season 3, episode 21

Written by Phil Bedard and Larry LaLonde

Directed by Jon Cassar

Guest Cast:

Divia...........................Kathryn Long

Hamid Karam.....................Ron Obadia

Urs.............................Kristin Lehman

Hamid Karam and his partner break into an Egyptian burial chamber having an hour to grab the treasure before the security patrol returns. After confirming it is the middle sarcophagus, he hesitates fearing Re'-Atum will decide his soul is not worthy and destroy him. His partner says the treasure is the only legend they are concerned with. Hamid breaks the sun god seal, opening the sarcophagus. Hamid screams.

Outside the Raven, LaCroix approaches the door and hesitates, sensing something. He looks around, not seeing whatever is watching him. He enters, shrugging it off.

Inside the bullpen, Nick approaches his desk in the middle of Tracy and Reese's discussion of the most deranged serial killer. Nick joins in. Reese says people did not use to talk about it. Nick points out the benefits of discussion because they now have Childwatch and stalker laws. Nick answers his telephone, hearing a female voice report a corpse in the Raven.

Inside the Raven, LaCroix senses something odd/evil as he heads for his office, growing more concerned when he cannot' find it. He tries not to let it bother him, but it does. He finds Urs and Vachon asleep on the couch in his office. They wake. Urs explains she had nightmares about a decapitated child. LaCroix looks very startled, turns to hide it. He is further unnerved when he hears she saw a headless child standing over her when she woke. She came upstairs to call Vachon and felt an evil presence. Vachon watches curiously. As the two younger vampires walk across the dance floor, something watches from above. Vachon senses it and looks around.

LaCroix heads for the bar, sensing something strong and evil, growing more disturbed with each passing second. Something causes him to open the beer fridge, revealing a corpse. He is repulsed when he opens the other door and sees it is headless. He sees an alcohol box on the floor, puts it onto the bar. He opens it and finds an antique cameo necklace resting on tissue paper. He hesitantly picks it up.

LaCroix flashes back to the year 99 in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt. He and Divia walk through the tunnels of a tomb as she asks her father if he feels the presence of another. He tells her he feels it is evil.

In the present, LaCroix removes the tissue paper and finds a head, which further repulses him. Nick, Tracy and other cops burst into the Raven, guns aimed at LaCroix. LaCroix slips the cameo into his pocket. LaCroix plays along when he realizes he has no choice, telling them what they are looking for is in the fridge and the box. Tracy is repulsed by the corpse.

Inside a precinct interview room, Reese learns LaCroix has no idea how the body got inside the fridge. It was not there when they closed at six am. He lives there, and went out for a walk after sundown, which must have been when the body was placed there. When Reese cannot hold LaCroix for murder, he holds him as a material witness. Nick and LaCroix are left alone. LaCroix tells Nick his associates are good people. Nick asks who was sleeping in the basement and hears they have nothing to do with it. LaCroix learns an anonymous female called it in. Tracy's disturbed by LaCroix and has an odd feeling about him. Reese tells her LaCroix is guilty of something.

Tracy heads for her car and sees Vachon leaning against her car. He is surprised to learn the cops found out about the body and its severed head. He is shocked to learn they are holding as a material witness, his expression showing he cannot believe it. Tracy asks if LaCroix is one of them and does not notice Vachon's obvious lie when he says no. Tracy tells him she felt an evil presence, and if it was not LaCroix, then what was it. He tells her it is natural to be rattled by severed heads. She tells him not to run around her because she knows what she's talking about. She comments evil is a part of him and it is why they would never work as a couple. It scares her. He is stunned speechless. She was hoping he could tell her what it has to do with the Raven. He apologizes. She asks for a favor and hears he will do anything for her. Tracy's about to say something but changes her mind and coolly tells him to call her when he gets home, earning her an uncertain look from Vachon. He agrees to.

The same presence watches Vachon. Vachon flies away and lands in an alley where he hears a little girl crying. He sees the kid huddled in a blanket further into the alley and approaches. She does not respond when he asks if she is okay. He kneels beside her out of concern, and is brutally attacked by Divia. She breaks his hand as he looks at the child stunned and in great pain. She viciously tells him her father Lucius hurt her. Lucius is also her son. He betrayed her after she raised him from the ashes of Pompeii and Vachon will pay for Lucius's sin. Vachon's in agony from the child's strength. She claws open his cheek and neck then sinks her fangs into his neck as he screams. She leaves and he falls to the ground and does not move.

Inside Natalie's office, the speakerphone is on as Reese tells Natalie, Nick and Tracy the Egyptian police identified the Raven fridge crasher as Hamid Karam. He and his brother Hashim are grave robbers. They were looting a sarcophagus in the burial chamber of a priest named Ayahotep in the Valley of the Kings. Hashim lost contact with Hamid about twenty-four hours ago. When he checked on Hamid, he was gone. Only his radio and a little blood remained. The three in the morgue are too stunned to respond which Reese notices. Nick's starts pacing again. Reese says their major problem is why did an Egyptian grave robber wind up in a Toronto beer fridge. Natalie tells them Hamid died about twenty-four hours ago. She was going to say a wild animal did it, but since he was in a burial chamber, she does not know. Reese says it is enough time to smuggle the body from Egypt to Toronto. The three in the morgue are spooked. Natalie plays the voice of reason and tells them there has to be some sort of rational explanation. Nick comments it clears LaCroix. Tracy agrees.

In the precinct's holding cell, all the prisoners are huddled together in a corner of the cell keeping away from LaCroix and staying quiet. LaCroix is amused. Nick approaches and hears LaCroix comment on being a sobering influence for those in the cell with him. Nick's amused but does not let it show. He tells LaCroix that he is being released due to lack of evidence and fills him in on the victim's identity. LaCroix is startled as well as scared and it shows.

LaCroix flashes back to the tomb as he and Divia enter the main burial chamber containing the three sarcophagi. Divia says Ayahotep was the chief priest of Pharaoh Akhenaton, who was the sun god, Re'-Atum's son. When LaCroix asks why Divia brought him there he learns it his her master and true father, Qa'Ra, said to be among the first of their kind. He lived long before the pyramids were built. He healed her before Vesuvius erupted. LaCroix inquires why Qa'Ra's in the tomb, appalled to learn he was staked. His sun-scorched body was left in the sarcophagus with the sun god symbol to imprison him forever. LaCroix asks if she got revenge on the killer, shocked, appalled and disturbed to learn she was the killer.

In the precinct holding cell, Nick calls to LaCroix, snapping him out of the flashback. LaCroix tells Nick he has played by his rules long enough and he's to be released now. LaCroix's released by an officer.

Tracy enters Vachon's church, calling out to him. He walks up behind her, grabs her and tries to sink his fangs into her neck. She shoves him away. He staggers back and lands sprawled on the ground. She asks what he is doing, hearing he is in pain and wants her to please make it stop as he staggers around looking drunk. She asks him what and hears he sees the killing of men, women and children, wanting it to stop, but cannot stop it. She tells him to look at her, which he does, revealing his wounds, which have not yet started to heal. She asks who did it to him, hearing him half babbling as he repeats daughter, mother and tells her it was not the mother, not making any sense. Urs watches very disturbed as she hears very disturbing, chaotic visions and memories run through his mind, and asks who attacked him. She learns it was a very strong, evil child as he staggers away. Urs follows, and is told by a temporarily sane Vachon to get out before she is destroyed, staked, and scorched by the sun. He desperately pleads with her, his hands on her face. She hurries out. Vachon sees Hamid scream right before his death.

Inside the bullpen, Tracy receives a call from Vachon, telling her he knows who is doing it. Inside the church, he falls to the floor in agony, curling up into the fetal position, his eyes reflecting his torture. Tracy hears the agony in his voice and heads for there.

Nick's in the loft listening to a slightly sad LaCroix tell his listeners the cruelest evil doesn't come from the devil, but from a small child's cries. How a small child is taken into the heart in pure love as something to be protected and cherished, without any knowledge of the possible evil to come.

LaCroix flashes back to Pre-Vesuvius Pompeii. He and others are attending a party at Seline's establishment. LaCroix has just returned from a military complain. He tells Seline he thought about her every day, inquiring how her daughter is, having heard she was sick. Seline tells him the healer came, was alone with her and she rose from her bed that night, healed. LaCroix tells her they will spend time together, and is reassured they will. After she leaves Flavius approaches, telling Nick if Divia is alive and well, he is a gladiator. LaCroix sees Divia come out and lovingly holds his arms out as he affectionately calls to her. She walks away, a small secretive smile on her face. The hurt shows on his face before he quickly covers it.

In the present, LaCroix comments on a child's purity and innocence being boundless, as well as it's cruelness when evil takes over it's soul, hit tone sadly bittersweet. Nick is confused, not quite understanding the monologue. LaCroix opens the telephone lines and takes a call from a young child. Both he and Nick recognize the voice. LaCroix's startled, asking if she should not be in bed like a good girl. She asks if he knows how it feels to be betrayed by his child, and left behind in the darkness. LaCroix seems to have tears in his eyes as he listens. Nick is confused and curious as he intently listens. She snorts she didn't think so, but will know the feeling very shortly as he watches his friends die, and the fear scare everyone else away, until he's left all alone. Then he will understand how it feels to be hopelessly betrayed and alone. Tears well up in LaCroix's eyes after she hangs up. He closes his eyes trying to repress the emotions.

Nick is still trying to figure out what he just heard as the door buzzer goes off. He hears Urs urgently needs to speak to him and lets her up. Inside the lift, she senses something, but sees nothing. Divia suddenly appears and the two women fight for their lives. Nick is shocked when he opens door, revealing a dead, battered Urs sprawled on the floor.

Tracy's in Vachon's church and sees him curled up under a blanket. When he does not talk to her, she shakes his shoulder as she calls his name. He looks really bad. He asks what she is doing there as he shoves her away telling her she has to leave, now. She asks who did it as she sprawls out on the couch with him over her. He tells her as he stares down at her with golden eyes that Divia's thoughts are becoming his. His mind is full of whirling, chaotic images from Divia's past, including Hamid opening the sarcophagus and dying. He pulls himself together enough to release Tracy. She sits up, sees his pain, sadness and fear, and wraps her arms around him. His eyes are normal again as he sags against her shoulder, hearing her reassurances everything will be okay. He softly, but bleakly, tells her that he is not healing. He is dying.

Inside Natalie's office, Urs lays sheet covered on the autopsy table. There is a good chance that whatever killed her killed Hamid. Nick is confused, asking Natalie why Urs did not regenerate if she was not staked or decapitated. Natalie comments they could be dealing with a new breed of vampire. Nick remembers the little girl telling LaCroix it's been a long time and comments it could be a new breed or an extremely old one.

Inside the nearly empty Raven, LaCroix is sitting alone, the music muted. Nick rushes in and asks about the little girl. He sees his master's uneasy and asks again. LaCroix sighs and tells Nick he has never told him about her because it is too painful to talk about. Nick comments he heard the show, and hears LaCroix's flattered he still listens. Nick informs him Urs is dead. LaCroix asks if Nick sees what his old friend is doing to him, killing off those around him one by one, so he will be left alone and isolated, like he left her. He is depressed, commenting the word is out, being around him is fatal. He regretfully says she will kill them all because of him. Nick asks if it is because LaCroix brought her across.

LaCroix chuckles, commenting he did not bring Divia across. He flashes back to Pompeii as Vesuvius explodes and everyone is panicking. Divia enters quite calmly and asks her father if he wants to live or die, and has moments to decide. Lucius angrily yells at the sky that the gods cannot destroy him because they do not have the power. He mockingly eggs them on. He cannot believe his world is being destroyed and he is not as powerful as he believed he was. He is further hurt when his marble bust falls to the floor and shatters. He sarcastically, angrily tells Divia he wants to live.

In the present, Nick realizes Divia brought him across. LaCroix says she spared him because she was his daughter, shocking Nick. LaCroix comments Nick know knows why LaCroix never mentions his master. Nick asks why she wants to hurt him now. LaCroix says he thought she was dead twenty years after Vesuvius blew, he believed she was buried along with his guilt, and the secret he could not share with anyone, but thinks it's time the secret finally came out. He's ashamed and does not want to share the secret, but knows he must if he does not want to be alone for eternity.

LaCroix flashes back to Divia and himself inside Ayahotep's tomb. She apologizes for upsetting him. He asks why killing her own master does not trouble her, hearing why should it? LaCroix comments he was an ancient, and possibly knew of the vampire's origin. He was worthy of respect. Divia sulkily comments he is wrong, that he finds her cruel and unfeeling. He denies saying it, hearing it is in his the way he looks at her. She asks how can he judge her after all she has done for him. He respectfully tells her he is eternally grateful for her sparing him, but her master made her. Divia comments he thought he could control her, bringing her across to harness her evil, the purest he had ever seen. He thought he could make her over in his image. She insisted on and still insists on choosing her own way, and did whatever she had to in order to insure she chose her own way. Her tone become gentle as she tells him she wants them to enjoy their natures to the fullest, experience life to the fullest without restrictions. They can do whatever they want, kill whenever and however much they want, and even bathe in human blood if they wish to. No one can stop them from anything they lust after, including love. They should do everything forbidden to them, as she asks him to make love to her. He is thoroughly repulsed, turning her down and walking away. He picks up a scythe from the corner. She bares her fangs, ordering him to come to her. He angrily tells her she is his daughter. She asks why cannot she be daughter, mother and lover because he needs someone to love and she needs him. LaCroix bares his fangs and snarls at her. She cheers him on, telling him to touch her. He beheads her.

In the present, LaCroix regretfully asks what can be said about a father who kills his own daughter, hearing he had no choice. LaCroix says he could have done as she asks. Nick tells him he would have despised himself. LaCroix says he did not have a choice then and does not have one now. Nick says LaCroix must destroy her. LaCroix explains he put her in the sarcophagus and sealed it with the sun god's symbol to keep her in there as she reacted to it as they do the cross. He tells Nick that as part of the Emperor's army he did and ordered unspeakable tortures upon his enemies, and there is not an evil that he has not seen. He sorrowfully says he could not bear to see the evil within his own beautiful daughter, one inherited from him and magnified a hundred times by the one who brought her across. Nick asks how she survived all those years, hearing that maybe the evil in the tomb with her had sustained her, but it does not really matter. Nick asks if she will come after him. LaCroix says there is more killing to be done first. Nick lays his hand on his master's shoulder, offering to listen or help if needed. LaCroix's surprised by the gesture and thanks Nick. Nick leaves.

Inside the church, Vachon begs Tracy to kill him. He is going to die anyway. Her voice breaks as she tells him she cannot. He staggers to his feet as he begs her to stake him. Her voice breaks as she tells him she cannot and not to ask. He caresses her face, angrily telling her to get the sake. She does and uncertainly holds it as he kneels before her, opening his shirt, telling her to bury it deep in his heart. She is nearly in tears as she tells him she cannot, retreating. When he sees she truly cannot, he growls at her vamped out and charges her, impaling himself on the stake in her hand. She steadies him as he collapses, holding him as he dies. He is finally at peace.

In the bullpen, Reese is not happy to hear Nick found nothing on LaCroix. It is like he does not exist. Reese refuses to write it off to ghosts, telling him the truth is out there, and is reminded it might not be in their jurisdiction. The staff of the Raven checks out clean and accounted for. Nick is worried when he learns Tracy went to see a snitch. Once Reese leaves, Nick bolts.

Inside Vachon's church, Nick arrives and sees Tracy cradling Vachon's head in her lap, crying as she rambles she never got to tell him how she felt about him, but maybe he knew. She comments he changed her, opened her eyes and she will always love him for that. She is totally devastated. She offers to bury him next to Screed so they can be together.

In Natalie's office, Nick tells her there is nothing he could do to help, and Tracy has no one she can talk to about Vachon. They head for the door as Natalie tells him that she is afraid that she is going to find herself in the same situation. Since there is a two thousand year old little girl out to kill anyone close to her daddy, and no one's closer to him than Nick. Nick gives her a reassuring smile and caresses her cheek, letting his hand linger, telling her not to worry, he'll watch his back.

Nick's jumpy and worried, sensing something's wrong. He nervously enters the loft, and is started when the fireplace comes to life. He sees Divia hiding under the stairs and tells her to show herself. She is pleased to know LaCroix told him about her as she comes out into the room. He comments she is there to kill him. She tells him not to take it personally, but he is LaCroix's son, and will be the final blow. If he struggles it will be much worse. She attacks, scratching his face then tosses him across the room. They fight, with him mostly defending himself. She sinks her fangs into his neck when he drops to his knees. He falls unconscious onto one of his sun paintings. She splits at vampire speed.

Inside the empty Raven, Divia enters sarcastically. She comments that in all the time she had to think about him, she never thought he would rise to the lofty position of innkeeper. She tells him the world is nothing like she ever dreamt it could be. He angrily asks if she is there to gloat over her win. She agrees, reminding him he is alone and now maybe he can know what it felt like. She expected to spend the centuries loving and caring for him, and she spent them alone in darkness. She has him unnerved and it shows, as he knows she's right. She leaps at him and his fear shows. He hides it as he stares her down. She tells him he cannot imagine the hatred she has for him, asking how he could have done that to her, align her father, telling him how much she loved him. She tosses him across the room like a rag doll. He angrily tells her she is a sick, depraved little girl as he painfully, slowly gets up. He always thought there was a limit to evil until she showed him otherwise. He glowers at her from his hands and knees, angrily and disgustedly telling her even he has his limits. She comments it makes him as weak as those they preyed upon. She tosses him over the bar like a toy, and then grabs him by the throat, choking him, telling him to apologize. He angrily tells her she should have stayed dead. She is pleased to see the pain he is in as it is what she wanted to see. He tells her that her wish has come true and the only thing left is to kill him. She slams him around a bit, telling him, that she will not kill him so that he can experience the pain and loneliness that she did. He will live forever knowing he destroyed everyone close to him. He is hurt by this, especially when Nick's mentioned.

She gloats about killing his favorite child. He tries to attack her but gets his arm twisted until it breaks. He screams, falling to his knees. She brutally scratches his face as he rubs his nose in the fact that Nick's dead. He tells her she is not leaving because there is already enough misery in the world. She disagrees. She kicks him partly across the room, pleased by the agony she sees in his face. She tosses him around the room a bit, enjoying every second of it, mocking him, asking who is going to stop her. She tosses him through the window of his broadcasting booth, pressing his neck against the jagged glass. He angrily reminds her that if she kills him, his agony is over. She drags him away, disagreeing. She's no longer sure eternal damnation is the proper punishment for his crime and suddenly has the ancient scythe in her hands, the very same one that he decapitated her with. There is a sickening oh no expression on his face as he realizes his fate. He tells her that when they were mortal, he loved her more than he loved the Gods. He is totally disgusted, asking who could love anything as horrible as she is.

Just as she's about to bring the scythe down, she is stunned to find a stake shoved through her heart from behind. LaCroix's stunned as well. Nick is standing behind her, fully healed. She falls to the floor. Nick approaches LaCroix and easily pulls him to his feet. Divia's dying and calling out for her daddy, sounding like an injured mortal child crying out for her daddy. Nick forcibly restrains LaCroix, firmly telling him he cannot go. She's scared and cries out for him not to let her die. LaCroix calls out her name in pain, wanting to be her loving daddy one last time, and make it all better. Nick refuses to let him go, reminding him he cannot. LaCroix loves Divia, not the monster she became. She dies and smoke begins to rise from her corpse.

In an automobile junkyard, her tightly linen wrapped body is ready for an Egyptian style funeral. Both Nick and LaCroix are physically healed. LaCroix sadly tells his son outliving a child is a parent's greatest nightmare. He comments there are exceptions. He says he never thought he would be glad Nick is searching for his humanity, as the growing goodness was what it took to defeat her great evil. Nick comments Vachon and Urs were young and did not know how to deal with it. He tells his master he is sorry for his loss. He thanks Nick and learns Natalie took care of Urs' body, while Tracy buried Vachon next to Screed. LaCroix learns she knows about vampires and asks what to do about it. LaCroix's told she is a resistor. Nick wants Tracy to remember about vampires as it was Vachon's gift to her and they have no right to remove it, wants her to remember Vachon was a good friend who decided to move on. LaCroix agrees and tells Nick he will stay with Divia's body until the wind claims her ashes, and might even say a prayer. Nick looks surprised, and puts a reassuring hand on his father's shoulder. LaCroix lays his over it, hearing Nick say goodnight before leaving. LaCroix lights Divia's body and watches it burn.

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