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Amazed (2002)
After a major fight, Nick sends Natalie a song that says what he can't. Will it work?
An Interesting Night (1996)
Nick and Tracy's latest case leaves Nick with a small problem. One that Natalie is best suited to take care of. One that makes Natalie's night far less boring than it had been.
An Uncertain Future (1996)
Tracy's remembering how her rebellion against her father forever changed her life.
Anniversary (Adult) (2000)
Natalie and her husband celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Is it Nick? Is it someone else? To find out who she married, you have to read the story.
The Best Gift of All (1996)
Nick never believed in miracles until this Christmas tale.
The Big Surprise (2002)
No synopsis available.
Blind Man's Bluff (1995)
My very first Forever Knight story. Nick and Natalie are receiving threatening notes. The notes seem to indicate the sender knows what Nick is, and that Nick and Natalie are close. Is it a hunter? To make matters worse, Nick is blinded by the same person sending the notes. Can he keep his mortal cover intact and protect those important to him?
Brokenhearted (1995)
I read the Dawn to Dusk set up and answered the challenge with this story.
The Card (2000)
Natalie receives a funny card from Nick, but it also has a special meaning.
Catalogs Can Be Educational (1999)
Natalie's interest in a catalog gets Nick to possibly share a few more stories, and there's a surprising item in the catalog.
CHALLENGES (revised version) (2000/2001)
Natalie has a car accident that seriously changes her life, but was it really an accident? If not, who was behind it and why? Part 1 | Part 2
Chocolate (1996)
What happens when a chocolate craving gets out of hand?
Christmas Joy (1998)
Nick and Nat are awoken early on Christmas morning by their four year old daughter.
Christmas Spirit (1995)
Nick and Nat trying to get into the holiday spirit. Set during third season, anytime after Black Buddha.
The Christmas Wish (1996)
Santa grants Nick his greatest desire, for one special night only.
Chubby Bunny (2000)
A near tragedy teaches the Schanke family that the most innocent object can be very deadly.
Close Call Scene (1998)
Why did Schanke never question Natalie in Close Call? She's Nick's doctor, friend, and has said weird things about Nick. And doesn't seem phased by the unusual.
Coffee Surprise (2002)
What happens when Nick discovers the pleasures of drinking coffee?
Courage (1996)
Does Nick have the courage to honor Natalie's request? It will be the toughest decision of his very long life.
The Cure (1995)
My answer to a challenge issued before we knew there was a third season - write the last episode of Forever Knight.
Curiosity (1995)
Tracy asks Nat some questions that have been bugging her.
Cursed (1996)
A Nick and Natalie angst fest.
The Dangers of Mopping (1999)
Natalie's reluctantly mopping her floor when uninvited company shows up.
Dawn to Dusk (1995)
One of my answers to the Dawn to Dusk Challenge. We had to read the set up and then write our responses. The set up can be found at the ftp site and at FKfanfic.
Dressed for Success (1997)
Janette comes to Natalie for some advice and takes her shopping. They enjoy some girl talk while checking out some new clothes.
Eternal Friends? (1996)
My answer to a challenge to write a story which included a list of words and a couple phrases. Nick finds Nat near death and has to decide whether or not to bring her across.
Family Secrets (2001)
Natalie runs into her uncle that she hasn't seen since she was a child. Events from the present trigger painful memories from the past.
A Final Future (1996)
One of my three revisions of the final scene in Last Knight.
Finding the Perfect Gift (1998)
Nick is searching for the perfect gift for Natalie and gets a little unexpected help.
Friends, Movies, Aliens, Who Needs Anything More? (2000)
Written for the NNPack minicon contest, using a set theme and a few things the story had to have.
Fun at the Loft (2001)
Much needed stress relief takes an unexpected turn.
The Giving Season (1996)
Nick and Natalie remember that Christmas is the season for giving. Each gives to those in need in their own way.
A Good End to a Bad Night (2001)
My answer to the first FK Fanfic 2 challenge. An average night for the characters, with a few surprises thrown in.
Halloween Fun at the Morgue (2001)
A little Halloween fun at the morgue.
A Halloween Surprise (1998)
Natalie overhears members of the Coroner's Office staff commenting on how her Halloween costumes lack that bizarre quality, except for the year she wore a most startling, yet fitting costume. Natalie shocks her friends and coworkers with this years' costume.
Healing (1996)
Set after Dead of Night. Nick and Natalie talk about their ghosts. It helps them continue to heal the wounds of the past.
Heaven on Earth (2001)
Natalie and her husband celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.
Help Me Hold On (1997)
Set during My Boyfriend is a Vampire. Since Nick couldn't tell Natalie what he was feeling, he does it another way.
Hope For the Future (1996)
A story that adds to the end of Last Knight. One of three different endings that came to me after seeing the episode.
In My World (2001)
Nick finds Natalie completely withdrawn from the world. Can he figure out what happened and bring her out of her own private world?
Into the Future (1996)
Another of the stories that came to me after watching Last Knight. It is a different continuation of the series.
I Still Believe In You (1996)
Nick and Natalie have had a fight. Natalie finds a surprise in her office that is Nick's way of apologizing. Will Natalie give it any attention?
Just When I Thought I Knew... (2000)
A precinct discussion turns into a challenge. Who will win? Will it be Schanke who issued the challenge, or Natalie who took him up on it?
Knee Deep in Trouble (1997)
This story stands on its own fine, but references two other stories The Phoenix and The Changeling. It deals with Natalie getting her bad knee fixed after no longer being able to postpone doing so.
The Last Song (1996)
Lacroix visits his mortal son, having accepted that Nick will never again share the centuries with him. They have made their peace. As have Natalie and Lacroix.
A Lesson for the Community (2001)
The vampire community receives a most interesting memo from the Enforcers.
A Little Fun With Magic (1999)
Nick's forced to do something different for the yearly talent show, and recruits Natalie's help. They put on a magic show. Who is the magician and who's the assistant?
Love (1999)
When Nick and Natalie are shot on the way home from work, can Nick honor Natalie's one request? If so, will her fate differ from that of her brother's? Will love truly conquer all?
Love Advice (1996)
A radio show gives Natalie an idea. She wants to help her and Nick's communication skills. She also hopes it helps Nick with some of his angst and guilt. She sets up a session with the therapist. The therapist's identity is sure to surprise, yet not totally surprise.
Man's Crisis of Identity During the Latter Half of the 20th Century (1999)
Don't blame me for the title. Evil Cousin Tiff wanted me to use this title, so I did (not having one of my own to use). The story is about Tracy's amusing problems one night.
Miracles (2001)
Natalie's latest attempt at a cure has some very surprising side effects. Are Nick and Natalie ready for several major changes in their lives?
Miss Piggy Visits the Raven (1997)
What happens when Miss Piggy visits the Raven. It's a Muppet/Forever Knight xover inspired by seeing her potato chip ad a few times too many.
Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong? (1997)
Natalie's dating a guy and is starting to really like him. But things are about to change.
Movie Night (1999)
Nick learns the dangers of falling asleep during movie night, and Natalie learns a lesson too.
My Friday the 13th Full Moon Challenge story (2000)
My answer to the challenge. Schanke's a werewolf and everyone knows. It's the vampire and werewolf's adventures at work on Friday the 13th during a full moon.
My Partner the Vampire (1995)
Schanke makes a startling discovery, and has to deal with the knowledge that his partner's an 800 year old vampire.
Natalie Lambert Vampire Researcher (1996)
The Enforcers come to Natalie with a most unique proposition, to be able to openly conduct her research on vampires. Being allowed to pick her first research subject further brightens the evening, as she has no trouble making that decision.
Natalie's Bad Morning (1998)
Nat is in a really bad mood, and takes it out on innocent marshmallow bunnies. Her actions do have a startling effect on someone close to her.
A New Future (1996)
No synopsis available.
Nightmare (1996) - Natalie is raped. Nick's constant presence in Natalie's life helps her overcome the horrific aftereffects. She has to endure a trial, and is left wondering if there will be another massive change in her life. This series needs to be read in chronological order for the story to make complete sense.
Devastation (1999) - Natalie is awaiting news that could massively affect her life. Nightmare should be read first.
Transitions (2000) - Dramatic changes in Natalie's life could truly be forever. Should be read after Nightmare and Devastation.
Rebirth (c. 2003) - A sequel to Transitions, in which Nick and Natalie adjust to unexpected changes in their lives.
Old Friends (2000)
No synopsis available.
Painful Secrets (1996)
A look at a five year old Natalie. This is my take on Natalie's abuse by her grandmother. (From Dead of Night)
A Peek Inside (1999)
Nick and Schanke learn a surprising bit about Natalie.
The Power of Dreams (1999)
Natalie has a terrifying dream and prays it doesn't come true. Will the one affected by it listen?
The Price of Love (1996)
A traffic accident Nick witnesses shatters his life.
Promises Fulfilled (1996)
Nick forces Natalie to leave work after 48 straight hours thanks to the work of a brutal serial killer on the loose. He sees how tired she is and doesn't want her to accidentally injure herself. He takes her back to the loft where unexpected things happen.
Scars of the Heart (2003)
Natalie's job takes some unexpected turns with some new cases brought her way, impacting every part of her life. She and Nick are thrown together to battle for her survival.
Shall We Dance? (1999)
Natalie and Nick celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary.
Sleep Deprived Insanity (2000)
Nick has a most unforgettable birthday surprise for Natalie.
Snack Hell (1997)
My take on the "Got Milk" ads.
Sorrow and Joy (1997)
A horrific school bus accident leads to a couple of major surprises for Nick and Natalie.
Spirit Walk (1995)
Nick introduces Natalie to the Spirit Walk. Interesting things happen there.
Sunbed (1996)
A little addition to the scene where Nick's sunbed is found, and an additional scene.
Sundae Fun (1999)
Nat's whipping up a protein shake for Nick while he's making a sundae for her. Things go fine until Nat asks where the whipped cream is.
Surprise in the Morgue (1996)
Nick drops by the morgue on a slow night, and .... well.... you'll just have to read it for yourself
Surprise Request (1999)
Lacroix receives a surprising radio dedication request.
Survival (2000)
Tracy learns that running off has consequences. Ones that she'll never forget.
Sweet Revenge (1997)
Natalie decides to pull a practical joke on Nick, for all the times he's snuck up behind her, laughed at her reaction to King Kong, and so on.
Tango (2002)
Nick and Natalie enter a Tango contest, after he teaches her the dance. Do they win?
Terror From the Sky (2001)
My way of dealing with the events of September 11th. And helping others deal as well. Natalie's in NYC at a Medical Examiner's conference. Also features characters from The X-Files.
TLC (2000)
Natalie and Nick have a discussion on TLC, and why she has to be hurt to get it from him.
Tough Jobs (1995)
This is my answer to the "what if everyone knew (Nick was a vampire)" challenge.
Tracy's Very Bad Day (1995)
My answer to Jamie's head injury challenge. Tracy suffers a head injury and has to live with the aftereffects while working.
Trick or Treat (1996)
Nick and his daughter go out trick or treating while Natalie stays home and hands out the candy.
The Truth Shall Set You Free (1998)
Schanke knows that Nick's a vampire. Watch his initial reaction and questioning of both Natalie and Nick.
Turkey Day (1996)
A flashback to the last Thanksgiving Natalie and Nick spent with Schanke.
Twist of Fate (1997)
This was written for a contest for the faction that John and Nigel created (can never remember its name). Jenny's latest checkup brings very bad news. Major trouble's brewing between Nick and Schanke. Major changes will happen for better or worse.
A Unique Design (2000)
Nick makes a startling discovery when he arrives home. He sees something in the middle of his loft that should not be there.
Untitled Nick and Lacroix story (2000)
The missing scenes of what happened to Lacroix between Dark Knight and Killer Instinct.
Unseen Scenes - Avenging Angel (1996)
A couple "missing" scenes that have Nat dealing with her ghost. Nick gets her to talk about it.
Valentine's Day Blues (Adult) (1999)
It's more suggestive than truly adult. Nick's Valentine's Day plans are spoiled by Natalie having a bad case of the flu. He decides to alter his plan and hopefully brighten her night.
A Valentine's Day Story (2000)
A brutal murder on Valentine's Day ruins the mood for Natalie, until she receives a couple of well timed gifts.
Valentine Surprise (1996)
Natalie receives a mysterious card at work with only 1228 and N written on it. Memories of Azure come to mind but are quickly tossed aside due to her recognizing Nick's handwriting. Can she decipher the cryptic message?
Waiting for the Sunrise (1996)
Nick finds the prospect of life without Natalie too much to take. His angst is aided by a song on the radio.
What to Do With an Angst Ridden Vampire (1996)
Natalie tries an interesting new treatment to help Nick.

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