supper, but does have to please her, making him uneasy.

In the present, Natalie asks if he knows who did it, hearing he knew someone like the killer, but she's dead. Tracy enters and tells them the 88th just called and it looks like they have another one in a parking garage in The Beaches. Neither Nick nor Natalie are happy to hear it. Nick and Tracy leave, there is a grim look on his face.

The Caddy pulls into the parking garage. No sooner are they out of the car than a reporter tries to get information. He comments on the kiss prints on the victim's foreheads, the fact that Reese and the Captain of the 88th hate each other and they are out of their jurisdiction. Tracy tells him to get lost. After a few minutes of nothing, the reporter gives up and leaves. Nick asks Tracy if the reporter was a friend of hers, hearing she dated him once, showing the date was a complete dud. As a reporter he puts two and two together and gets five.

Inside the therapist's office, Frank is undergoing another regression session. Frank says it is so quiet he can hear all the heartbeats. She asks who's there and learns Francesca is. She learns it is 1755 and they are in her home on the Cote duRhone. Frank describes what he sees as Francesca. She is carrying a goblet to Nicholas as he sleeps. Nicholas' face is the one from his dreams. He can still taste Nicholas' blood on his lips and flowing through his veins as Nicholas and Francesca make love. He tries to hide in the pillows realizing it is Nicholas Chevalier, his lover, and his killer. His therapist is startled.

As if in a dream, a single heartbeat is heard as Francesca walks by and kisses Tracy on the forehead as she sleeps in her bed. Tracy's throat is slashed and has a lipstick print on her forehead. Tracy suddenly awakens as if from a nightmare and immediately checks her throat and sees it is intact. She's scared and works to relax and calm down.

At sunset, Frank breaks into his therapist's office and steals the tapes from her locked file cabinet, desperate to know what is on them, missing one in the tape player.

At home, Frank lies on his bed listening to the tapes. He is telling the therapist Francesca knew she had to have Nicholas even if he stood in the shadow of their master.

She entered her bedroom carrying a goblet of blood and gently woke Nicholas, telling him they said everything the previous night. When he tries to bite her wrist, she tells him they will do that later. She wants him to drink from the goblet now. He is so hooked on her he does so. After the first sip, his happiness vanishes. After his second he is repulsed it is Faubert. Francesca tells him Faubert is at the peak of his talent, believing she did good capturing him then. She tells Nicholas to drink more.

In Natalie's office, Nick seems to be having the previous flashback, maybe along with Frank. Natalie comments he could identify the person from a single sip, hearing he can tells who it is, who they loved, how they lived and how they died. He explains that a person's entire life is in a single drop of blood. It is not just their food, but the way they feel life. She looks totally amazed. He tells her you can know a person's soul by sharing their blood. Everything about them is transformed into touch and tasted. The sheer bliss on Natalie's face shows she is completely drawn into the sensuality. Nick tells her of the temptation to take one sip, then another knowing their every secret and they know yours. He tells her that is why it is such a hard habit to break. Natalie looks like she has had a most satisfying experience just listening.

Inside Vachon's church. Vachon tells Tracy she might be looking at a collector, a vampire who gets off on the death rush. These days everyone is careful not to create a lot of extra bodies, but the right vintage can be had for a price. She asks if it is like a blood broker. Vachon learns the blood is being collected and confirms it. He learns about the poet, telling her dead poets can bring a very good price. Any specialty vintage like a poet, musician or actor can bring a good price because there are vampires looking for a special vintage. He's heard of vampires in that line of work, but does not know any of them. Tracy asks if the killer is a vampire collecting the blood for herself because there is no common link, or any link between the victims. Vachon seems to agree with her theory the killer's going for different memories, different lives. He does tell her it is probably not a broker because of the public display of the body. A broker has to keep his work a secret from the mortals to stay in business. She tells him she suspects it is not professional, but very personal. She asks what is she going to do about it because she cannot haul a vampire into mortal court. Vachon gives her a look telling her she knows what she is going to do.

Frank is listening to another tape as he describes Francesca's bedroom, seeing how it matches his own. He tells how she likes to look out the window at the moon. He flashes back to Francesca first being introduced to Nicholas Chevalier by Lucien. In the present, Frank repeats her name, almost perfectly mimicking her accent and manner of speech, having learned something from the tape, and is a little scared by it.

Nick and Tracy enter Reese's office. Reese has the therapist, Dr. Kadlec repeat her story for them. She says the only reason she is there is she believes her patient may be dangerous. She thought he was just having thoughts and fantasies, but the kiss killer articles had a few scary coincidences. He is undergoing past life regression as part of his therapy and after a rough session the other night, he broke in tonight and stole his tapes. He missed one because it was in the tape recorder. Nick is surprised that it is a man. Reese says it gets even better as Kadlec continues. She tells them the dominant personality in the sessions is a woman, further surprising them, especially when they learn it is an 18th century Countess who is a vampire. Nick and Tracy are worried for similar and different reasons. Kadlec plays the tape and they hear the victim's killed with a single knife thrust, how easily it goes in, instantly killing them and freezing their emotions of fear and lust. There is nothing sweeter. Reese comments it sounds like their suspect. She says Frank came to her three months ago because he started dreaming of the woman and his desire to become her started overtaking him. Frank's always been heterosexual and wanted to control the desires to become a woman. Reese asks who decided Frank had been a woman in a past life. Kadlec explains traditional psychotherapy failed and since past life regression helped others, she tried it. She did not care if the discoveries were real or fantasies, they would help her find the person's fears help them deal with them. Frank kept seeing himself as Francesca, a vampire Countess who lived and died over 250 years ago. Nick is definitely unnerved and it shows.

Nick flashes back to Francesca's bedroom right after having drunk Faubert's blood. He scrambles away from her as fast as he can, angry and confused, asking her how can she do that. She playfully tells him she thought he appreciated art the same way she does. Nick angrily tells her he does not appreciate it through murder. She asks if he can feel the talent coursing through him. He tells her Faubert was a genius and now his talent is wasted. She says it is immortalized in him. He says it will last maybe two hours as he purposely knocks over the cup, spilling the contents. She says she will have another brought from Paris or a painter if he would prefer. He is disgusted and tosses her onto the bed.

In the present, the doctor goes on about how Frank repressed his sexuality into Francesca's persona, how vampires are very much a part of society's fabric, how it allows him to control his desires. Francesca mentions Nicholas Chevalier as her dark lover.

Meanwhile, Frank is turning himself into a drag queen version of Francesca.

In Reese's office, they are talking about the sublimation of the sexual desire, frustration, and how Francesca gives him sexual freedom. Reese asks how it fits into killing. Nick, Tracy and the doctor all tell him the same thing, for a vampire, sex is killing. If you think you are a vampire, you have permission to kill. Myth can be very powerful. She says she thinks he's getting in over his head with the violence aspect. Nick suggests searching Frank's place, hearing Reese should be able to get a search warrant. Kadlec is asked to sit down with the sketch artist. When Nick is alone with Reese, he tells him he's seen all sorts of nutcases and wants Nick to keep it rooted in the real world. Nick says he will try.

At Frank's apartment, Nick knocks then breaks open the door, entering ready for trouble. Nick sees the bedroom and has a flashback to him and Francesca passionately kissing as they entered her bedroom. In the present, it is so intense Nick nearly vamps out. Tracy tells the cops Frank is not there. Nick looks for clues.

Inside LaCroix's broadcasting booth, Nick is disturbed as he tells LaCroix Francesca has been reincarnated. LaCroix reminds him she is dead. He has seen a lot of odd things, but he does not believe in reincarnation. Nick tells him the suspect has Francesca's soul. LaCroix tells Nick if it is true, then she is truly eternal. She has bypassed the laws of the corporeal that bind even their kind. He asks Nick which laws he will use to arrest her and will it be the guy or her soul? LaCroix reminds him Francesca probably does not have fond memories of Nick.

Frank's still dressed as Francesca and is listening to the Nightcrawler's monologue as he is driving. LaCroix asks where the responsibility for their sins lies. Do they pay them off in full at death or does it go with them into the next life. If they are reincarnated do they have a clean slate or do are they followed by their sins. Can they ever be fully absolved? Frank's quite intrigued, and flashes back to LaCroix asking if they are intruding.

Inside the bullpen, Tracy turns over the sketches of Frank telling them to put out an APB. Tracy asks the doctor about dreams. She learns that recurring dreams, déjà vu, and nightmares can all be signs of past lives, or things in this life she is not ready to face, even if the answers are right in front of her. Tracy politely turns down the doctor's card and offer to stop by sometime.

In Natalie's office, he asks what she thinks about reincarnation. She tells him she's in the habit of believing ten unbelievable things before breakfast and is having a little trouble with this one. Nick tells her about the coincidences and how it has to be reincarnation. How else would Frank know his name and what he is? Natalie comments maybe someone's messing with his mind. He asks who and hears LaCroix. When he asks why she says he's evil, then apologizes. Nick asks if it is true, what does it say about a vampire's soul, and what happens to the evil when he dies. He wants to know if it will infect someone else because evil cannot be eradicated. She reminds him evil cannot be destroyed, but it may be controllable, like they are trying to do with him. He asks why they are trying. She tells him evil and controlling it is part of the human condition. A cure will not eradicate it, but will help him control it.

Inside the bullpen, Tracy asks the doctor if it is possible. Kadlec tells her 18th century vampires and Nicholas Chevalier sound like a romance novel. They decided it was some sort of repressed memory trying to come to the surface. Tracy says she hopes they find him before he kills again. The reporter, Gordon, heard it all. Tracy says they were given a tip on the Kiss of Death killer and the Captain wants the composite run in tomorrow's paper. She drops the shrink's card into the trash as she leaves. Gordon takes the card and leaves.

Inside Vachon's church, Tracy tells him about the case. He is fine with it until she mentions Nicholas Chevalier, causing him to become distracted and nervously ask where she heard it. She tells him about Frank, Francesca, their love affair in 1755, which further gets Vachon's attention. Tracy asks if Chevalier could be the connoisseur, they are looking for. Vachon works to keep the grin off his face as he denies it. Tracy catches on and tells him Chevalier is a vampire. Vachon plays innocent, giving her an I don't know shrug. She is not buying it, telling him there is something in the story that she is just not seeing, even with it being in front of her face. Tracy leaves. Vachon's amused she did not get that Chevalier means Knight, and worried. If Frank really is a vampire, Tracy is in danger.

Gordon is in the doctor's office trying to get information but she throws him out, telling him nothing. She practically has to push him bodily out the door. A moment later there's a knock and she thinks Gordon's back. She opens her door and gets a major shock as she sees Frank dressed as Francesca in a bad mood and holding a scalpel. He asks if she sent the police to his apartment. She's terrified and is pretty much speechless.

Inside Reese's office, they listen to a tape of the earlier confrontation between Kadlec and Francesca. Nick comments the tape had been running since about 11:30 that morning and no one has seen her since. Tracy identifies Gordon's voice. They question Gordon and learn he did not see the man but did see a tall woman approach the door. Nick suggests that Frank dresses up as Francesca when he kills, so the current sketches will not do much good. They need new ones. Tracy gets Gordon's help in modifying the sketches.

Inside an abandoned building, the doctor looks around at the recreation of Francesca's home. Frank enters and tells her to eat. She learns he is all that's left of Francesca, her memories and desires.

There is a flashback to Nick in the room where Francesca is keeping the rest of the musicians in cages. They are begging for help, commenting she is insane. Nick's attempt to free them is halted when she enters and tells him not to spend time in the slaughterhouse. Nick reminds her the people are human just like they used to be. She tells him they are no different than the cattle mortals dine on, telling Nick she fed them the best food. Nick releases the musicians and they flee, getting past her attempts to stop them. Nick restrains her, tossing her across the room. She picks up a flaming timber and tosses it at him. He dodges it. She runs for the doorway. He tosses the flaming timber at the rope and it breaks. The wooden gate falls, spearing her with the wooden stakes at the bottom.

In the bullpen it is apparent Nick shared his flashback with Natalie. She is concerned if it is Francesca, she's not going to be happy to see Nick. Nick tells her he is feeding his victims the best, meaning he is keeping them somewhere private. It suddenly hits him, he comments about a slaughterhouse and runs off.

Inside Frank/Francesca's recreated room, the doctor is served the finest food on a silver tray. She is not hungry. She says Francesca is not real, just a part of him that craves attention. He disagrees; telling her that she is real. She craves more than love, she craves blood. The doctor repeats Francesca is not real. Francesca says she makes the decisions.

Nick is flying there as fast as he can.

Francesca holds the knife in front of the doctor's face while holding her throat with her other hand. She comments on what she tastes like. Kadlec tells Frank he is not a vampire. Nick bursts in. Frank calls him Nicholas Chevalier, commenting he killed her. Kadlec freaks out, while remaining calm on the outside. Nick tells Frank to let her go. Frank grabs the axe, telling Nick he knows what he is and how to kill him. The axe barely misses Nick's head. Nick vamps out further terrifying Kadlec. The two men battle it out. Nick's again charged with a flaming stake, and kills herself when Frank's impaled on a metal spike sticking out of the wall. Blood runs from his mouth as he tells Chevalier it is not the first time he has killed her and it will not be the last. He says they will meet again. Nick does not look happy to hear that.

Inside the bullpen, Nick asks about the doctor. Tracy tells him Kadlec's fine, but does not remember anything after Frank broke into her office. Natalie comments it is probably better that way. Tracy comments the case gave her the creeps from the beginning and leaves. Natalie asks Nick if Francesca has gone. Nick tells her that Frank is dead and Francesca is gone, for now. Neither looks too happy about it.

Inside the shrink's office, Tracy tells her she does not know why she's there, maybe the case got to her. She had a dream she was laying dead on the table. Kadlec advises her to look at her own life to see what is bringing on those feelings. The doctor gets a strange look as Tracy comments vampires could be real. She tells Tracy to sit back and relax. Tracy is hypnotized and sees the musicians from Francesca's house playing. She asks the doctor if she hears music.

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