This quicky takes place after things settle down after Killer Instinct.

by Judith Freudenthal

Schanke had dropped by Nick's place because something had been bothering him.

"Schank, what brings you by?"

"With things so hectic recently there was one question I never got to ask."

Nick panicked slightly, but forced it down, hoping it was some innocent question. "Yes?"

"If you're allergic to the sun, why do you have a sunbed?"

"It's to try and raise my tolerance level. I'm up to five whole minutes."

"That makes sense. Boy, you are sensitive aren't you. It must've been hard growing up that way."

"It was. Luckily I had a few friends who understood so I got to play at night. Any other questions?" Nick asked curiously yet light heartedly.

"No. Thanks for answering them."


The next night at work Schanke answered Jones' question about the sunbed. He told him that Nick's sunbed was to help him build a tolerance for the sun. The question had been floating around the squadroom since they found it during the search of Nick's loft.

the end

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