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Here you will find fanfiction written by Judith Freudenthal <DanaKnight> who was active in many fandoms, especially Forever Knight. Judy was taken from us on May 2nd, 2004, and this site is a permanent place where the fan fiction she so loved to create will go on. For those of us who were priveleged to have known this gentle spirit, it is here not just to mourn her loss but also to celebrate her life. It is here not because she died, but because she lived and because she was loved, even though her time with us was all too short.

Her stories have been preserved exactly as she wrote them. We will miss you, dear friend.

Judy's fan fic

Note: If you know of any stories that are missing please contact the webmaster. Also, we are looking the following stories. We know that Judy wrote them, but have been unable to locate copies:
[Title Unknown] - MacGyver story where Mac is left paralyzed after a car accident (?).
The Unfairness of Life - X-Files story, where Scully contracts HIV and accidentally infects Mulder.

Forever Knight Highlander MacGyver
Magnificent Seven X-Files Xovers

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Her Final Gift - by Kristen Fife
A tribute Forever Knight story written in Judy's memory

Forever Knight "WAR 12" Tribute Post
November 2004


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